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Chapter 49 Counter Parry

Bonus chapter...
 Nagisa widens her eyes in surprise at the sight of me suddenly barging into the scene before her.
 Urza also loses her demon-like expression as the Lord she is supposed to protect appears in front of her.
 “Z ...Zenon-sama!?”
 The people outside are surprised too. Aeris put her hands over her mouth and let out a scream at the sight of me jumping to the dead.
 At their astonished gazes, I tried my best to deal with the two 'deaths' approaching me from the left and right.
 “Consumable item - 'Patron Saint's Talisman'.”
 I aimed my left hand at Urza. In my left hand, I hold a bill-like piece of paper with geometric patterns and letters on it.
 This item is an item that can be obtained in the middle or later stages of the game, and it can nullify the opponent's attack only once.
 From the talisman, a bluish-white light shines and covers my left hand like a shield, repelling the kanabou that Urza swung at me.
 I feel Urza being blown away and turn my attention to the right side of my body.
 There, a sword is coming at me, ready to cut me open. Nagisa, who is holding the sword, has an impatient look on her face and seems to be making an effort to stop the slash somehow.
 I slammed my sword into the center of Nagisa's sword. And immediately, her sword is flicked away with a red effect, and Nagisa's body rolls on the ground.
 “What happened...!?”
 Nagisa lets out a shocked voice as her face is distorted by the impact of hitting the ground.
 What I did was what players call 'Counter Parry' or something like that.
In the game of [DunBrave], this technique allows you to parry an opponent's attack by countering the attacked part of the body at a certain time, thus taking the enemy down.
 This is a trick produced not by skill but by the player's skill. It is quite a tightrope to walk against Nagisa's speed, but it seemed to work because she tried to stop the attack, slowing down the speed of the sword.
 “...I feel that time seems to slow down when I am in imminent danger. It's a familiar thing like that in battle manga, but that's exactly what it felt like.”
 I muttered to myself. I sheathe my sword and wipe the sweat from my forehead with my arm.
 To be honest, it was a risky bet to come between the two, but somehow I managed to get through. Anyway, I'm still in a cold sweat thinking about the possibility that I might have been minced and sliced if I had not been able to stop both of them.
 Although I have an 'insurance policy' in case of emergency, I never want to do such a heartbreaking thing again.
 “Zenon-sama, are you all right!?”
 Aeris came running up to me with a pale face. She must have been chilled by my sudden suicidal act.
 “I'm fine. Instead, heal Urza.”
 I pointed at Urza, who sat stunned on the ground.
 Urza, who had been trying to kill Nagisa with a furious expression earlier, is now stunned with no expression on her face.
 Is she shocked that her attack could be easily blocked? Or is she shocked that she attacked me, his owner?
 Either way, I can't leave her alone. Urza's body is covered with countless sword wounds, and the blood that is flowing in drops is making reddish-black stains on the ground of the forest.
 “Ah... I understand! Urza-chan!”
 Aeris rushes toward Urza.
 She immediately activates her healing magic, creating a green effect that envelops Urza.
 “Well then...”
 I guess Aeris can take care of that one. I turn around and face Nagisa who is lying on the ground.
 Nagisa is still lying on the ground in the same position where she had fallen down after being struck. She should not be injured, but I wonder what happened to her.
 “Hey, what's wrong? Did your knee get hurt?”
 When I call out to her, Nagisa looks up with a slow movement.
 Nagisa, who had looked like a belligerent Shura during the battle, now looks as if she is at her wits' end, as if possessed.
 She had been a girl with a beautiful and well-groomed face, but now she looked more childish than her age.
 I tilted my head at the question that was murmured in her voice.
 Is she angry at me for interrupting her one-on-one duel, by any chance?
 “Ah... I'm sorry. I'm sorry for interrupting your one-on-one duel. But Urza is my partner. And even though you're not my partner, you're my classmate. So, seeing you die in front of me is not good for my sleep.”
 “No, it's not that! You know, that part...!”
 “What do you mean?”
 Nagisa reaches out her hands and grabs my chest.
 She pulls me to the ground so strongly that I'm in a position to press her down on the ground.
 Her beautiful face is right in front of me. Our lips almost touch each other.
 Nagisa's whole body is wet with blood from the battle, and her red face has red lines on her cheeks as if she were wearing makeup.
 It was a gruesome sight, but it seemed to enhance Nagisa's beauty with its mysterious and bewitching charm.
 “Hey, what the hell are you doing!?”
 “The sword technique you just used. The technique you used to parry my sword... wasn't that 'Reverse Wave Flow (逆波流し)', one of the secrets of the Seikai Itto-Ryu style? How can you use a technique that was lost with the death of my father?”
 An unexpected situation has arisen. I couldn't help but raise my voice in disbelief.
 It seems that Nagisa has misunderstood something. I wrinkle my brow and open my mouth to the girl who is questioning me with a desperate look.

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