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Chapter 73 Margarita Canyon

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 "The location for the practical test... at Margarita Canyon?"
 In order to ensure fairness, the location for the practical test at the Royal Sword and Magic Academy had been kept a secret until just before the test. If the location was known beforehand, some parties would have prepared the test carefully.
 And now, the school had prepared a 'earth dragon carriage', and we are taken to the canyon west of the royal capital.
 Margarita Canyon.
 Named after the execution of Queen Margarita, who was called the 'Queen of the Inclined Kingdoms' 200 years ago. The dungeon is a place where many undead monsters inhabit.
 According to the game's setting, Queen Margarita, who was executed for a crime she did not commit, had become a powerful undead, creating countless undead out of hatred for the people who killed her.
 It is a dangerous place for ordinary people to even set foot in... but it is not a very difficult dungeon as long as one doesn't go too deep into the 'depths'.
 "...It's quite a scary place to see in person. It's very discouraging."
 I muttered in frustration as I got out of the carriage and looked at the high, deep canyon spreading out before me.
 Modeled after the Grand Canyon, the terrain looks as if it were carved out of a high hill, which was raised by tectonic movements, by a huge river that cuts through the center of the canyon.
 The hills eroded by running water have exposed layers of strata from ancient to modern times, with fossil-like objects found here and there.
 Geologists and archaeologists would drool at the sight... but the sky is covered by thick purple clouds, so no sunlight shines into the canyon.
 The whole area is dimly lit, and the temperature is so low that one's breath turns white even though it is almost summer.
 Just being here gives one a gloomy atmosphere, as if one's life were being sucked out of one's body.
 "This is the test place? I thought it would be a mountain or a forest somewhere..."
 Aeris, who got out of the carriage after me, said this with a sigh.
 Aeris' expression is darker than usual, but her almond-shaped eyes are full of motivation and a sense of mission.
 It seems that she is both nervous and missionary as a priest, seeing one of the most undead-inhabited areas in the Slayers Kingdom.
 "A place where many unsaved souls wander. As a priest, I knew I had to visit there someday to purify it. But I never thought I will be here for the school's test..."
 "Yeah, I'm surprised too... I didn't expect to be here for the test."
 But... that's not what I'm surprised about.
 In the game [DunBrave], the final exam was not held in Margarita Canyon, but in another dungeon.
 It seems that... my actions had an effect, and as a result, the test site is changed.
 "Well... the difficulty level is not so different, so I don't mind..."
 "Hmm... I'm not so sure about the dead. They are not my favorite enemy."
 Nagisa came down next to me and Aeris.
 For Nagisa, a swordsman, the formless ghost-type monsters are her natural enemies.
 But she can slay skeletons and zombies if they have a shape, which are both found in the Margarita canyon.
 "Yeah, I'm not good at it either. Dark magic is not so effective against the undead."
 I shrugged my shoulders in response to Nagisa.
 My attack tools are 'sword' and 'dark magic'. Both of them are disadvantageous against the undead.
 Except for Urza, who is not a student of the school, our party consists of three members. This means that two of the members, including myself, are not good at this dungeon.
 "However... it's not an unreasonable handicap. We can cover up the disadvantages with items, and we have Aeris in our party."
 "Yes! Leave it to me!"
 Aeris said with a proud smile in front of a deep valley.
 "Those poor souls who cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven...those who are beyond the reach of the God, I will save them!"
 "Yes, but don't be too hard on yourself..."
 Aeris nodded her head strongly.
 Looking at her motivated face, it seems that she might push herself again... but if push comes to shove, she can be stopped by force.
 "Now, I will explain about the practical test! Please gather here!"
 Wanko-sensei, the examiner, shouted from a little distance away. The other students who got off from the carriage also gathered around Wanko-sensei.
 Among them, of course, Leon is among them.
 "Well... shall we go, then?"
 "Yes! Let's go!"
 "Ohhhh, my arms are throbbing!"
 Aeris and Nagisa. And me.
 I don't know how far we could go without Urza... but of course, I'm not going to let Leon beat me.
 I had given him a big lecture in the duel in the park, so I can't let him see how pathetic I am.
 "I'm going to get top marks in the practical exam! I'm going to impress the others!"
 I said arrogantly and laughed with my fangs bared.

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