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Chapter 46 Duel with the Sword Princess

 “Hey, Aeris...”
 “It's fine. Zenon-sama.”
 Aeris said selfishly and it made me wrinkle my brow.
 I glared at her in protest, but Aeris had a calm and relaxed expression on her face and nodded her head lovingly.
 “I'm worried about leaving Seikai-san alone like this, and with her ability, I don't think she'll be a hindrance, right?”
 “That's true, but... hmm?”
 I ponder what to do.
 If I want to increase party's strength, Nagisa Seikai is a very reliable heroine.
 The problem is that, once again, I will take away a heroine who was supposed to be a member of Leon's party.
 It is inevitable that Leon's strength will decrease, but it seems that Nagisa has already given up on Leon, so it may not make much difference if I take her.
 “I am willing to join you. On one condition, though.”
 Nagisa replies before I can even gather my thoughts.
 She seems to be taking the invitation positively and she then answers with a slight smile on her dignified face.
 “I have to become strong in your party. But I want to test you to see if you can rise to the heights with me.”
 “I mean... let's duel. Let's fight.”
 “Hey, hey... Are you serious?”
 “Of course, I'm serious. I've always wanted to fight you, Baskerville. If you want me, show me how to defeat my sword.”
 Nagisa draws her sword and points it at me.
 Her eyes burn belligerently, as if she has already decided to fight me.
 “Haah... I don't have a choice. If you insist, then let's fight.”
 I haven't decided yet that I'm going to accept Nagisa as one of my partner, but she's already in a warlike state, and there's no longer any room to speak out.
 Still, I am glad that Nagisa is joining me. As for Leon, he's so stupid that he deserves to be left to his own devices.
 “Then, I'll play along. I'm going to chop you, so be prepared.”
 “That's a lot of confidence. And we had promised to arrange a fight, Baskerville. I'm glad to see it's come true.”
 “It seems you still remember our meeting at the 'Sage's Playground'.”
 I remember the day after I killed the gargoyle.
 I remember that she had asked me to fight her. But it has been more than a month since then. And I thought she had already forgotten about it.
 “Well, I've seen you've been very busy. So, I refrained.”
 “That's very kind of you. I'm moved to tears in a different way.”
 I had been so busy that I didn't have time for private dueling, as she said.
 But this samurai girl in front of me is not just a fighting maniac who greedily seeks power, but she is also capable to care for others as much as anyone else.
 “Baskerville, if you can win, you can do whatever you want with my body. After all, it's not bad to be held by a strong man.”
 “Hey, hey... don't joke about that. What if I'm serious about it?”
 “I'm not joking. I like strong men. Isn't it natural that the winner has the right to like the loser?”
 Nagisa said something outrageous without any shame.
 Speaking of Nagisa Seikai, the R-18 version of Nagisa Seikai, too, suddenly asks for a duel when her favorability level rises above a certain level. And if player win the duel, the scene goes into an adult scene right then and there.
 “W-W-W-What!? What are you talking about!? Seikai-san!”
 “That's right, desu~no. The order is wrong, desu~no!”
 Aeris and Urza, who were watching from the side, also intervened when they heard Nagisa's bombshell.
 Aeris's face turned red and Urza's eyes were raised in frustration.
 “I haven't had him do that to me, you know!? It's not fair of you to come in after me!”
 “She's right, desu~no. According to the order, it's Urza first who's going to make a baby with Goshujin-sama!”
 “...Guys, what are you talking about!?”
 “Really? Are you two getting close to Baskerville? You have hero-like aura, I like you more and more!”
 “Don't make your own impression too!? Stop complicating matters!”
 The heroines are too unrestrained. I hold my head down to keep the headache at bay.
 I feel like a fool for worrying about so many things.
 I wish I could put myself in their shoes, thinking about defeating the demon king, saving the world, and so on.
 “We're going to duel, aren't we? Let's get to it!”
 I clap my hands and break off the conversation, trying to get the fight started.
 “N-No way... Zenon-sama...!”
 Aeris flinched in shock at my answer for some reason.
 She seemed shocked than anyone else. Even though she was the one who suggested that Nagisa join the party.
 “Z-Zenon-sama...? Don't tell me that Seikai-san is more attractive than me...? Do you prefer black hair? Or do you prefer long legs?”
 “Why are you talking like that!? Aren't you the one that said you just want to increase our strength? I mean, you're the one who asked her to join us in the first place!”
 “Hmm..? So, should I be more aggressive in seducing you? Okay, it's time to wear that naughty underwear I bought before...!”
 “....Hey, you are out of character! Was your character really that much?”
 I started to get a serious headache. I hold my head down and try to fight the dizziness.
 I felt it was no longer a matter of changing the scenario or something like that.
 Thinking about it, I thought I knew about the heroines Aeris and Nagisa from the game, but it seems that the game is only a small part of their lives.
 Perhaps... I just didn't know that Aeris, a graceful young lady, had such a hilarious side to her.
 “All right... let's get started!”
 As I stood there, Nagisa cleared away fallen tree branches with her sword to create an open space.
 Fortunately, there are few trees here because the boss monster has been placed here, and there is a wide open space. In no time at all, a space for a duel is secured.
 “I am glad that you accept my invitation to duel... let's start the fight right away! Let's have a hearty duel!”
 “All right, I'll fight you...”
 “Wait, desu~no!”
 I put my hand on my sword and try to step forward, but this time Urza stands in my way.
 This small, white-haired girl with a flat chest then shouts in an imposing voice.
 “Before you fight Goshujin-sama, fight Urza first! I will prove that Urza is Goshujin-sama's rightful wife!”

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