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Chapter 64 Encounter with the Hero

Bonus chapter...
 Why are Leon and Ciel here?
 Today is a holiday. It's not surprising to have a chance to have a near miss with my classmates, but to run into these guys of all people?
 "No... would it be natural for them to be here?"
 I look at Leon and Ciel, who are standing side by side.
 Leon is simply dressed in a long-sleeved shirt and black pants, while Ciel is wearing a bright red one-piece dress, clearly in the middle of a date.
 The two are strangely close to each other, and seem to be more intimate than when I met them last at the school.
 Come to think of it, Aeris and Nagisa, two of the three heroines, are somehow working with me, and had left from the story in which Leon is the main character.
 It is perhaps a natural progression that Ciel, the last of the three, is monopolizing Leon's affections, and is now on a holiday date with him.
 "Why is Baskerville here... and that's..."
 Leon looks at me with surprise in his eyes. Then his gaze turns to the two girls beside me.
 "The slave girl and... Seikai-san!? Why are you with Baskerville!?"
 "Hmm...? Oh, isn't it Brave? What a coincidence."
 Leon's voice wakes Nagisa up. She looks at Leon suspiciously and tilts her head.
 "Uranus is here too. Are you two on a date today?"
 "That's right, but... no way, Seikai-san too...?"
 "Yeah, we're on a date too. Can't you see that?"
 "Date...? Why Seikai-san?"
 Leon looks shocked, as if he can't believe it.
 It seems that he can't accept the fact that Nagisa, who had been in a party with him even if only temporarily, is with me.
 Leon's eyes are shaken with confusion, and I sigh deeply.
 "...For now, let's get out of here. We'll only be disturbing the other people if we stay here."
 "Munch, munch, munch, munch... Hwah!"
 I suddenly poked Urza, who was still eating, at the head while staring at Leon who had just appeared.
 "Come on, you two. The show's already over."
 "Yeah, let's go."
 "Yes, desu~no! I'll eat on the way back!"
 "You're still going to eat...? You will eat too many calories, you know..."
 Urza and Nagisa follow me as I walk to the entrance of the theater, chatting and laughing.
 "H-Hey! Wait!"
 I heard a panicked voice, and for some reason Leon followed behind me.
 I frown and take a glance behind me.
 "...What do you want? I don't have anything to say to you?"
 "That's... uhh..."
 Leon stammers at my questioning.
 He bit his lip with an expression of hesitation, as if he had something to say but couldn't get it out of his mouth.
 I raise my eyebrows at him suspiciously.
 Leon had been staring at me with hostility at the school, but today he seems to be less hostile than usual.
 He looked uncomfortable and is mumbling something, as if he had just bumped into his friend who was in the middle of a fight in town.
 "Tsk... what a pain"
 However, since the 'ball-kicking incident', I haven't had any contact with Leon at all, and have hardly heard any rumors about him.
 It seems that he failed to make Nagisa a heroine, so I might as well inquire about the current situation of this man who is supposed to be the main character of the story.
 "Well, okay... I will hang out with you for a bit. You're the one who approached me. You don't have a problem with that, do you?"
 "Oh, yeah..."
 I say, and Leon follows my lead with a slightly disgruntled look on his face.
 For now, we should move to a place where we can talk calmly.
 So, I walk out of the theater and head for the park nearby.

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