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Chapter 77 Night in the Canyon

 And so - the first day of the practical test is over.
 The time has turned to evening, and the purple sky has turned black.
 Although there is no daylight in Margarita canyon for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the night does come to this dungeon.
 As promised in RPGs, the monsters become stronger and their numbers increase dramatically during the night.
 Since we were afraid of slipping down in the dark, we decided to set up camp and rest until morning.
 We set up a stone to repel the monsters, and put charms around the tent to keep them away, just in case.
 We are sure that the monsters will not come close to us now, but still, we take turns to keep watch just in case.
 After all, the monster are not necessarily the only enemies. There are also two beautiful women in my party. We can't be sure that the other party won't go crazy and jump into the tent.
 Sometimes humans are more fearsome than monsters. So, it's best to be careful.
 "Shall we have curry for dinner?"
 Aeris declared with a smile, and the camp dinner started.
 Curry is a common dish when it comes to camping, but we did not choose this dish just for fun.
 During the day, we fought a lot of undead. Although we were not injured because we had fought only inferior ones, our noses were completely overloaded with the strong smelling undead.
 If we did not reset ourselves with strong smelling food like curry, we would not be able to taste anything we eat.
 Pots, knives, pans, cooking ingredients, and other necessary items are in the item box.
 We could just bring the finished dishes, but we decided to enjoy cooking in the open air.
 "Nagisa-san, please cut the vegetables."
 "Yes, I'll take care of the cutlery. Aeris."
 Aeris instructed Nagisa to cut the vegetables with a kitchen knife.
 Her confident expression is reflected in her vivid hands. Because in no time at all, the vegetables are cut into bite-sized pieces.
 As for me, I am in charge of cooking the rice. I put rice and water in a pot and put it on the fire.
 This is the first time for me to cook rice without using a rice cooker, but thanks to the camping videos I watched when I was in Japan, I think I can manage to do it without making any mistakes.
 As I was working, I suddenly realized... when did Aeris and Nagisa start calling each other by their first names?
 Not so long ago, I think they were calling each other by their family names...
 "Because we are friends who go on adventures together"
 "Yes, we're friends who eat out of the same pot too"
 Aeris and Nagisa say such things together.
 It's all well and good that they get along so well... but for some reason it makes me uneasy.
 "If we don't get along well with each other and stand aside, Zenon-sama will soon have more women!"
 "Yeah, we must unite. Though we like the color of heroes, we can't let insignificant women come to Master!"
 It is makes me very uncomfortable to hear them say such a thing.
 And I wonder when women surround me.
 In the beginning, the only one I have kept by my side of my own will is Urza, a slave, but before I knew it, both Aeris and Nagisa had come to me.
 Rather, I should be praised for being a gentleman who does not touch anyone in such a situation.
 "Yes, it's ready. Please enjoy the meal."
 Aeris smiles as she adds the fried ingredients to the curry powder and simmers it in a pot.
 My nose, which has been paralyzed by the putrid smell of the undead, is hit by the tangy aroma of spices.
 The mouthwatering aroma makes me salivate.
 "It looks delicious... I haven't had curry in a long time."
 It is the first time for me to eat curry since I came to this world, although it is a bit of a mystery why there is curry in this European-like world.
 Still, the slightly spicy curry had a stimulating spice, and the more I ate, the more I felt my appetite grow.
 "It's delicious. It's a feast for tonight."
 "Mmm, it's delicious."
 Aeris and Nagisa also tasted the curry that the three of us had made together, and they chomped down on it with smiles on their faces.
 "About tomorrow... I think we should try to go up to the middle part in the morning."
 I said this to them as we ate half a pot of curry.
 After all, when I casually looked at the sky as we went through the dungeon early, many students had launched a distress signal.
 It is a selfish guess, but I doubt that most of the students have reached the middle part of the dungeon.
 Therefore, we should go to the middle part in the morning, do some hunting, and get out of the canyon by the time limit of noon.
 Perhaps that will be enough to get us into the top ranks.
 "Huff... I'm more interested in the lower part..."
 Nagisa suggested casually, glancing at me.
 It seems that the upper and middle part are not enough for this beautiful mad warrior. It is good that she has a desire to improve, but it is also a kind of "life and death" thing.
 "Don't be in such a hurry. As your master, I tell you... if you want to be strong, all you need is 'efficiency'. It's not fashionable in these days to think that the more you push yourself, the stronger you will be."
 I know that Nagisa is seeking power to avenge her family death, but if she loses her life by overreacting, it will be for nothing.
 If she wants power, she must survive even longer.
 "Don't worry you will avenge them sooner or later. You will be stronger than now."
 "If Master says so, then there is no choice. I trust that you will fulfill my long-cherished wish."
 Nagisa gently closes her eyes and puts her hands on her rich breasts wrapped in the kimono.
 Next to her, Aeris is also watching our conversation with a gentle smile on her face like a loving mother.
 Then we returned to our meal in silence.
 There is no conversation between the three of us, but strangely enough, the atmosphere is not awkward.
 During the night, there are no incidents such as attacks by monster, and we are able to greet the morning without any problems.
 And then - the second day of the practical examination started.

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