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Chapter 31 My Mad Dog

 By the time a teacher rushed to the scene, the situation was resolved.
 Leon, whose groin was injured, was taken to the infirmary by a teacher and some students, and I was taken to the guidance room with Urza.
 Fortunately, we did not receive any punishment beyond a warning.
 It was because the testimonies of the other students made it clear that Leon was the one who had first started the incident.
 Leon tried to free the slaves by force. That is, it was an act of robbery against the properties. Even Urza's beating of Leon could be considered as self-defense, depending on one's point of view.
 Not to mention that I am the legitimate son of the Marquise of Baskerville, a powerful noble family in the kingdom.
 Leon, on the other hand, is only a commoner, although he comes from a family with a long lineage of heroes. Even though he is under the guardianship of Count Uranus, Ciel's birth family, his criminal acts would not be tolerated.
 But the school did not seem to want to make a big deal out of this issue.
 And regarding Urza's violent behavior, the school did not ask any questions on the condition that they did not pursue Leon's robbery.
 Anyway, I warned Urza again not to be violent and went to the classroom.
 The first period had already ended and it was break time before the second period started. Upon entering the classroom, I was met with stares from the whole class.
 ”Is that...?”
 ”Yes, yes, suddenly went berserk...”
 ”Brave, he tried to stop him and got hurt...”
 It seems that my classmates are getting the message that I am to blame.
 Brave is popular in class because of his cheerful personality, while I am the bad guy, the hated one. Maybe this treatment is understandable.
 ”Hey, Baskerville”
 I shrug my shoulders and walk to take an empty seat, but one of my classmates calls my name. I turned my head toward the voice and saw Jean waving at me. He is the man I had saved from the gargoyle in the dungeon the other day.
 There are two empty seats just in front of Jean. It would be unnatural for me to ignore him, so I sit down there with Urza.
 ”Hey, Baskerville. I heard you had a rough morning”
 ”...What are you talking about?”
 ”You got into trouble with the Brave, right? I'm sorry to hear that”
 It seems that Jean knows that Leon was the one who got me involved.
 ”I can understand how he feels. Walking around with a little girl, who looks so pretty, with a collar on, I'm sure it's a terrible. Especially with your face.”
 ”Leave it alone. I'm born with this face...”
 ”Hahaha, why do you have such an imposing face? It's a mystery”
 Jean's words showed no restraint.
 It seems that he is looking at me without the 'bad guy face' or 'evil Baskerville family' glasses after his life was saved in the dungeon.
 ”Uww... she's so cute!”
 ”Feh... Don't snuggle on me, desu~no!”
 The girl sitting next to Jean, her lover and party member Arisa, hugged Urza from behind.
 Urza is flapping her arms and legs in frustration, but she can't seem to shake them off too hard, probably because I had given her strict orders not to get out of control earlier.
 ”Hey, Baskerville-kun. Can you giveme this girl? I want to put it up in my room”
 ”...Please be nice to her. She's from the demi-human continent and she's not used to people”
 ”Ahh, I never knew demi-human are so cute! I want to have one too!”
 Really? She is treated like animal. Is this racism?
 Arisa was rubbing her cheek against Urza's head, and Jean crossed his arms with a wry smile.
 ”She likes small animals. Uh, but, I don't mean that she treats demi-human like animals”
 ”Okay, I know. And I'm grateful that you see us in a positive light”
 I'm Baskerville, the hated, evil man. Urza is a demi-human slave who just injured a classmate.
 Just a casual conversation like this is appreciated.
 While we were making small talk, the classroom door was opened from the outside. I thought it was the second period teacher, but it was Ciel, Leon's childhood friend, who entered.
 Ciel glared at us with fiery eyes and walked into the classroom with rude steps and sat down on the seat nearest to her.
 Jean tapped my shoulder with a sympathetic look.
 ”Ah... she seem to have a lot of resentment towards you. You see, a woman's resentment is a scary thing”
 *Sigh*... They say whatever they want. But it's not my fault”
 In the first place, it was Leon who got involved. And the one who went rampage was Urza. Although I can't say that I'm not responsible for her actions, I'm not happy that she's taking it out on me like this.
 As I slump my shoulders in disappointment, the classroom door opens again, and this time the teacher enters.
 Let go of me!”
 ”Ah? Urza-chan!”
 Arisa, who had been shaken off by Urza, shouted with tears in her eyes, and as if on cue, the second period class started.

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