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Chapter 6 Declaration of War by the Hero

 Leon Brave.
 The descendant of a hero, he is the one and only hero with the power to seal the Demon King.
 Although he was born as a commoner, not a nobleman, he is a handsome silver-haired boy with an excellent academic record and will be loved by many heroines.
 His initial job is a [Rune Knight]. A chosen profession that allows him to use both melee combat and magic. It is a job that only one in several million people can have, and only "two" appeared in the game.
 I let out an exclamation as Leon Brave stood up from his chair.
 The hero of the game I had played so many times was standing right in front of me. It was like meeting a Hollywood star in town.
 However, while I was shaking with joy, Leon looked back at me for a moment and said, "Kii!" and glared at me with a strong gaze.
 Did he glare at me by any chance? I haven't slept with the heroine yet, and there's no reason for him to hate me.
 Come to think of it, Leon has a very strong sense of justice and hates crookedness. I wonder if he didn't like the rebellious attitude I had unintentionally shown earlier, which disturbed the atmosphere.
 “Well then, Brave-kun. As a representative of the new students, please give your speech”
 Leon quickly turned his attention back to the front and walked up to the podium.
 Then, he looked around at the new students standing in line and opened his mouth.
 “It is a great honor for me to be here today as a representative of the new students of the prestigious Royal Swords and Magic Academy”
 Leon's tone is clear.
 Probably, he had heard in advance that he was going to deliver a speech as a representative and had thought about the content of his speech.
 In the game, this part of the speech was cut out. I listen carefully to what Leon is going to say.
 “I am a commoner born in the countryside, and I am not a person who can stand here by nature. I am standing here thanks to my friend who helped me with my studies and Count Uranus who became my guardian. First of all, I would like to thank all the people who have helped me and my parents. I would also like to express my gratitude and greetings to the faculty members and seniors who will be my friends from now on”
 “Hmm... That's an auspicious list of words”
 I don't know what kind of speech he would give at such an event... but perhaps Leon's speech is a safe one. There's nothing noteworthy about it.
 He's the hero of a video game. I was expecting him to say something out of the ordinary like "I will become a hero king! since he is the hero of the game, but I was disappointed.
 However, Leon's next words caught me by surprise.
 “The reason I entered this school is to become strong and protect this country. Slayers Kingdom is a peaceful country without war, but it is not without evil to hate. I will become strong in this school and fight against the evil that torments people. For example, even if they are my classmates who go to the same school!”
 A sudden turn of events from a common speech. Outrageous declarations came out of his mouth. On top of that, Leon stood on the stage and his eyes were completely locked on me.
 His strong-willed eyes attracted all the gazes of the people in the auditorium to me.
 “Hey... is this for real?”
 No, why am I being exposed?
 Even though I'm a rare villain, I haven't done anything wrong yet.
 I try desperately to grasp the situation, trying to keep my face tight so that my expression doesn't become tight.
 Why did Leon make such a declaration? Is it possible that Leon is a reincarnated person just like me?
 The possibility is not zero, but... it doesn't seem to fit, it doesn't seem to be right.
 If Leon is a reincarnated person with knowledge of games, Zenon Baskerville is an opponent he should be wary of along with the Demon King. He should not say or do anything that would alarm me unnecessarily.
 No way... has the game scenario already changed?
 I've only just been reincarnated into this world! I'm not sure that my actions have caused any changes.
 “......Could it be that”
 I come up with one possibility.
 [DunBrave 2] is a negative product of the staff's despair and outburst due to problems with women. Therefore, the content of [DunBrave 2] is quite different from that of the first one.
 For example, in [DunBrave 1], "Zenon Baskerville" is a character who appears only by name as the runner-up in the grade. Although he was the second-highest achiever in his grade, he was treated as a background character without even an illustration, let alone a mob, and he did not even have a conversation with the hero or the heroine.
 However, in the sequel, he was suddenly thrust into the limelight and promoted to the role of a villainous protagonist.
 Perhaps - no, certainly, it was not the original plan or setting that the staff had in mind at the beginning. In the original setting, "Zenon Baskerville" was neither a villain nor a protagonist, and the Baskerville family must have been an afterthought.
 The original setting of [DunBrave 1] and the later setting of [DunBrave 2] were forcibly combined, and as a result, the worldview of [DunBrave 1] may have been altered as well.
 I grit my back teeth and get a scowl on my face.
 If my guess is right, I don't know how much I can rely on my knowledge of the game.
 Come to think of it, the PC version and the video game version of the same [DunBrave] are slightly different, and the story is slightly different depending on the patches and additional paid scenarios.
 Even if I stay out of the events of the game, there is no guarantee that the story will go on as planned and that Leon will defeat the Demon King and have a happy ending.
 Even if Zenon does not sleep with the heroine, there is a possibility that the hero will be defeated by the Demon King and the world will be destroyed.
 “Ah... Brave-kun. It's very good that you make an effort to compete with students of the same school. But don't take it too far”
 The teacher moderating the meeting softly chided Leon and urged him to return to his seat.
 Leon finished his speech, or rather, his oration, and glared at me one last time before returning to his chair.
 “Now, I would like to introduce you to the teachers who will be your instructors for the next three years...”
 From there, the entrance ceremony went on without a hitch, but I couldn't hear a word of it.
 A gloomy vision of the future. I realized that the future might lead to my doom, and I kept thinking about what I should do from now on.
 In the end, there was no clear answer until the very end.
 The dark and gloomy entrance ceremony came to an end with a depressed and gloomy feeling.

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