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Chapter 85 With Love, and Loyalty

 After that, we escaped from 'Margarita Canyon' accompanied by adventurers, who saw the 'rescue fireworks' and rushed to our place.
 After returning to the entrance of the canyon, we reported to Wanko-sensei about the battle with one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army. We also reported to Wanko-sensei about our encounter with Queen Margarita.
 We were immediately taken to the capital by an earth-dragon carriage, and were interrogated by the knights of the royal palace.
 The knights seemed to be suspicious about the appearance of the Demon King's army and the fact that the students had defeated one of its officers, but when I gave them the drop items recovered from Shinya's remains, they seemed to finally be convinced.
 After two hours of interrogation, I was released, but the sun had already set and it was nighttime.
 Aeris and Nagisa, who had finished the interview earlier, were waiting for me in front of the knight's guardroom, and the carriage of the Baskerville family was also parked there to pick me up.
 "Goshujin-sama! I was worried, desu~no!"
 "Ohh, sorry... You came all the way here to pick me up, Urza."
 Apparently, she had come with a carriage to pick me up. But then, Urza jumped in and hugged me.
 Urza presses her head pressed against my chest like a small animal sniffing its favorite spot.
 I wonder if I have worried her too much. Still, although I'm sorry to hear that, I'd like to ask her to stop pressing her horns against my head, because they are hurting me.
 "It took you long enough, my Lord."
 "We finished our interrogation quickly... what's wrong?"
 "...Don't ask. It's too depressing to explain."
 At Nagisa's and Aeris's questioning, I shook my head slowly with a tightened face.
 The reason why my interrogation took so long was because I was being interrogated under suspicion of something that was not true.
 The knight who asked me about the situation suspected me of being a collaborator of the Demon King's army without any evidence.
 This was because of my evil face and the notoriety of the Baskervilles.
 I explained to them that I had defeated Shinya, but it took them a long time to believe me.
 They finally believed me when Aeris and Leon's party told their story, but the knight who was in charge of the interview looked at me suspiciously until the very end.
 " I don't like having my insides probed endlessly. Really... What have I done?"
 "I see... I'm sorry to hear that."
 Aeris sympathetically smiles and claps her hands together, and then, she said as if remembered something.
 "Oh, yes, I just got a call from the teacher that we can return home without going back to the school. The report can be made later, so why don't we go back to the house and rest today?"
 "...I guess so. I feel like I'm going to collapse."
 My body and mind are both complaining of severe fatigue, after all.
 This is because I've used two doping bottles, which are very hard on my body, and fought against overwhelmingly stronger enemy... and after I'm finally back outside the dungeon, only to be interrogated on the suspicion of something strange.
 My fatigue has reached its peak, and my whole body is begging for rest.
 As I climb into the carriage dragging my body, Urza tries to sit next to me as usual.
 But Nagisa slipped first.
 "Ah! That is Urza's place, desu~no!"
 "I'm sorry, Urza, but can you give it to me just for today?"
 "Uh... just for today."
 "I'm sorry."
 Urza gives her a reproachful look, and sits down on the opposite side beside Aeris.
 I then ask Nagisa, who has come to sit next to me, suspiciously.
 "...What's the matter? What can I do for you?"
 "Ah... my Lord, let me thank you first."
 "Thank you for... Whoa!?"
 "Excuse me."
 Nagisa grabbed my head, made me roll over, and forced it onto her thighs. I felt a soft but slightly corey sensation on the side of my head.
 It seems that I have been put on her lap.
 It's a very exciting situation for me as a man... but to tell the truth, it's not so pleasant.
 It's not that I was dissatisfied with Nagisa's thighs.
 It's just that I had to lie down with my legs folded forcibly because of the narrow space of the carriage.
 "...Hey, hey, what's going on all of a sudden?"
 "My Lord, thank you so much for your help in this matter. Thanks to you I was able to avenge my family."
 I look up at her from her lap, and I see that Nagisa has an auspicious look on her face.
 Looking closely at her face, I see that the bridge of her nose is straight and her eyelashes are long and well-defined. She looks dignified when she is wielding a sword as usual, but she would also look good in a kimono and doing Ikebana.
 "...Don't worry about it. After all, the last one took all the good parts."
 I had intended to give the final blow to Nagisa, but she failed because of the 'phoenix's egg.
 In the end, Queen Margarita eat Shinya's soul, and the result is still incomplete.
 "Still... I was able to cut off the head of the man who killed my father and my brothers with my own hands. Thanks to this, I will be able to give a good report on their graves."
 "...Are you sure you don't want to go home? I don't mind if you do."
 Well, to tell the truth... I don't want Nagisa to go back to her hometown.
 After all, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army has appeared, and if the scenario is correct, even the Demon King will be back after the summer vacation.
 The battle against the Demon King will be in full swing from now on. Under such a situation, it would be very troublesome to lose a valuable asset.
 However, she has avenged her family murderer whom she has been chasing for a long time.
 I am sure that she would like to take the credit for this victory and to bring the glory back to her hometown.
 With this in mind, I recommend that she return to her hometown, but Nagisa shakes her head.
 "As I have said before, I am not so heartless as to put my personal feelings ahead of the gratitude I owe to my benefactor. I will not set foot in my homeland without returning the favor I owe to you, my Lord."
 Nagisa declared clearly.
 Her clear, unwavering eyes reveal the honest and diligent character of a female swordsman.
 "My sword belongs to you. This body exists only to serve you. My beloved Lord. Use me as a sword or as a woman, as you wish."
 "I see... well, I don't mind."
 I murmur, and take my eyes off Nagisa's face, which is smiling a clear smile.
 Then, while resting my head on her reassuring warmth, I close my eyes in exhaustion.

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