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Chapter 56 Holiday Date

 And so, after an intense morning, we decide to go out on a holiday date.
 There, at the gate of the mansion, I see Aeris off with her shoulders slumped in dejection. Since I feel sorry for her if I send her back on foot, I decide to send her back with the Baskerville family's carriage.
 "Zenon-sama... Please remember. I will never forget today's humiliation."
 "...Don't scare me. What are you going to do if you won't forget?"
 Just before getting into the carriage, Aeris had a very creepy grin on her face.
 A strand of her hair hung over her mouth, and her eyes seemed to be glazed over as she smiled like a yandere. She looks as if she might take out a knife and stab me at any moment.
 With a chill running down my spine, I watched the carriage leave.
 "Well then... Hmm?"
 As I am about to return to the mansion after sending Aeris off, the door is opened and Urza and Nagisa came out. My eyes widen involuntarily when I see what they are wearing.
 Because, in front of my eyes, a small white-haired girl and a tall black-haired girl, who look totally opposite from each other, are wearing their casual wear today, instead of the equipment they wear when they work as adventurers.
 "Ehehe, how is it? Goshujin-sama-"
 Urza wears a gothic lolita outfit, which I had not expected.
 The fluffy black dress that covered her ankles is adorned with white ribbons here and there, giving her a fantastic appearance, as if she is an exquisite bisque doll that has come to life.
 She even put makeup on her face, which is unusual for her, and the red rouge on her lips is very different from her white skin, making her appear very self-assertive.
 "I don't think this kind of clothes suit me... it's a little embarrassing."
 Nagisa wears a white blouse, a ribbon at the chest, and a black skirt, neat clothes... In other words, a 'virgin-killer outfit'.
 In the game, Nagisa had never worn anything but school uniforms and kimonos, but now she wears western clothes... especially a virgin-killer outfit. In addition, her black hair, which she usually tied in a ponytail, is hung down, which makes her look like a shy young lady.
 It is not an unusual attire and it's not revealing. However, her clothes are so impactful that I wanted to clench her heart with my bare hands. So much so that I didn't even notice the sword at her waist belt.
 "What's wrong, Master?"
 I was admiring their outfits for a while, but I came back to reality when I heard Urza's voice peering into my face.
 After all, they are wearing completely different types of clothes, but both of them look incredibly good on each other. The shock of the scene made me stop thinking completely.
 Since it would be churlish of me not to express even a single comment on the girls' glamorous figures, I coughed lightly and opened my mouth.
 "Ah...you two look good together. What's the matter with your clothes?"
 "Ehehe, Levienna made me wear it, desu~no"
 "She said we have to dress up if we're going on a date. She brought it from the wardrobe in the mansion."
 "The wardrobe...?"
 The clothes in the wardrobe of the mansion must be the personal belongings of the family members living in the mansion.
 However, Zenon has no mother and no sisters or brothers. This means that the clothes belong to Zenon or his father.
 As a scumbag and a womanizer, it would not be unnatural for Zenon to have a stock of women's clothes... but if these clothes are his father's personal belongings, it would be quite disgusting.
 Who would think that a gangster boss bought gothic-loli and virgin-killer clothes for? The more I imagine it, the deeper I sink into the quagmire of this question.
 "...Let's not think too much about it. It's too scary."
 "It's nothing... let's leave quickly. You two have dressed up for me. Let's enjoy our holiday date."
 "Yes, desu~no!"
 Urza answered cheerfully and hugged my right hand. She hugs it tightly and leans on my arm with a happy smile on her face.
 "Hey, hey, you're doing that again..."
 "Don't worry about it, desu~no. It's a date, desu~no!"
 "...Well, I suppose it's okay..."
 I had a plan not to walk arm in arm with a woman, but there was no way I could shake her off when I saw her full of smiles.
 So, I had no choice but to walk out of the mansion closely with Urza, but before I could do so, someone grabbed my left arm.
 "If that's the case, I cannot lose either. I'll take your hand too."
 "Nagisa, you too...Gnh!?"
 Of course, it is Nagisa who took my left hand and intertwined her arms with mine.
 She hugged my arm and squeezed it against her bulging chest with a mischievous smile.
 The destructive power of Nagisa is incomparable to that of Urza. After all, I can feel the soft yet heavy feeling of her chest squeezing my left arm, and I can feel it changing its shape.
 "This feeling...!? Are you by any chance not wearing any underwear...!?"
 My face tightened at the bad premonition.
 Even though we are in close contact, the feeling coming from my arm is too vivid.
 When I asked her fearfully, she tilted her head as if she didn't know what to think about it.
 "Hmm? Of course, I'm not wearing any underwear. Or rather, I've never worn a bra"
 "If it's a juban (undershirt for kimono), it's fine, but underwear in this country doesn't fit me well. But I wore shitabaki (Pants in Judo) at least at school because the skirt of the uniform was too short."
 "At school...? Wait a minute. Does that mean you're not wearing anything...?"
 I fearfully lower my gaze and look at Nagisa's skirt.
 I am sure she is not wearing a bra, judging from the way she crossed her arms, but I wonder if she is not wearing any panties, too.
 "Well, who knows? It would be more interesting if I kept quiet, so I'll leave it to your imagination, shall I?"
 "No, answer it! This is important!? It's really important!?"
 "Don't say 'ha-ha-ha'!"
 "If Master is so concerned about it, why don't look and see it? If it's Master, I won't be offended even if you flip it open or peek at it"
 "Can I do it!? I want to know if you're dressed neatly or lasciviously!"
 I continued to press her hard, but Nagisa, who seemed to be having a good time, kept silent to the very end.
 In the end, I ended up going to the shopping district of the capital with the two beautiful girls while my arms linked with theirs.

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