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Chapter 40 Freedom and Condemnation

 The next day, I arrived at the school as usual and was summoned to the student guidance office.
 My homeroom teacher, Wanko-sensei, and the head of the year and the student advisor questioned me strictly about the incident in the dungeon yesterday.
 Apparently, Aeris and those who abandoned her had reported me to the school.
 The three boys said, 'I was exploring in the dungeon when suddenly I was restrained by magic and left there. I was almost killed by a demon'.
 They never mentioned that they had used Aeris as a decoy and left her for dead, a report that completely ignored the part that was inconvenient for them.
 Yes, it's true.”
 But — I replied in a curt tone of voice.
 Their report lacked details, but it was not a lie.
 It was an undeniable fact that I had cast a spell on them and left them there.
 I see... May I ask why?
 Wanko-sensei asks in a sincere tone, with an accusatory look in her eyes.
 I've heard many bad rumors about you, but I don't think that you are a person who commits violence against others for no reason. Do you have a reason for that?
 Is there any reason!? He is the scum of Baskerville!
 It was not me who answered, but a male student advisor. A bald middle-aged teacher yell at me hysterically.
 You did it to steal their money and materials, didn't you? If we keep a criminal who commits crimes in our school, our school's honor will be damaged! He should be expelled immediately!
 This is a very one-sided argument.
 Come to think of it... this middle-aged teacher is an enemy character in a video game. He takes bribes from some students in the school to falsify grades and to divert test questions, and he also takes advantage of the weakness of female students and commits indecent acts.
 In the game, Leon accidentally discovers this man's true nature and fights to save the sub-heroine who is being blackmailed and brings all his evil deeds to light....
 Are you making a statement without hearing my side of the story? Did you take a bribe from them, by any chance?
 It seems I hit the mark. The middle-aged teacher got upset in an interesting way.
 I wonder how such an obvious guy could keep his wrongdoings under wraps all this time. In disgust, I get up from my chair.
 As I was heading for the door, Wanko-sensei hurriedly called out to me.
 Baskerville-kun, I haven't finished yet!
 I'm fully sorry. But I'd like to voluntarily be suspended from here on out for a while. Please contact me at the mansion when the official punishment is decided.
 Such a selfish thing...!
 Also, about yesterday's incident, please talk to Centorea-san. I'm sure you'll hear an interesting story.”
 With these words, I walked out of the guidance room despite Wanko-sensei's efforts to restrain me.
 I could have pleaded my case here, but all the teachers and staff except for Wanko-sensei had already decided that I was a member of the Baskerville family and that I was a bad person from the beginning. It was obvious that it would turn out to be an argument over whether I did or did not do something.
 In that case, I'm sorry, but I'll leave the rest to Aeris. She is trustworthy, and I am sure she will explain me in a good way.
 Have you finished? Goshujin-sama.”
 As soon as I left the room, Urza, who I had ordered to wait on the outside, came running to me.
 She looked like a puppy waiting for her owner to come home. If she had a tail, it would have swung wildly from side to side.
 Yeah, let's go.”
 I answered shortly and went to the entrance to leave the school building.
 This meant I would be absent from the school for a while... but that was rather convenient.
 Missing some school is not a problem. Zenon Baskerville has a brilliant mind, so classroom work is no problem, and dungeon exploration is just a matter of going into an outside school dungeon.
 In fact, it would be much more efficient to take advantage of this opportunity to do some outside work than to go to school diligently.
 We're going to the Adventurers' Guild now. There will be some quests, and we may have to fight some monsters. Be prepared.”
 Yes, desu~no! I love fighting, desu~no!
 Urza replies to my command by raising her hand vigorously.
 As I have some free time now, I'd like to take this opportunity to finish up the sub-events that are happening in the capital.
 Of course, I will leave the important events to Leon who is the main character, but some of the events have a time limit.
 There are also some hidden events that can be found only by going around and using strategy sites, so there must be many events that Leon has missed. Let's focus on these events and earn proficiency and event items.
 Well, let's start playing the hero, shall I? Let's enjoy the events of the game at best.

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