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Chapter 50 Seikai Itto-ryu

Bonus chapter 2...
 “I don't know what you think you're doing but that is my own style. It has nothing to do with your family's style.”
 “That's impossible... because...!”
 “I am from Slayers Kingdom and I have never been to your country nor set foot in your dojo called Seikai Itto-ryu or whatever it is called. Or have you ever seen me in a dojo?”
 Nagisa is silent for a moment, but then she releases her hand holding my chest.
 “I'm sorry. Please forgive my sudden rudeness.”
 “...yeah, that's fine.”
 I move over Nagisa's body, feeling a little disappointed. Despite her overwhelming strength, she is surprisingly soft and feminine.
 I regretted that I should have enjoyed it more, but I extended my hand to her, and she grabbed it hesitantly. Then, I pulled her up from the ground.
 “Do you mind if I ask you what happened? If you don't want to talk about it, I won't force you...”
 “No, I'd like you to hear what's happened.”
 Nagisa held her sword, her weapon, close to her chest and began to talk about how she came to Slayers Kingdom.
 Most of the story was the same as the one told in the game, but there were some parts of it that I did not know.
 Nagisa Seikai is a female swordsman who belongs to Seikai Itto-ryu dojo, but one day, most of the students, including her father, who was her master, were murdered.
 In pursuit of revenge, Nagisa came to Slayers Kingdom to study, but she has another goal in mind besides avenging her father's death.
 It is the revival of the Seikai Itto-ryu style. Her goal is to restore the lost style.
 For Nagisa, the Seikai Itto-ryu is the sword that her father had mastered, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a family bond. So, restoring it is an important part of Nagisa's life as well as avenging her father's death.
 However, it is not an easy task.
 Although Nagisa is a gifted swordsman, she is still a young teenager. Besides, she did not inherit all of her father's swordsmanship.
 Especially, she was never given the secrets of some of the techniques that were considered to be the secrets of the school, but was kept in reserve.
 “My father said that if I gained too much strength while I was still young and undeveloped, I would go astray... so he said he would teach me after I had enough life experience...”
 “But he died before he could teach you... I see.”
 After listening to Nagisa's story, I sigh deeply.
 I finally understood why this calm female swordsman had lost her mind.
 It seems that my 'counter parry' I had just shown her is very similar to one of the secrets of the Seikai Itto-ryu style.
 The technique which should have been lost with the death of his father was being used by another swordsman in a foreign country. She must have lost her composure at such an impossible scene.
 It was mentioned in the game that Nagisa came to this country to avenge her family's death. However, I had never heard about the restoration of the school or the loss of the secrets of the school, as if it was a backstory.
 After hearing this story, it would be pathetic to say +Yes, bye-bye+ after the duel.  So--
 “I don't know about the Seikai Itto-ryu style, but I can at least teach you some tricks if that's what you want to do. Of course, if you're willing.”
 Nagisa has closed the distance between us again.
 Her two dark eyes are shining brightly as she looks into my face.
 “Are you really going to teach me!? Do you really want to teach me that technique...!?”
 “O-Of course I can teach you. It's no harm to me...
 “What a miracle... ahh, to meet my father's sword again in a foreign land...!”
 Nagisa shook my hand as if she was moved to tears.
 Her hands are calloused from gripping the sword so tightly, but her fingertips are thin and feminine.
 “Please teach me! My new master!”
 “Master...? Why?”
 “Yes, since I'm asking you to teach me, you're my teacher from now on! I will serve you as your apprentice at the risk of my life!”
 Nagisa's eyes sparkle, and I stand there, not knowing how to react.
 From a little distance, Urza and Aeris came walking side by side after the treatment seemed to be finished.
 This concludes our search in the Forel Forest.
 The results are the desired red dragon flower and a beautiful and elegant apprentice.

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