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Chapter 62 Resuming Dating

Bonus chapter...
 After the 'Straw Millionaire' event completed, I went out from the employee's corridor.
 I checked my watch and found that I had been talking with the mysterious beauty for almost an hour.
 I wonder if it was the magic of the beautiful woman with the strong scent of sex appeal. After all, I did not think I had stayed there that long, but surprisingly time had passed.
 Since there is only about five minutes before the play begins, I run quickly to the front of the theater. I ran as fast as I could to the front entrance of the theater, where Urza and Nagisa are waiting for me.
 "Sorry, I made you wait. You could have gone in first..."
 "No problem. It's all right, Master."
 "I couldn't leave Goshujin-sama behind too, desu~no. Chomp, chomp..."
 Nagisa holds a drink in her right hand, and Urza has her hands full of food.
 In her hands, there are many foods, from standard junk foods like popcorn, American hotdogs, and frankfurters, to mysterious blue-purple fruits, giant cookies the size of human face, mammoth bones that look like come out from manga, and huge grilled fish that are bigger than tuna, etc....
 Even though Urza has far more food than her tiny body can hold, she devours it with all her might.
 "Munch, munch, munch."
 "...You sure bought a lot of food. But did I give you that much allowance?"
 I had given Urza some coins, but the huge amount of food clearly exceeded the amount.
 When I asked her suspiciously, Nagisa, who is standing next to her, raised one hand.
 "Ah... I paid for the rest"
 "Nagisa... I'm sorry about that. You can have your money back. How much is it?"
 When I try to take out my wallet, Nagisa waves her hand in refusal.
 "You don't have to pay me. I've got plenty of money thanks to the monster-slaying I've been doing and I like to buy things for her."
 "That's not how it works. She's my slave. I'm obligated to pay for her food."
 When I insist on paying the money, Nagisa shrugs with a wry smile.
 "I really don't mind if you don't pay. After all, it's nice to watch Urza eat. So, I can't help but want to give her food."
 "That's... well, it's certainly interesting."
 "Crunch, crunch, munch, munch, gulp"
 Urza bites into a pillow-sized grilled fish and swallows its huge body without leaving even a bone.
 The size of this coelacanth-like fish clearly exceeds Urza's stomach... or rather, her body size.
 But Urza gulps the giant fish like a cat-shaped robot storing secret tools in its pockets.
 This unbelievable way she ate the fish is definitely worth seeing.
 In fact, passers-by walking in front of the theater stopped to see what is going on, and are stunned and fascinated by Urza's single-handed food fight.
 "Munch, munch... what are we doing just standing there? The play is about to start, desu~no"
 "...Oh, right. Shall we go inside?"
 "Yes, let's go inside."
 I think her performance is much rarer and more worth seeing than a play... but anyway, the ticket we've bought would be wasted. So, we enter the theater quickly.
 I walk through the entrance of the theater while worrying about Urza, who full of food, behind me.
 Then, as I step into the auditorium, most of the seats are already occupied.
 I take out a ticket from my pocket and go to my seat with the number written on it.

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