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Chapter 39 Saints' Oath

 After defeating the Gigant Mithril, I collected its medal and exited the dungeon.
 By the way, the medals I collected are the proofs of the 'Dangerous Encounter strategy', and I can get special items by collecting the medals.
 The person, who I can exchange the medals, is called the 'Witch of the Well'... But does she live at the bottom of the well, as in the game?
 Anyway, a little further back in the dungeon, there was a former Aeris party member still tied up, crying out in fear and delirium.
 Despite all the fuss, they are lucky that the monsters did not find them, and they seem to be unharmed for the time being.
 I thought that I should leave them there, but Aeris, the victim of the party, asked me to let go of them.
 “No, you can't do that. Zenon-sama”
 “...What's the use of saving them? They are not worth keeping alive”
 Before I knew it, I was called by my first name. When I tilted my head, Aeris took on the tone of a child.
 “They left me behind, but that's because I took the bait myself. So, it's not logical to blame them all”
 “That may be true, but that doesn't change the fact that they abandoned their party members, does it?”
 “Even so, it is the job of the teachers of the school to punish them. There is no reason for us to do private punishment based on our personal beliefs!”
 When I expressed my dissatisfaction, Aeris raised her index finger and added.
 “Besides, Zenon-sama doesn't have to get his hands dirty for people like this, right? Please don't do anything that will further damage your reputation, when other people are afraid of you!”
 I frown a little and shut up.
 Aeris has a good point. Even though it's their own fault, I will be blamed in the school if I ties them up and feeds them to the monster. There is a possibility that Jean and other friends I have made will leave me.
 Without any choice, I shrugged my shoulders and released the binding spell I had cast on them.
 “You are really a saint. I can't believe you're showing mercy to these worthless people.”
 “I'm a saint? No way!”
 I said half in admiration and half in ridicule, and Aeris shook her head in exasperation.
 “I don't want to save them. What I want to protect is your honor. After all, Zenon-sama saved my life”
 “Huff... you're getting cocky. Since when did you become my guardian?”
 The boys are released from their restraints, and with a “whoooaa” sound, they run toward the stairs to the upper floor.
 Aeris doesn't follow them, and for some reason, she and Urza are snuggled up to me.
 I wouldn't feel anything if it were with a smooth Loli like Urza, but Aeris is a beautiful girl with a voluptuous figure. I am afraid that my arms might touch her protruding bosom if she comes closer than necessary.
 “...Aren't you too close to me? I'd like you to walk a little further away from me”
 I can't stand it if I am falsely accused of molestation in such a place. But Aeris's cheeks turned rose-colored and she smiled.
 “I am a healer, so I need you to protect me in case of emergency. It would be better not to keep too much distance from me, wouldn't it?”
 “That's... no, you're still too close to me...”
 “And wasn't it Zenon-sama who told me I could do as I please? It was Zenon-sama who said I could live for myself. So, I do what I want. Please take responsibility for your words.”
 When she said this with a mischievous smile, I had no choice but to be silent.
 Why did this happen? Well... I know it's because of me, but isn't this a complete flag?
 Though it's not a 'cuckolding' because Aeris is not yet in a party with Leon, but I'm sure that I've taken away the flag that Leon would have raised.
 “By the way... Zenon-sama?”
 “...What is it?”
 “Just before my mother passed away, she told me, 'Find the one to whom you are destined to give your all and marry him. That person will surely become your hero...' is Zenon-sama a hero like my mother said?”
 “Hey, hey...you've got to be kidding. How can I be a hero?”
 On the contrary, I'm an enemy character who leads the world to ruin by cuckolding the hero.
 I don't know what Aeris' mother was thinking when she left such a will, but I think she was mistaken.
 “I see... Then maybe you are going to be a hero now? Whether Zenon-sama will be a hero or a villain depends entirely on your will”
 “I don't understand... I mean, since when did you change your occupation to a fortune teller? And I don't remember giving you any life advice”
 I say in astonishment... but Aeris looks back at me with a straight face.
 She takes my arm and sandwiches it on her soft chest. She then opens her mouth with a solemn air, as if she is making a vow to the gods.
 “If you become a hero, I will become both a saint and a guardian angel to protect you. If you will end up an ordinary man, I will devote my life to you as an ordinary woman. The one I serve, the one I am destined to serve, I swear to you that I will always be by your side in sickness and in health.”
 Aeris says this with her eyes closed in prayer.
 I don't think such a line has ever appeared in the game... what kind of flag did I set?
 “What will happen... now...?”
 At a loss for what to do with the unexpected turn of events, I focused my attention on the feeling of Aeris's chest against my hand for the time being.

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