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Chapter 63 Boring Theater

Bonus chapter...
 When we entered the theater, most of the seats are already occupied.
 But after following the numbers on the tickets, we found our seats and sat down in a row.
 I naturally sat in the middle, with Urza on my right and Nagisa on my left.
 "Crunch, crunch, munch, munch!"
 As soon as Urza sat down, she immediately resumed eating.
 The people seated around her are surprised at what is happening, but she continues to throw the food into her mouth without any concern.
 Some of the audience members are annoyed by the sounds and smells of the food. But fortunately, the audience seats are dimly lit, and the stares from the outside did not bother us too much.
 After we had sat down for a while, a trumpet-like sound is heard, and the curtain on the stage in front of us is opened. It seemed that the play is about to start.
 "Ah! How could it be!"
 A woman in a dress appears on the stage and shouts loudly. She is a young actor about my age.
 Starting from the woman's sad voice, actors appeared on the stage one after another, and the story proceeded.
 "Hmm... this is boring."
 I frowned lightly as I stared at the scene.
 The storyline of the stage is not so unusual.
 There is a beautiful princess in a country who falls in love with a prince in a neighboring country.
 Gradually, their love deepens, but then the evil undead appear and kidnap the princess.
 The prince sets out on a journey to rescue the princess. He overcomes many trials, meets his friends, and finally defeats the undead and rescues the princess.
 In summary, it is a story like that.
 "The direction may be well done... but the script is cheap."
 I think the actors' performances are not bad.
 Although I don't know anything about acting, the actors' movements on the stage are dynamic and their acting is quite spirited.
 The problem is the scenario of the script. The storyline is too straightforward, which is not unusual, and the audience can predict what will happen later.
 But... this may be because I have read many books when I was in Japan.
 I've read a lot of fantasy light novels and web novels, and I'm used to this kind of classic stories.
 In fact, all the audience members except for me were absorbed in the play, cheering, and screaming at the actors' every move.
 "Crunch, crunch, munch, munch!"
 "Zzz, zzz..."
 I take back what I said before.
 There are people besides me who don't enjoy the theater.
 And they're very close to me. They're on my left and my right.
 "Munch, munch... it's delicious, desu~no!"
 To my right, Urza is munching her food with all her might. Urza is so focused on her food that she is not looking at the stage at all.
 And after emptying a large bucket of popcorn, Urza pops a chocolate banana into her mouth, perhaps craving something sweet after the salty food.
 "Lick, lick, lick... Mmm, it's so big, desu~no"
 I don't mind what she ate, but don't eat it in an erotic way.
 She has chocolate dripping on her cheeks, and a male customer sitting nearby is leaning forward while glancing at Urza.
 "Zzz, zzz... Mmm..."
 On my left, Nagisa is breathing in her sleep. Nagisa had been watching the stage for the first 10 minutes or so, and was completely asleep after the middle of the show.
 Now, Nagisa is lying on my shoulder with her head on my shoulder, and she looked so relieved. Seeing her up close like this, I realized once again that Nagisa is an extraordinary beauty.
 Her eyelashes are long and her nose is straight and clear in spite of her Japanese-style face. Her red lips are plump and thick, and have a sheen that makes me want to suck on it.
 "Haan... Mmm..."
 What in the world is she dreaming about?
 Nagisa's hot breath is hitting my collarbone area, and I felt something crawling up my spine.
 "......What in the world is going on here?"
 We were supposed to be on a date to see a play. Or rather, we entered the theater because they wanted to see it.
 But... why has the situation become like this?
 "Is this a date...? No, is this more like a date?"
 I no longer know if the situation is appropriate for a date or not.
 All I know is that once again I'm being pushed around by two girls.
 "Hey, evil undead - Duke of Hell, Zeromon! I will bury you so that you will never appear on the earth again!"
 Meanwhile, the play is reaching its climax.
 The hero, the prince, thrusts his shining sword into the black-robed skull mask.
 A cloud of white smoke enveloped the stage and the audience cheered.
 The skull masks scream as he disappears offstage, and the prince raises his shining sword to the heavens.
 "Evil is destroyed! The world has regained its light!"
 "Ah, my prince! You've come to save me!"
 "Princess! I've finally met you!"
 The undead who seems to be the last boss disappears, and the prince and the princess embrace and kiss each other passionately.
 The audience applauds, and the curtain closes.
 "...It's over at last. What was the time, huh?"
 To tell the truth, I was so concerned about the girls on either side of me that I couldn't focus on what was happening on stage.
 And come to think of it, I don't saw Catherine in this play... I wonder if she is going to use that dress for another play...?
 "Well... it doesn't matter."
 The stage is over, and one by one, audience members are getting up from the seats and heading for the exit. We're leaving, too.
 "Hey, let's go back. How long are you going to keep eating? You should get up soon, too!"
 "Ah! It was fun!"
 "Where is...... huh?"
 A voice from the front row of the auditorium almost made me yell back, and I raised my eyebrows. After all, I recognized that voice.
 "Eh... why are you...?"
 A couple, a man and a woman, are sitting in front of me. The woman turned around and her eyes widened in surprise.
 I, too, am speechless at the unexpected look on the face of the person I did not expect.
 I didn't notice it because of the dimness of the auditorium... but the person sitting in front of me is a classmate of mine from my school.
 It's Ciel Uranus, one of the main heroines in [DunBrave].
 "So, the man with her is..."
 "Aren't you... Baskerville!?"
 "I knew it! You're here too... Leon Brave!"
 I sigh in annoyance at the sight of the blond man in front of me. This man is Leon Brave, the protagonist of the game, not of the stage.

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