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Chapter 86 Post Incident

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  The next day, I went to the school again to report the incident at Margarita Canyon.
 Not only Wanko-sensei, my homeroom teacher, but also the vice principal, the principal, and a board member who was apparently in a higher position, who did not usually appear in front of the students, asked me to explain the incident to them.
 The teachers were skeptical when they heard the story. Their reactions were similar to those knights who interviewed me at the knight's guardroom.
 After all, Shinya Kushinagi is one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King Army.
 He is a man who gains power by killing the powerful and eating them with his demon right arm, and is wanted all over the world for attacking powerful warriors.
 So, it must be hard to believe that a simple student could defeat a man who had killed famous knights, warriors, and adventurers.
 Shinya's body, whose soul was eaten by Queen Margarita, has disappeared too, but fortunately, I found a drop item as a proof.
 That was the 'Demon Swordsman's Magic Stone' and the 'Cursed Sword - Kamishini no Muramasa,' which could only be obtained by defeating Shinya.
 "This sword... surely belongs to that evil swordsman. I have seen that man wield it on the battlefield."
 My explanation was backed up by a male second grade homeroom teacher.
 Although he was a mob character whose name was not even mentioned in the game, the teacher was a former mercenary who had been recruited as a teacher at Royal Sword and Magic Academy because of his abilities.
 "The mercenary group I once belonged to was disbanded after that man killed our leader. To think that that fearsome swordsman was killed by a student of our school..."
 "However, it wasn't me who put the finishing blow, but the ghost of the queen. He must've been exhausted after fighting the hero's descendant."
 "Hmm... I heard that the blood of a brave man has the power to weaken demons. If you defeated him after he was weakened by the power of the hero, it would make sense...?"
 The teachers accepted my explanation with a difficult expression on their face.
 Although there were many doubts, the school finally admitted that I had defeated Shinya Kushinagi.
 I had defeated the cadre of the demon king's army, the sworn enemy of mankind. I was told that I would receive special points for my performance in the practical examination.
 After all, Shinya was wanted in many countries, and a large bounty was placed on his head.
 If our achievements were officially recognized by the government, we would receive a reward along with the commendation.
 "...There is no bounty in the game. But you can have whatever you want."
 By the way... the school and the knight asked me to hand over the dropped items, but I refused.
 You know, the 'Demon Swordsman's Magic Stone' is a rare material that can be used to create powerful weapons, and the 'Kamishini no Muramasa' originally belonged to Nagisa's father.
 It was taken from her when her father was killed, and the right of ownership would belong to Nagisa, the survivor of the family.
 "I thank you again and again. I cannot thank you enough for retrieving the sword that was my father's pride and joy..."
 "I'm tired of hearing you say thank you. In the first place, I can't equip myself with that sword anyway."
 After shrugging Nagisa, who looked very moved, we returned to the Baskerville family's mansion.
 Following the practical examinations, there is a three-day post-test break. During this time, the teachers would grade our written and practical tests.
 The results of the test are announced on the first day of school, four days later. For the students waiting for the results, the three days gave them both a sense of release that the test is over and a sense of stagnation that they are in agony over the results that are no longer in their control.
 "The rest will take care of itself...huh? Anyway, I don't really care about the result of the test."
 No matter how impatient I am, no matter how much I hope for the result, the result of the test that is already over will not be changed. All I can do is to wait for the result with a calm and composed attitude.
 What concerns me more than the result of the test is the future of the Demon King's army.
 Shinya Kushinagi - one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army has been defeated. For the enemy, this must have been an unexpected loss.
 The Demon Lords would almost certainly think that Leon had defeated Shinya.
 For them, the only one who is troublesome is Leon, the descendant of hero. Zenon Baskerville must have been out of their minds from the beginning.
 Maybe after this, they will send more assassins? Or, they will wait and see until the demon king's seal is completely broken?
 Whatever the Demon King's army will do, it will be interesting to see how they will behave.
 "I hope Leon will be more inspired and become stronger through this battle. Huff, it's troubling."
 "What's wrong, my Lord?"
 "I'm troubled... troubled... really, really troubled..."
 "I don't know what's troubling you... but is it itchy? No bubbles in your eyes?"
 "It's troubling... it's really troubling..."
 I repeat, shaking my head slowly, as if trying to escape reality.
 I had just returned home from the school, and now I was in a very difficult situation.
 The place is the Baskervilles' mansion. It is in the bathroom.
 I was naked in the bathroom, as a matter of course, but... behind me was Nagisa, who was also naked without a stitch of clothing on.
 At this time, she is lathering my hair with soap and washing it diligently with both hands.
 I felt a soft touch on my back.
 The object of this soft feeling is obvious, but if I thought about it too much, I might lose my reason.
 Indeed, this is a situation that really troubles me.
 It has been a long time since Nagisa moved in. It is not the first time for us to bathe together, but I still feel more nervous than happy.
 "Ah, damn it. This life is really annoying."
 I sigh deeply, feeling the blood rush to my lower body.

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