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Chapter 72 Desperate Night and Written Test

 The resumed school life went surprisingly smoothly.
 Although I had a hard time taking the classroom classes because I was suspended from school, I was able to catch up quickly because of Zenon's excellent knowledge.
 I still have an awkward relationship with Leon, and we do not talk to each other.
 However, Leon's eyes do not show any hostility toward me, and he does not seem to be suffering from the duel of the other day.
 After school, he seems to be in the dungeon with two of his party members, and I believe that he is training seriously.
 If anything... it is not the school but my life at home that has been difficult.
 Aeris and Nagisa have come to live in the Baskerville family's mansion in earnest, and they have turned the vacant room into their room and brought in their belongings such as daily necessities, clothes, and so on.
 Especially, whenever they went to sleep, they always slept in my room.
 "Mmm... Haah..."
 "Goshujin-sama... Munyamunya..."
 "...How can I sleep? Under these conditions..."
 Beautiful women and girls sleeping in my bed. At the sight of these girls sleeping, I suffer from chronic sleep deprivation.
 If anything, I am lucky that my father, the head of the Baskerville family, does not seem to be coming back home.
 I don't know where he stays, but Garondolf Baskerville has not been seen at the house since my punishment right after the entrance ceremony.
 "Well...it's better that way. I can't let my parents see me like this."
 Even if Garondolf is a lousy, bad parent, if he sees his son having a harem of girls in his room, he will take some action.
 Hopefully, I don't see him until the day comes when I defeats my father.
 "Until then, I'll be patient..."
 "Zzz... Master... Don't touch that place..."
 "Ah... Zenon-sama... that feels so good..."
 "Goshujin-sama... I want to eat Goshujin-sama's frankfurters too..."
 I've determined myself to stay chaste and not touch the heroine until I've defeated my father, but listening to such a troubling sleep-talk night after night shakes my faith.
 My rationality is nearing its limit, and if I let my guard down for a moment, I will be tempted to do a lupine dive because of their scent.
 "Ahah... Obocchama... Please suck my t*ts more..."
 "...you too, Levienna."
 In addition to Urza, Aeris, and Nagisa, Levienna, who had changed from a maid's uniform to a negligee, also slept on my bed as a matter of course.
 Her negligee is so revealing that if I peeked into it, I could see the protrusion at the tip of her bust.
 "Remember it... if I beat my father, I'll definitely have a lot of s*x with you all...!"
 I vowed secretly and spent the night in agony.
* * *
 Somehow, I managed to make it to the first day of the final exam without touching any of the girls.
 "Now then... We will begin the first final exam for the first-year students."
 Now it was time for the test to begin.
 Wanko-sensei, our homeroom teacher, stood on the platform and announced to the students
 "As I explained to you before, the test will be divided into two parts: a written test and a practical test. The final score will be announced after the test, which will be the total of these scores plus the personal score. As you know... if you cheat on the test, your score will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave the test room. So, please do not behave in any suspicious manner that may lead to suspicion of cheating!"
 Wanko-sensei tapped the blackboard with his pointer and his glasses shone brightly.
 "Depending on your test results, you may be moved to a lower class. If you want to stay in the A class, you should take it to heart! Now... let the test begin!"
 The bell rings in the classroom, and the final exam has finally begun.
 The first part of the test is a written test. There will be a paper test on each of the subjects studied in class, which will be divided into two days.
 When I turned over the answer sheet from the reverse side to the front side, I saw a question that seemed to be more difficult than I had expected.
 This is indeed one of the most elite schools in Slayers Kingdom.
 Since I possessed Zenon's body after I entered the school, I have no memory of the entrance examination... but I understood that the test in front of me was very difficult.
 Taking the test in this way made me realize how far behind I had been during the period of my suspension.
 I had thought that Zenon's brain, which is the best in the class, would be able to handle the test, but I may have underestimated it a little.
 Still, I worked hard to twist my brain and write down the answers.
 The mathematics is the same as what I learned in Japan before my reincarnation. There is no particular problem.
 The bottleneck is memorizing subjects. There are some questions about the history of this world.
 I tried to memorize as much as I could before the test... but some things are missing from my memory.
 After two days of work on the written test, I can say that I answered more than 80% of the questions correctly.
 At this rate, I don't think I will fail the test, but it may be a little tough to compete for the top grade.
 "In that case...I'll just have to make score in practical test. Let's explore the dungeon."
 Finally — the third day of the test.
 The long-awaited day of the practical test has arrived.

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