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Chapter 68 The Descendant of the Hero

 "What... what are you trying to say...!"
 "I didn't say anything crazy. Leon Brave."
 Leon's eyes widen in astonishment at my words, and I continue without hesitation.
 "Even in this seemingly peaceful world, if you peel back its skin, you will find the threat of monsters and the malice of humans lurking in the air."
 Just like Urza was captured, enslaved, and auctioned off.
 Just like Aeris was forced into a party by a classmate and abandoned in the depths of a dungeon.
 And just like Nagisa, who came to this country to avenge the murderer of her family.
 This world, the world of [DunBrave], is not a peaceful one.
 Especially when the Demon King will return in six months and bring chaos to the world.
 "Hey, Leon. If I become your enemy... can you protect the people you love from me?"
 "Everyone get along, that's great. Nothing wrong with caring for the weak. But when the weak are in the clutches of the strong, only the strong can protect them. And I am not a spoiled brat who has stopped aiming higher by following in the footsteps of the weak!"
 "Leon Brave... you are NOT a hero now! You can't even protect your own childhood friend!"
 "You...! You say whatever you want to say!"
 Leon is furious and slashes at me.
 But, I counter-parry his sharp blow and take him down.
 "What's wrong? Is that what you can do?"
 "I... I..."
 "I... won't lose!"
 Leon falls to the ground again, but his body is enveloped in a white light.
 It seems that he has activated his hero power. His power makes the park, which is now in the dark of dusk, brighten as if the sun has just risen again.
 "I am not weak! I'll protect everyone! Not only Ciel, but everyone else... I'm going to be a hero who can protect everyone!"
 "Hmm... But if it's just talk, anyone can say it, can't they?"
 "Then... I'll prove it with this one blow! I'm not weak. I'm going to win!"
 Leon holds his shining sword at the highest level and swings it down with all his might.
 This is one of the most powerful attacks that Leon Brave has, the secret technique, 'Yuusho Zanbatsu (勇翔斬破)'.
 In [DunBrave], Leon can master three secret techniques, and this is the first one. This is the strongest of the techniques that can be mastered in the early stages of the game, and it is the blow that proves that Leon is the descendant of the hero.
 Now, this blade of light comes close to engulfing me.
 "As expected of the descendants of the hero. It's a great move... But..."
 I narrow my eyes and sigh in pity.
 No matter how much strength he exerted... he could never reach me. Because...
 "I'm tired of seeing that trick. I've seen it too many times in the games."
 Leon unleashes a desperate attack, but his expression changes to one of shock.
 Just before the blade of light swallowed me, my body, which had been standing there without resistance, vanished, leaving behind an afterimage.
"Illusion Ghost"
 This is a dark magic that creates an illusion of my body and uses it as a decoy for an enemy's attack.
 In the game, this is an elementary magic that only improves evasion performance, but in this world where the game has become reality, it is able to nullify even Leon's high power magic.
 "In the game, the secret technique is unavoidable. It was a surefire attack... but reality is not a game"
 I used the illusion to get into Leon's pocket, and raised my sword at him when he is defenseless from the attack.
 "Go back to sleep!"
 I hit Leon's head with the hilt of my sword.
 Leon's body shakes and he falls to the ground.
 "With this you realized, right? You're weak, Leon Brave."
 I look down at Leon, who groans on the ground, and I tell him coldly.
 "You can't protect anyone if you're weak. If you want to protect someone, don't choose your means. Be more desperate and show them how strong you are."
 After I said these words, Leon faints.
 I wonder if my words reached his heart.
 "Be firm. You're the hero... you're carrying the fate of the world on your shoulders."
 I tell the fallen Leon, and put the sword away in my item box.

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