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Chapter 57 Little Girl and Educational Guidance

Bonus chapter...
 Although the two beautiful girls' outfits made me a bit distracted, the holiday date and the 'Straw Millionaire' event began.
 The 'Straw Millionaire' event started with the delivery of the red dragon flower that I had obtained in the forest. Now, we are on the way to the downtown area and I visit the client's house.
 "Yes, who is it...? Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?"
 I knocked on the door and a little girl who looked like the client came out... but she screamed when she saw my face.
 A little girl about 7 or 8 years old screamed with tears in her eyes.
 "M-Mommmmmmm! A yakuza guy is here! A land shark came to our houseeeeeeeeeeeee!"
 "...Hey, where did you learn the word 'land shark'?"
 "Ahh! I forgot my mom went to work! Nooo, I'm going to be kidnapped!? He'll grab me and sell me to a foreign countryyyyyyyyyyyy!?"
 It seems that the client girl had an unexpectedly hilarious personality. This kind of noisy character was not described at all in the game.
 "Calm down. We are adventurers, desu~no"
 Urza comes out from behind my back to look at the screaming little girl.
 She stopped crying when she saw Urza, who looked a little older than she was.
 "We've come to deliver flowers to you because we've accomplished what you asked us to do... right, Goshujin-sama?"
 "Ah, yeah"
 I handed Urza the red dragon flower. She bent down on her knees and looked at the little girl, and held out the bright red flower to her.
 "Ah... This flower!"
 When she saw the red dragon flower in front of her, her eyes lit up.
 She had been crying just a few minutes ago, but children are very patient.
 "Yeah, this is my mom's favorite flower! Now I can celebrate her birthday! Thank you very much!"
 "No problem... by the way..."
 Urza moves her face closer to the little girl's while patting her head.
 "Goshujin-sama looks scary, but that's what makes him so cool, desu~no! He has a dangerous manly sexiness that soft men don't have, and he's very sexy, desu~no! If you want to become a great lady, you'd better understand the charm of such a dangerous man, desu~no!"
 "Umm, is it cooler to look scary?"
 Urza smiles with a strange power, and the little girl blinks repeatedly with a slight fright.
 To such a little girl, Urza says words one after another as if she is trying to explain something to her.
 "You're right, desu~no. Re-peat af-ter me (She said it in english). Scary face is cool and very nice."
 "Scary face is cool and very nice?"
 "Scary face is cool and very nice!"
 "Scary face is cool and very nice!"
 "Scary face is cool and very nice!"
 "Scary face is cool and very nice!"
 "Yes, when you grow up, you should go out with a scary yet cool guy like Goshujin-sama, desu~no"
 "...Hey, what are you trying to do?"
 What kind of education is she giving to a little girl who is not even 10 years old?
 Please don't instill her with an idea that their parents would be worried about.
 "What kind of doctrine is this! Don't brainwash this little girl!"
 "It's not brainwashing, it's education for the future, desu~no. I just teaching her not to judge people by their appearance, desu~no"
 This sounds like a nice thing to say, but it is not the case at all as far as I can tell from the conversation they just had.
 Obviously, Urza has distorted the little girl's thinking and put a bad factor in her future.
 "...I hope she doesn't fall for a bad guy. Her parents will cry."
 I was here to deliver flowers as a present to her mother, but I ended up putting a bomb into the little girl's brain that might worry her parents.
 I felt a deep sense of guilt and pressed my forehead with my finger.
 "I don't really understand, but I'll never forget what you taught me! Would you take this as a thank you for the flowers?"
 The little girl offered Urza a 100G coin and a blue-colored stone.
 "What's this stone?"
 "A beautiful stone I picked up on the street! It's my treasure!"
 "Hmm? I'll take it, desu~no"
 Urza takes the coin and the stone without hesitation, and gives them to me.
 "Here you go, Goshujin-sama."
 "Oh, thank you."
 I look at the stone with a longing gaze. This stone is the jewel that would be the start of the 'Straw Millionaire' event.
 Finally, I had what I was looking for. All the hard work of walking through the forest and brainwashing the little girl by chance had paid off.
 Now, I decided to leave quickly before the little girl's parents came back, but then I noticed that the little girl's eyes are flashing.
 "Onee-chan, why are you giving the money? Should you tribute it?"
 "Hey, where did you hear those words...?"
 "A great woman is a woman who is devoted to a cool man, desu~no. Paying tribute to a cool man is a woman's duty, desu~no!"
 "Hey, don't teach this little girl crazy things!"
 I pull Urza's collar and leave.
 If I stay here any longer, Urza might say something more unnecessary to the little girl.
 "Ah, you're back, Master"
 As I dragged Urza away, Nagisa, who was waiting a little further away, tilted her head.
 I thought it was not a good idea to go with so many people, so Urza and I went alone, but it seemed to have turned out to be a bad idea. I should have taken Nagisa with me.
 "It's nothing... I mean, what's the matter with you?"
 Three young men are lying at Nagisa's feet.
 The groaning men are apparently not dead, but their eyes are rolling back and they are stretched out.
 "Well. They wanted to have dinner with me, but I let them sleep because they were too persistent."
 "I see... a pick-up, huh?"
 Apparently, the men who are lying on the floor had tried to seduce Nagisa but failed.
 It's understable because today Nagisa is wearing a virgin-killer outfit and looks like a beautiful, innocent-looking girl. .
 "...Well, I respect the bravery of the guys to pick up a girl with a sword at her waist, no matter how pretty she is..."
 I sighed and released my grip on Urza's collar.
 The released Urza coughs repeatedly.
 "Well then, now that the work is done, let's get out of here. I'll accompany you shopping, so let me know if there's anything you want."
 "Yes, desu~no! I'm looking forward to eating delicious food, desun~no!"
 "Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. I'd like to go to the arms store with Master"
 After that, I lead them toward the shopping district.
 Although I am mildly distracted by the two girls who naturally wrapped their arms on my arms, we continue with our holiday date.

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