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Chapter 78 Rescue Fireworks

 "Well then... let's go hunting again today."
 It's the second day of the practical test.
 At dawn, I take down the tent, pack up my equipment, and declare once again.
 "Let's dive a little deeper today to kill the undead and then head for the entrance of the canyon. We should be back by noon."
 The main thing to watch out for is the Queen Margarita, the dungeon's boss character, but the chances of encountering her in the morning are quite low.
 Queen Margarita wanders around the dungeon mainly from dusk to dawn. From sunrise to noon, the encounter is rare.
 Unless we are very unlucky... yes, unless we are very unlucky, we should not encounter her even if we dive near the deepest part of the canyon.
 "...I hope this isn't a flag."
 I feel a chill run down my spine, as if something cold is caressing my back, but I cover my face with my palms and try to get rid of this ominous thought.
 I felt that if I spoke out the ominous future that came into my mind, it would become a reality.
 Since I have been struck by various kinds of bad luck since my reincarnation into this world, I have a bad feeling that another disaster with an impossible probability will befall me today.
 "...it's just my imagination. It is impossible. I'm really serious, please."
 "Hmm... What are you talking to yourself? Master?"
 Nagisa looked into my face, and I shook my head silently.
 I was worried about a lot of things... but be that as it may, I had to do my best for the examination.
 So, we finish packing our bags and head down the sloping path.
 Along the way we encounter the undead, as we did yesterday. Since we have descended to a position close to the depths, the strength of the enemy has increased to a certain extent.
 "But... we should have an easy time now..."
 "Turn Undead!"
 Nagisa slashed at the black skeletons with her spirit sword, and Aeris used her purification magic to wipe out a few of them.
 Their movements are already familiar to each other, and they are driving away the undead without a hitch.
 "I can't lose to them either.......!"
 As I sighed at the two too-reliable girls, I kicked the ground again.
 I dodge Nagisa, who is in the vanguard, and jump-kick a skeleton that tries to attack Aeris, who is in the rearguard.
 I then continued to sprinkle holy water on the zombies crawling up from the bottom of the canyon.
 The zombie falls down the cliff with a cloud of white smoke like it has been doused with strong acid.
 And, with a cold dismissal, I point the tip of my sword at the next enemy.
* * *
 "I guess it's time to get out of here."
 I muttered to myself, looking at the pocket watch I had taken out of my pocket while we are hunting at the boundary between the lower and middle part.
 I still had some strength and magic left in me, but we had to get back to the entrance by noon.
 On the way back, I would use an amulet to nullify encounters with weak monsters.
 There is no need to rush, as it will save us a lot of time.
 "However... there's nothing better than leaving with time to spare. A field trip is a field trip until we get home. If we're late and get demerit points, we're doomed."
 "It can't be helped... I'm sad to leave, but I guess we can save the rest of our souls for another time..."
 Aeris says these words with rosy cheeks.
 Her skin is glowing, perhaps because she is fulfilling her mission as a priestess to purify the undead, and her eyes also sparkled.
 The way she casts purification spells on the undead with a full face is a kind of bizarre sight, and makes me wonder if it is a strange habit of hers.
 "Let's visit here again with everyone! This time, bring Urza-san, too!"
 "...If I feel like it..."
 I feel a light trickle of cold sweat down my spine, and give a vague reply.
 "Master, I've burned 'Incense' to ward off evil. This should reduce the number of monsters."
 In Nagisa's hand was a bundle of purple incense.
 The incense, lit at the tip, emits a magical white smoke, which envelops our bodies with a sparkling, pale light.
 The incense has the effect of reducing the chance of encountering monsters. It only works on monsters weaker than us, but it is enough for the monsters in this dungeon.
 "Alright. Let's quickly go back up and check the results..."
 My words are cut short when a flash of light comes from below the cliff.
 My gasp of surprise is short-lived.
 The next moment, the flash of light soared high into the sky, creating a huge firework in the sky.
 "A rescue signal...!? Who in the world...!?"
 The "rescue fireworks" came from a dungeon further down than where we were hunting. It was used in the deepest part of this dungeon, the deepest part of Margarita canyon.
 It is a lair of the undead, much more powerful than the upper and middle part, and the boss monster 'Queen Margarita' awaits at the deepest part.
 "Zenon-sama! Someone is calling for help!"
 "They seem to be fighting down there... maybe 10 meters down from here."
 Aeris and Nagisa looked down the cliff and requested directions.
 I click my tongue and scratch my hair in frustration.
 "Damn... Who are these idiots to dive so far down so recklessly!?"
 In the lower part of Margarita canyon, rescue adventurers cannot come to the rescue immediately.
 Whoever they are fighting and whatever they're fighting... they'll probably fall before any backup can get there.
 And now, we are faced with two choices.
 Save them or abandon them.
 If I think about the safety of myself and my friends, the obvious choice is to abandon them.
 I'm sorry for them who needs a help, but this is a dungeon. They are in the dungeon, and they know that they are on their own no matter what happens.
 If they misjudged their own ability and went into the depths, only to encounter a more powerful enemy than they expected, it would be their own fault.
 The two girls in my party were looking at me with eager eyes, their eyes burning with motivation.
 Aeris, a kind-hearted girl, is not averse to helping others.
 Nagisa is not such a good-natured person, but now she had a cause to fight against the powerful monsters in the depths. She will gladly jump into the danger zone.
 Of course, they will obey me if I insist on their return... but that's no fun for me.
 "Haah! I'm not going to run away with a tail between my legs when the girls are ready for it!"
 I laugh ferociously and shout arrogantly.
 "Okay, okay! Let's go down the cliff and help the guys below! Follow me!"
 With slippery steps, I run toward the bottom of the cliff, followed by Aeris and Nagisa in the hall.
 There are only two hours left until noon, the end of the exam.
 It seems that we have to cross swords just one more time.

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