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Chapter 61 The Beautiful Woman and Father's Shadow

Bonus chapter...
 "Yeah, I'm not complaining. I'll take it."
 I put the skill orb in my pocket and leave the room.
 There's still time before the theater performance starts, but it's not a good idea to keep the girls waiting too long. So, since my business is done, I decide to leave.
 "Are you leaving already? Why don't you just relax a little?"
 "No... I think I'll pass."
 I shook my head, thinking about it for a while.
 In the game, rewards are not only skill orbs, but also bonus.
 Bonus... in other words, erotic events with this Femme Fatale in front of me.
 Catherine Rose Red is a genuine fan of younger men, and she brings young men into this room to toy with them.
 Maybe, the member of the theater troupe who just led me to this room was one of the victims who were played by her and had their hearts stolen by her.
 Still, this event is a dream for a young man, who wants to be played by a mature lady with great technique....
 "I'll pass... I'm in the middle of a date. I don't want to keep them waiting."
 Despite my reluctance, I firmly refused.
 To tell the truth, it was impossible not to be moved by a beautiful woman like Catherine.
 However, I just told Nagisa just a few minutes ago that I would not embrace a woman until I finished my father.
 So, it would not be cool for me to make out with another woman while my lips are still dry.
 "Arara, you turned me down. You're really an amazing boy to refuse my seduction."
 Catherine blinked at me in surprise.
 "You must really love this woman to think that a date with her is more important than me, young master Baskerville..."
 "...I don't remember giving you my name. Where did you hear it?"
 "I've known it from the beginning. But rather than me, my family has been in contact with the Baskervilles. In fact, I've met your father a few times."
 "...I see."
 I nodded with a subtle expression on my face.
 It was not Catherine's fault, but I couldn't help but feel bad when it came to my father.
 The mere fact that she is related to Garondolf makes me see a dark cloud behind the beautiful woman in front of me.
 "Heehee... Don't be so contorted. If you do, you'll look more like your father"
 "...Stop it, seriously. If you say I look like him, my wrath will boil."
 When I say something like that, Catherine looks amused.
 "He is hated by a lot of kids, huh? Still... he's a very nice guy. And even though I prefer younger men, he could sway me."
 "I don't care. I don't give a sh*t about your taste in men."
 I clicked my tongue in annoyance and turned my back to Catherine to get the hell out of the room.
 I was curious about the relationship between my father, Garondolf Baskerville, and this beautiful woman, but I had no intention of talking to someone who was so fond of my father.
 "I got what I got. I don't think we'll see each other again. But I'm going to enjoy today's performance."
 With that, I opened the door.
 As I went out into the corridor and was about to close the door, Catherine's voice leaked out through the crack in the door.
 "I'm sure we'll meet again. The 'Demon Dog of Baskerville'-san"
 There it is again. Really, what does it mean?
 I went out through the door and into the corridor while thinking about this.
 "Whoa! You came out already?!"
 "......What are you doing?"
 In the corridor in front of the director's office, the member of the troupe I mentioned earlier was somehow putting his ear to the door. Apparently, he was listening in the room.
 Is he trying to make sure that I wouldn't do something bad to Catherine?
 Or... maybe he is just enjoying the sound, hoping that +me and Katherine would be doing that+.
 "Eh, uhhh! It's not like I'm particularly aroused by the fact that the woman I love has been cuckolded from me..."
 "...Don't think that far. Do your job, theater guy."
 What a disgusting adult I've encountered.
 His word made me feel offended in various ways, and I quickly walked away from the place.

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