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Chapter 74 Bravely Reckless

 "Now... let me explain the rules of the practical test."
 In front of about 200 students, Wanko-sensei begins to explain the test.
 In addition to Wanko-sensei and the other teachers, there are also armed adventurers in the room. They are probably hired to rescue students in case of an emergency.
 "The place where the test will be held is here — in the whole area of the Margarita Canyon. The time period is 24 hours. The test will end tomorrow at noon."
 That means the students will have to spend the night in the dungeon. To attempt the test without any preparation would be a suicidal act.
 "You are free to bring your own items. Food, water, and camping equipment will be provided. If you need other items than the ones you have, please buy them at the store set up over there."
 I look at the direction to which Wanko-sensei pointed, and I see an earth dragon carriage remodeled to look like a mobile vending van.
 The storefront is lined with consumable items, mainly recovery items, and from a distance, I can see holy water and charms to protect against the undead.
 "Next, we will discuss the grading of the test... I will hand out these cards to each of the parties that you have decided on."
 Wanko-sensei pulled out from her breast pocket a silver card about the size of a playing card.
 This card has a special magic spell on it, so that the name and the number of monsters that the party would have defeated are recorded on it. Weak monsters are scored low, and strong ones are scored high. In addition, the party will receive bonus points for delivering the items they have found. The total of these points divided by the number of participants is the final score of the practical test.
 The rules of the test are the same as in the game.
 The player will have to go through the dungeon and defeat many strong monsters to get the top score by obtaining drop items and treasure chests.
 However... this is a real dungeon. Fighting monsters is not a training, but a real battle. If students try to achieve more than they are capable of, they may lose their lives.
 Wanko-sensei also begins to explain the dangers of the dungeon with a serious expression on her face.
 "I'm sure you have been told about this before, but... the school will not take any responsibility for any injuries that may occur during the test. The same goes for any deaths. You have entered this school to protect this country from the threat of monsters as adventurers or knights. Whatever happens to you in the process of doing so, please remember once again that you are responsible for your own actions before participating in the test."
 "Of course... even we teachers do not want our students to be harmed. So, we will distribute 'rescue fireworks' to all of you, so if you feel your life is in danger, please launch them into the sky."
 Wanko-sensei distributes a cylindrical item that looks like a smoke bomb.
 The tube had a large 'RESCUE!' written on it, with an illustration of fireworks below the words.
 "By using the 'Rescue Fireworks', adventurers, who are stationed at each point of the dungeon, would come to the rescue. A party that has used the fireworks will retire from the practical test at that time, but it will not forfeit the points they had earned up to that point. Please do not hesitate to use them if you deem it necessary."
 Although her face is stern, Wanko-sensei's tone is filled with concern for her students.
 It seems as if she is telling the students not to do anything reckless.
 "Well then... we will now begin the practical test. Please enter the canyon from the party that is ready."
 As soon as Wanko-sensei announced, a cheer arose among the students.
 Half of the students start to move as if competing with each other, receiving backpacks filled with food and camping gear and stepping into the Margarita Canyon.
 Despite the vastness of the canyon, the number of monsters is limited.
 They are probably thinking of killing the monsters as soon as possible.
 "...It's foolish. They don't understand anything"
 Nagisa scoffed in disapproval at the ugly competition among the students.
 "To challenge a battle without sufficient preparation is the work of a fool with only momentum. Only a strong men, who know themselves, know their enemies, and take sufficient countermeasures, would go into battle."
 "Such words spoken by a woman who has been hiding in the forest alone are unbelievable. You're talking out yourself"
 Nagisa raises her eyebrows at me sarcastically, as if she is offended.
 "That is not true, Master. I went into that forest alone because I was convinced that I could conquer it by myself. I did not mix recklessness with bravery. But... they are different."
 Nagisa stares at the backs of the students as they dive into the canyon.
 "How many of them have already taken measures against the dead? It is a fool's act to challenge the dead without special equipment and items."
 "That's harsh... but I agree with you."
 Skeletons and zombies may be one thing, but holy water and amulets are indispensable when dealing with ghosts and other such insubstantial foes.
 Nearly 100 students have already jumped into the canyon, and at least half of them will probably drop out early.
 "I hope they make it back alive... it's hard to sleep knowing that my classmates will be among the dead."
 Soon my fears become reality.
 Less than 30 minutes after the start of the practical test, rescue fireworks are set off one after another in the sky with purple clouds floating in the sky.

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