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Chapter 75 Anti-Undead Equipment

 More than 20 students dropped out of the test within 30 minutes of the start of the practical test. The students who dropped out were mostly from the lower classes such as D and E.
 It seems that they had jumped into the dungeon in order to catch up with the higher classes, but they had not prepared any countermeasures against the undead, and were beaten back by the ghosts and skeletons that they encountered.
 They returned back to the dungeon with the help of adventurers who served as rescue staff.
 On the other hand, the upper-class students such as A and B did not dive into the dungeon immediately, but purchased items at the store or held a strategy meeting in a circle with their party.
 It seems that the upper-class students knew how to attack the dungeon.
 After all, there are 24 hours left for the practical exam. So, instead of rushing into the dungeon, it would be much more helpful to prepare and plan properly.
 "Okay, the strategy meeting is over! We'll go!"
 "Yeah, be careful."
 Jean's party steps into the canyon ahead of my party.
 Although our friends are ahead of us, we are in no hurry. In an RPG, entering a dungeon without sufficient equipment is suicide.
 So, without rushing, I prepare myself for the dungeon, checking one thing at a time.
 "Okay... that's pretty much all the equipment I have..."
 Before entering the Margarita Canyon, we prepare our equipment and items.
 Fortunately, among the treasure items in the item box, there are anti-undead equipment.
 There are also a large amount of anti-ghost holy water and charms.
 I equipped myself with a sword with a light attribute, and changed my armor to one with a resistance to the dark attribute. In addition, I equip myself with a charm with a curse-resistant effect to prevent curses used by ghosts.
 As for the equipment of my companions... since Aeris's equipment has a light attribute from the beginning and is effective in keeping away the undead, there is no need for her to change it.
 However, the key point of this dungeon attack is how long Aeris's magic power, which can purify the undead, will last.
 Therefore, to avoid running out of magic power, I give her a unique item that reduces her magic consumption by half.
 "Zenon-sama gave me a ring...! Ah, what a surprise!"
 She is more pleased than I had expected.
 Well, a ring with a jewel as blue as the azure sky is indeed a very precious item, but the reason for Aeris's delight was obviously different.
 After all, when Aeris put the ring on the ring finger of her left hand, she gazed at it as if she overflowed with emotion.
 "I will treasure it forever! Today is the best day of my life!"
 "...I see."
 Actually, I would like to get it back later if possible.
 But I couldn't ask her to give it back if she was so happy.
 This item, after all, is a one-of-a-kind unique item, but it seemed to have become Aeris's property.
 "Hmm... this is a nice robe. This sword is also very good. I like it."
 Nagisa wore a shining white robe of feathers over her usual kimono.
The robe of feathers with light and dark resistance suits Nagisa, who has black hair and wears Japanese clothes, as if she is a celestial maiden descended from the heavens.
 The sword she carried in her right hand is black with a faint white haze on the blade.
 The name of the sword, which has an anti-undead effect, is 'Spirit Sword Sujumaru (霊刀数珠丸)'. It was dropped from a certain boss monster in the game.
 It's a perfect weapon for this dungeon because it has a special attack against undead monsters and can slay even shapeless ghosts.
 "As we've given out holy water and healing potions, we're all set. Unless something goes wrong, we won't be in any danger."
 "Yes. That's true, but I feel sorry for the rest of the party if we're the only ones so well prepared..."
 Aeris's expression turned somber, and her narrow eyebrows furrowed.
 While we were getting our gear ready, several parties were retiring from the test after setting off their distress fireworks.
 Seeing them disqualified for lack of preparation with poor results certainly makes her feel like we're playing foul.
 "...We're not doing anything wrong, though..."
 Well... we are not breaking any rules.
 In dungeon attack, preparing equipment and items for every possible situation is not something to be praised or blamed as an explorer or an adventurer.
 However, if one thinks about it, having the knowledge of the game and the items that can be used to complete the rounds is what is called a cheat.
 Since the prerequisite for this is an advantage over other students, it is understandable to feel guilty about it.
 "If that's what you think, why don't you give me the item?"
 Suddenly, a voice calls out to me from behind, and I let out a doubtful voice.
 I turn around... and standing there is a girl with purple hair in a braided pigtails wearing black-rimmed glasses.
 "Umm... you are...?"
 "Hello. I'm Melia. Melia Sue. I'm a classmate of yours, in case you don't know. Baskerville-kun?"
 "Ah... speaking of which, I've seen you in the classroom before, haven't I? I think you are a new member of Brave's party"
 "Yes, I'm Leon's friend, Melia!"
 A strange girl...or so I thought, but it turned out to be a female student who belongs to Leon's party.
 She wears women's light armor and has a rather short sword hanging from both sides of her waist.
 I had assumed that she was a magician because of her modest appearance like an honor student, but it seems that she is a warrior who uses twin swords.
 "Ah... that's right. Was it Sue?"
 I try to pull up some information about her from my vague memory, but there is no information that sticks in my mind.
 And ever since I entered the school, we had never spoken to each other. In fact, I don't think I even remember seeing her face.
 "Are you... alone? Where's Brave?"
 The girl named Melia is a mob character who does not appear in the game, but I heard that she is in a party with Leon.
 If so, where is this important Leon?
 "If it's Leon, he's gone to change the equipment he bought at the store. And Ciel, too."
 "Hmm... so what do you want with me?"
 "I said... I'm asking you to give me some items... Our party ran out of money when we bought equipment for two people. We even couldn't buy enough holy water. So, I wonder if some rich person can give me a few bottles...?"
 She's brazen.
 Why should I give an item to a classmate I'm talking to for the first time?
 "Isn't that fine? Don't you have some left over? Aren't you rather lucky that you can make a loan to a beautiful girl like me?"
 "Umm... Zenon-sama, why don't you give her some of your money? She seems to be in trouble."
 "...Yeah, okay"
 To tell the truth, I'm getting tired of dealing with this good-natured woman.
 For some reason, talking with her makes me unusually tired.
 At least, I'll give her some holy water, and I want her to go away.
 "Thank you. Aeris-chan too, many thanks!"
 "...that's enough. Go away before Brave come back. After all, that Uranus girl's gonna be staring at me again."
 I don't know about Leon, but Ciel is completely against me after the incident in the park.
 If she saw us talking together, she's likely to give me a trouble.
 "Yes, yes! Good luck, Baskerville-kun! Be careful of any unexpected incidents."
 With these words, Melia left with a bottle of holy water.
 She is a noisy woman. Apart from Leon, she is the kind of person I don't want to get involved with.
 While I was casually following Melia's back with my eyes, Leon and Ciel, who seemed to have finished getting dressed, arrived.
 Leon's party exchanges a few words with Ciel and Melia, and then they walk into the canyon.
 Just before they step into the canyon, Leon looks at me for a moment.
 The man who is the hero of the story has an expression of fighting spirit on his face. It is a provocative look, as if he is challenging me.
 "...Hmm, it's good. Is he trying to pick a fight with me?
 It seems that the duel in the park was not in vain.
 Leon's face is filled with a thirst for victory. By the looks on his face, he's going to be strong and desperate.
 "We can't lose either. We'll get top grades!"
 "Yes, let's do our best!"
 "Yeah, my arm's throbbing! Let's go!"
 With Aeris and Nagisa in tow, I set foot into the Margarita Canyon, albeit belatedly.
 Under the purple clouds that seem to symbolize bad luck, we descend the sloping valley, careful of our footing.
 Royal Sword and Magic Academy, first-year students' practical examinations — remaining time is 23 hours and 20 minutes.

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