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Chapter 2 Training and Dedication

 “Huff... Huff... Huff... Huff...”
 I clench my sword and swing it down in a steady rhythm. The metallic sword slices through the cool early morning air, and the sharp sound of the wind echoes through the garden of the house.
 The Baskervilles were the high-ranking nobles with the rank of [Marquis] in the Slayers Kingdom. Its mansion is one of the largest in the capital, and its garden is as large as a small field.
 And now, in a corner of the spacious garden, I silently wielded my sword.
 In my right hand, I am holding a sword made of steel. The sword is a mock sword for training, so the edge seems to have been smashed by a hammer.
 “Huff... Huff... Huff... Huff...!”
 With all my might, I strike down with the sword. There is a loud swing, and sweat beads from the tips of my hair.
 This blow was a sure-kill if there had been an enemy in front of me.
 “It seems I'm getting used to this body now... So, I'll stop training...”
 After taking a a deep breath, I thrust my practice sword into the ground.
 My swordsmanship was that of an expert, but I had no fighting experience. The way to use a sword is ingrained in the body of this man, Zenon Baskerville.
 As I trained in this way, I gradually accustomed myself to Zenon's body. Now, after an hour of training, I even feel as if I had been using this body since I was born.
 “By the way... Zenon is a surprisingly hard worker. I don't know much about fighting, but I don't think he could have reached this level by talent alone”
 I look at my right hand, which has let go of the sword, and murmur to myself.
 Zenon's right hand is covered with blood blisters, clearly showing that he has been training every day without a break.
 It is not only his swordsmanship that he excels. He must have practiced magic as well.
 “Dark Bullet”
 I fire a spell at a training target a short distance away. A black bullet the size of a marble pierces the target and penetrates.
 Zenon has the skill of [Dark Magic]. The man Zenon Baskerville must have devoted himself not only to the sword but also to magic, for he can master it.
 How did such a hardworking man become a distorted character who finds pleasure in cuckolding other people's women? The more I think about it, the more I wonder.
 “I don't understand how I became Zenon... but I have to live in this body. I have to know more about Zenon”
 It has only been an hour or so since I was reborn in the game world, but I am strangely no longer resisting the idea of living as Zenon Baskerville.
 Perhaps my body and mind have become one through exercise. Or perhaps the passage of time has made me resigned to the situation. I can now afford to positively consider the possibility of living a second life as a villainous character.
 To begin with, the reason why I hated Zenon Baskerville as if he were a piece of shit is because Zenon had slept with every heroine in [DunBrave 2].
 If I think about it calmly, the present time line is before the entrance ceremony of the school. In the game, it is before the opening of the first game. Since Zenon has not yet slept with the heroine, there is no reason to dislike him.
 Besides, if I am Zenon, I can avoid the depressing development that happened in [DunBrave 2].
 On the contrary, I might be able to cooperate with Leon Brave to defeat the Demon King, or avoid dangerous scenarios and live a peaceful school life.
 “Zenon-sama, I brought you some water”
 While I was thinking about my future plan, the maid brought a tub of water. There was a cloth soaked in water in the tub, and I guessed that she wanted me to wipe my sweat with it.
 “Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you”
 I accept the favor and take a cloth to wipe my face. The water is nice and cool, probably fresh from the well.
 I wipe my face, arms, and torso in turn, and when I go to dip the sweaty cloth in the water again, I notice that the maid is frozen with her eyes wide open.
 What's the matter…? Why are you turned into a stone?”
 “Ah no... I can't believe Zenon-sama thanked me...!”
 “Ah... I see. So that's how it is”
 It seems that Zenon was too proud to thank his servants. This is the same as in the game, and for some reason I feel relieved.
 The maid was frozen in the posture with the bucket on the table, but I heard that her name is "Levienna". She was called so by other servants on the way to the training area.
 With a short breath, I look at the stunned Levienna squarely in the eyes.
 “Levienna, your devotion has always been a great help to me”
 “I've been too shy to say thank you but I'm really grateful to you. I hope you'll continue to support me”
 That is an impossible line for the evil Zenon Baskerville.
 But I am not a villain like Zenon. Even if I try to act like Zeno, I am sure that one day I will be worn out.
 Then, it is better to act as if I have changed my mind at an early stage to gain more allies. Thinking so, I expressed my heartfelt thanks.
 “Zenon-sama... no, Bocchama, he thanked me!”
 Her reaction was remarkable.
 Levienna's eyes widened like beads, and tears fell from her eyes.
 The bucket fell from her shaking hands and spilled water on the ground, but she did not seem to notice it, shaking her shoulders violently.
 “Ah... This is the best day of my life... What a joy, what happiness... I am finally rewarded!”
 “Y-you're overreacting... Well, it's my fault for not thanking you. Please keep up the good work”
 “Yes... Of course, I understand... Bocchama, my Bocchama...!”
 She was so overjoyed that I was the one who was supposed to be thanking her, but I was the one who was turned off.
 Levienna comes closer to me and puts her hands together as if she is worshipping me, and her cheeks are dyed rose-colored.
 I blush at the face of the approaching beauty, and I hurriedly turn my face away from her.

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