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Chapter 47 Oni Princess and Sword Princess

 “Hey, hey... what are you doing, too?”
 “Goshujin-sama, do you want me to step back? But I won't let her take the leader's head immediately!”
 Urza is adamant and wields her kanabō.
 “I see... it is indeed excessive of me to fight against the leader suddenly. All right, let's start with this oni girl.”
 It seems that Nagisa is also willing to fight. Her eyes are shining belligerently in the face of this unusual race.
 “But... I don't like to slay children. So, I'd appreciate it if you'd give up as soon as possible.”
 “Hmph...! If you think you can get away with it because your chest are big, I'll smash them and rip them off!”
 Urza and Nagisa. Both of them have a bit of a fighting frenzy in them, so it seems that their hearts are in tune with each other.
 Anyway, I shrug and sit down on a nearby tree.
 “...Okay. Suit yourself. If it's mutually agreed upon, then I have nothing to say.”
 “Umm... Zenon-sama, are you sure you want to do this?”
 Aeris sits down beside me, puts her lips to my ear and whispers.
 “It's okay. They won't listen to me if I tell them. .”
 “That's... but what if they get hurt?”
 Aeris's eyes are glazed over with worry.
 Although they have only been together for a week or so, Aeris seems to think of Urza as her sister. She is probably worried that Urza might get hurt.
 However, since Urza is a demi-human and grows slowly, she might be the same age as us.
 “...Okay, you should prepare healing magic. Just in case one of them gets hurt.”
 “Yes. I'll be ready to use it anytime!”
 Aeris nodded decisively at my words.
 Soon Urza and Nagisa were facing each other at a distance of about two meters.
 “Now, let's do it!”
 “Oh yeah... Baskerville, can you give us a signal?”
 “Okay... just to be clear, no killing each other. The fight ends when one of you is incapacitated. Anyone have a problem with that?”
 In the game, anyone who is mortally wounded in combat is considered to be dying, and thus incapable of fighting. That's only in the game. But in real life, it is possible to die.
 “Yes, it's no problem”
 “Yes, desu~no”
 “All right then, get ready...”
 I raise my hand, and Urza lowers her body and stares at the enemy in front of her.
 Nagisa, too, smiles, her red lips pursed in a beaming smile, and grips the hilt of the sword she has drawn from its scabbard.
 “Yaa, desu~no!”
 Urza jumped out furiously and swung down her weapon.
 She is agile. Like a wildcat pouncing on its prey.
 But Nagisa is nowhere to be seen when she swings her kanabo. Instead, there is a flash of silver, and in an instant, she is behind Urza.
 A little later, red blood spurts out from Urza's shoulder.
 Nagisa, who had rushed past her at blinding speed, slashed at her as she passed him.
 “...Well, this is as it should be...”
 Aeris gasps. But I squint at the expected scene.
 Nagisa Seikai is a warrior who specializes in speed, even surpassing the hero Leon in speed alone. So, Urza, who excels in power rather than speed, would not even be able to survive an attack from her.
 “If Urza could blow her once, I'm sure she will win. So... what is she going to do?”
 I expected Nagisa to win this match.
 Urza is indeed strong. She had high potential originally, and she has learned new skills since she started working with me. Her ability is truly prodigious.
 But Nagisa is also a gifted female swordswoman.
 She's a student from another country, and a prodigy at her family's dojo, Kendo Dojo, and is the strongest in her age group.
 Power and speed. It is impossible to say which is better, but in a head-to-head battle between the two, Urza's inability to hit would be her downfall.
 “Unless, of course, Urza can do more than I expect.”
 “Yaa, yaa, yaa, desu~no!”
 Urza swings her kanabou over and over again.
 She seemed to be trying to make up for her lack of speed with the number of moves she made, but all of her attacks came up empty.
 Nagisa, on the other hand, seemed to see through all of Urza's attacks and danced with light steps as she dodged the blows.
 “Too slow!”
 “Ugh... desu~no!”
 Nagisa's white blade dances again, and Urza lets out a groan.
 This time she cut her abdomen, and bright blood splatters on the ground.

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