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Chapter 3 School Entry

 Now that I had Levienna on my side after the incident at the training area, I changed into my uniform, had breakfast, and left the residence. When I stepped out of the residence, a carriage was already waiting for me.
 The carriage was decorated with a coat of arms of "a demon dog with a viper's tail" on the side of the carriage. The coat of arms, which is a motif of Cerberus, the demon dog, is the crest of the Baskerville family.
 “Have a nice day! Bocchama!”
 As soon as entering the carriage, Levienna is waving her hand excitedly at the gate of the residence. In her right hand, a white handkerchief was waving like a flag.
 It was too exaggerated to send me off for going to the entrance ceremony. When I met her for the first time, her expression was as hard as iron skin, but with just a few kind words, she turned bright as if she had changed her appearance.
 “...She was easy woman. The kind of person who would lose her life to a DV man”
 It is said that women who are victims of domestic violence are deceived into thinking that a violent man is really a kind person by his occasional kind words.
 And Levienna, who was beaten by "Zenon Baskerville" on a daily basis, easily opened her heart to me when I was kind to her, is a perfect example of this.
 “I'm going to have to take responsibility and take care of her... If I throw her out, she might be tricked and sold off”
 I made up my mind secretly and waved back discreetly from the carriage window.
 There were other maids and butlers who had come to see me off, but they all seemed to be amazed at Levienna's transformation. On the contrary, even passers-by on the street were gathering around to see what was going on.
 “Let's go! Now!”
 I commanded in a loud voice, and the coachman rushed to drive the carriage.
 “Bocchama? Please be careful!”
 “Bocchamaaaaaaaa! Please don't get hurt and come home safelyyyyyyyyy!”
 “...Please give me a break. Is she sending off her lover to the battlefield?”
 The cheering shouts soon fade into the distance and are no longer heard. I breathe a sigh of relief and lean my weight against the back of the carriage.
 “Huff... finally I can think slowly”
 I'm the only one in the carriage. There is a coachman riding the horse, but he is in the driver's seat, so he doesn't bother me.
 Now, the most important thing to think about immediately is how much of the game scenario I should follow.
 The story of [DunBrave] starts from today's entrance ceremony, and the hero, Leon Brave, will spend two years with the heroine to grow up and seal the Demon King.
 I'm going to live with Leon and the heroine as a classmate, but to what extent should I be involved in the main scenario?
 The basic premise is that I will not steal the heroine. Of course not.
 I don't enjoy stealing other people's girlfriends. On the contrary, I have an orthodox view of love, preferring pure love. I will never take a depressing turn like [DunBrave 2]. This is a definite decision.
 Avoiding NTR is not only a matter of sexuality or ethics. If I take the heroine by following the story, the world will be destroyed without fail.
 “A hero seals the Demon King. Zenon takes the heroine. And the hero, in despair, resurrects the Demon King...”
 I dared to repeat the ending scene of "DunBrave 2" aloud.
 Zenon steals all the heroines from Leon and shows him how he embraces them in the end. Leon, realizing that everything has been taken from him, despairs and resurrects the Demon King whom he had sealed in the end.
 The world is destroyed by the Demon King. Even Zenon, who is supposed to be the victor who cuckolded all the heroines, is wiped out by a massive magic spell unleashed by the Demon King.
 This is a bad ending that must be avoided.
 In order to avoid this future, I must abandon "NTR", which is synonymous with Zenon Baskerville.
 “...Then, it is better not to get involved with Leon or the heroine in the first place. Ignore the scenario and wait for Leon to defeat the Demon King and the world will be saved”
 In that light, perhaps the problem is easier than it seems.
 Leon will defeat the Demon King and save the world on his own without me having to do anything. I don't have to move more than necessary.
 I don't have to involve myself with heroes or heroines, and just enjoy my school life fluently.
 “It's an easy job not to have to do anything. Isn't that what I wanted?”
 I slap my knee with a smile on my face.
 I had thought that my reincarnation into the game world would require me to do something for the world, but Zenon Baskerville is a person who is not needed for the salvation of the world.
 He is a man who is free to think about himself and live his life as he pleases. Make friends, make lovers. Just live a happy school life.
 “Maybe I've been thinking too hard... I'm not the hero, I don't have to carry the world on my shoulders...”
 As soon as I let out a giggle, the carriage stopped. It seems that it has arrived at its destination. Through the door opened, I stepped out onto the ground with light steps.
 A huge structure looms in front of me.
 It is many times larger than the mansion of the Baskerville family, a high ranking aristocrat. The clock tower behind it reaches up to the sky as gracefully and majestically as Big Ben, the pride of London.
 Slayers Kingdom, the Royal Swords and Magic Academy.
 The school where the game I loved so much in my previous life, [Dungeon Brave], takes place, stands before my eyes.

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