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Chapter 69 Those who have Fallen and Those who Receive

 "Hey... What are you doing to Leon!"
 As I was pouring the healing medicine on the fallen Leon, the women who had gone to the stall came back.
 When they see Leon lying on the ground, Ciel, his childhood friend, comes running to him in a panic.
 Ciel kneels on the ground and picks up the unconscious Leon.
 Leon is still unconscious, but his injuries are gone without a trace thanks to the recovery medicine.
 After confirming that there was no significant injury, Ciel breathed a sigh of relief, but immediately turned her sharp eyes on me.
 "What did you do to Leon!? I won't forgive you if you answer me!!"
 "Don't be so rash. We agreed to this."
 I shrug my shoulders and turn my back to Ciel, welcoming Urza and Nagisa back.
 "Yo, welcome back."
 "Here it is, Goshujin-sama. I bought Rango fruit juice as you ordered, desu~no"
 "Ah, you've done a good job."
 "Eheheh, desu~no"
 When I pat her white hair, Urza smiles broadly.
 "Nagisa, I'm sorry about it. I'm sorry for leaving you to babysit."
 "I don't mind but... so, Master, did you have a satisfying battle?"
 "Well, I guess so... if this doesn't change him, there's nothing more I can do for him."
 I have achieved my goal of beating Leon and reminding him of his own powerlessness.
 He is going to be a hero who saves the world. I am sure that he will use his frustration as a stepping stone to grow up and show me how much he has improved.
 If he defeats the Demon King as he is, it will be a happy ending. That's the happy ending everyone want.
 "Well then, Ciel Uranus. Please give my best wishes to your boyfriend when he wakes up."
 Ciel stares at me with hostile eyes.
 It seems that I am now completely recognized as an enemy.
 "...Well, it doesn't matter."
 Although it's not a pleasant feeling to have unjustified hostility directed at me... two of the three heroines, Aeris and Nagisa, are already on my side.
 At least Ciel must stay by Leon's side. Maybe it's better if she hates me.
 "By the end of the week, my suspension will be over. Next time we'll see each other at the school. If you want revenge, I'll be your opponent in the final exam."
 "You should remember it... you may beat Leon in a cowardly way... but if Leon wants to, he'll beat you to a pulp!"
 "...If he's that strong, I'll have a lot less trouble. Still, I expect the best."
 After saying this, I wave goodbye to Ciel and quickly leave the park.
 Despite several unexpected circumstances, the 'Straw Millionaire' event was successfully completed.
 And so, we could enjoy the holiday date, and I can say that it was a worthwhile holiday.
 With the sun on my back, Urza on my right and Nagisa on my left, I return to the Baskervilles' mansion.
* * *
 "...Welcome back. Did you have a good date?"
 When we returned to the house, we met a woman standing in front of the gate of the mansion.
 She is a beautiful woman in a dress with long golden hair hanging down her back but is standing like a ghost under the dim light of the lamp.
 She had a tuft of hair in her mouth and looked at us three people in a row with a cold reptilian gaze.
 "......Sorry for leaving you. Aeris."
 I manage to squeeze out an apology with a look of unprecedented horror on my face.
 It seems that our beloved saint Aeris Centorea has turned into a yandere behind the scenes of our date.

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