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Chapter 7 Return to Home under Dark Feeling

 After the entrance ceremony, the new students were taken to the classrooms for orientation.
 New students are assigned to classes from A to E according to their grades in the entrance examination. As the runner-up, I was naturally placed in Class A. I was put in the same class as Leon and the other heroines.
 The orientation consisted of an explanation of the school's facilities, the class curriculum, and the schedule for the year.
 I take a seat at the back of the class and look at the female teacher standing in front of the blackboard with a depressed look in my eyes.
 In the end, I could not come up with any good ideas about my future prospects even after thinking about it until after the entrance ceremony.
 The scenario has changed, so game knowledge is not necessarily useful. I have to do my best to survive.
 However, if I act badly, I might interfere with Leon, who is a brave man, and might hinder the defeat of the Demon King.
 I had to make an effort to survive and live a peaceful school life while trying not to interfere with Leon.
 The surest way is to befriend Leon and support him in defeating the Demon King. Zenon Baskerville is the strongest character except for the hero and the Demon King.
 If he joins the hero's party, he will be the best of the best...
 “...But I guess that's impossible...”
 I glanced at a seat a short distance away, and was met with a hostile stare.
 Leon was sitting there, and whenever our gazes met, he raised his eyes as if to avenge his parents' death.
 “It's non sense... What have I done?”
 I sighed for what seemed like the umpteenth time and looked back forward.
 Leon clearly sees me as an enemy, and there is no way I can make peace with him and join him. The option of cooperating with him to defeat the Demon Lord is gone.
 “Okay, this is the end of the orientation. Do you have any questions?”
 The female teacher in charge of Class A finishes her speech and raises her silver-rimmed glasses with a flick of her fingertips.
 The teacher in the suit looks serious, but in [DunBrave 2], she is a subheroine who is raped by Zenon, collared, and made to walk around the city like a dog.
 The female teacher, who is called "Wanko-sensei" by some fans, is just a normal, serious-looking teacher before the training... but I couldn't look at her directly when I thought of the future that might have been.
 “Okay, you are dismissed from the school today. If you are going to visit the clubs, please be careful not to stay too late. Now, good-bye”
 The first day of school life came to an end with Wanko-sensei's greeting.
 Classmates begin to discuss club visits and social gatherings with their new friends in cheerful voices. Leon also gets up from his chair and starts a conversation with Ciel, his childhood heroine.
 Of course, none of my classmates come up to me. I'm a loner.
 There is actually a social gathering event to be held later, but from the looks of things, I don't think I'll be invited to it. It is better to leave quickly than to be left alone in the classroom.
 So I grab my bag and stand up.
 After returning to the school gate, I get into the Baskerville family carriage that is waiting for me and head for home.
 It seems that I have been isolated since the beginning of my school life, but it can't be helped.
 I have heard that most of people' likes and dislikes are determined by the first impression they make within a few seconds of meeting each other. In my case, I have a face like a villain. On top of that, I belong to a family of bad nobles who are known throughout the kingdom. There is no way to make a good first impression.
 If someone doesn't judge a person by his/her looks or family background, he/she might be a good friend...but such people are surprisingly few in Japan and in the game world.
 I thought about approaching them, but in my case, they shrink away just by approaching me. What on earth should I do?
 “...Well, it is all right. Let's just go home and make a plan for the future”
 I mumbled an excuse and leaned my weight against the back of the carriage.
 After about ten minutes of rocking in the carriage, it seems that I have arrived at the mansion, and the carriage comes to a stop. From outside, a man opened the door for me.
 “Welcome home, Zenon-bocchama!”
 As soon as I got off the carriage, a woman in a maid's uniform rushed to me. It is Levienna, Zenon's personal maid.
 She came out of the mansion too early. Did she wait for me at the gate?
 “Hey, hey, how long have you been there? Even though it's early spring, it's windy today...”
 “Don't worry about me, more importantly... Master is waiting for you. He asked you to come to his office immediately!”
 It took me a few seconds to figure out who she meant. And there's only one person in this house who's called that.
 “The head of the Baskerville family, Garondolf Baskerville”
 I mumble the name dubiously.
 The man is Zenon's father, the name of the evil mastermind who rules the night in Slayers Kingdom.
 A villain who also appears in the game. I remember the man who caused Zenon Baskerville to fall into the path of evil, and my face grows bitter as ever.

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