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Chapter 30 The End of the Hero?

 Leon screamed in shock as the spiked kanabō came toward his head.
 Still, he was the heroic hero. Instead of being beaten senseless, he let go of his grip on my shoulder and jumped backward.
 Kanabō hit the ground and the paved ground of the schoolyard cracked, creating a large crack.
 Urza quickly looked up and glared at Leon, who stepped backward sharply.
 “I won't let you go, desu~no! Goshujin-sama's enemies are dead, desu~no!”
 Urza readied her oni kanabō again and charged after Leon, who stepped backward. Her unhesitating movement made it clear that she intended to kill Leon.
 But Leon waved his hand and shouted to stop her.
 “W-Wait! I was trying to help you! Calm down and let's talk...!”
 I will blow your guts, desu~no!”
 “Wait.... Whoaa!?”
 Leon pulls out the sword from his waist in a panic and catches a swinging blow from the side.
 And a heavy clang sounded. Leon's eyes widen in shock at Urza, who, despite her small stature, boasts formidable strength.
 “No, stop, wait...!? I'm not your enemy. I'm just trying to free you from slavery!”
 “Yes, he is right. Leon is not your enemy. Please listen first!”
 “I don't care what you say, desu~no!”
 Leon and Ciel try to persuade Urza, but she refuses to listen to them.
 Of course, as a target, Leon screamed and ran away.
 Whoa, it's scary............ Wait, this is no time to be stunned!”
 I had been escaping from reality for a while with Urza's rampage, but as expected, I couldn't ignore the situation any longer. I tried to stop my rampaging partner.
 “Hey...wait, Urza! Stop once! Sit down!”
 “I will kill Goshujin-sama's enemies! Kill them, desu~no! Slay them, desu~no!”
 “Hey! Listen to your owner!”
 It seems that Urza is the type of person who loses sight of her surroundings when she gets into a fight. Should I be impressed that she is a warrior, or be amazed at her madness?
 “Wait... This is not good...”
 “I-I'll call the teacher!”
 “Run! She's gonna get us all in trouble!”
 The gallery screams as the girl goes berserk.
 Will the teachers hear the commotion and rush to the scene first? Or will Leon be crushed by Kanabō first?
 “Damn... what must I do?”
 I have no choice in this situation. I may get caught in the middle of this, and the only thing I can do is to stop Urza even if I have to bind her body in a tight knot.
 As his guardian, it is my responsibility. I have to stop Urza forcefully even if I have to hurt her.
 “...I can't let the hero die here. Brace yourself!”
 I'm determined, and I'm about to leap at Urza's small body... but before I can do that, this wild brawl comes to an end.
 “Chest, desu~no!”
 “Kuh, you little...!”
 A blow came down from the top. But, Leon caught it with his sword above his head.
 However, Urza's attack does not end there. She saw an opening while Leon's hands were being used for defense, and struck a kick from below.
 “Crush, desu~no!”
 Urza's toe pierces between Leon's legs... in other words, between his legs.
 I, Ciel, and the other students who had been watching the commotion around them at school are speechless, and the sound disappears as if time has stopped.
 All the boys who had been watching, including me, pulled away and clutched our crotches with our hands.
 “Hi, gyuu... a, apapa...”
 A funny sound escaped from Leon's mouth. He let go of his sword and fell to the ground.
 But Urza still raises her oni kanabō.
 “I will finish you, desu~no!”
 “Hey, wait, wait!”
 “Wau, Goshujin-sama!?”
 I hold back Urza's body to stop her from moving.
 And the oni girl squirms in my arms but doesn't seem to shake me off.
 “A-Are we going to have a baby here? The sun is shining... It's embarrassing... desu~no
 “What a funny thought you're having... you crazy girl...”
 Urza shakes her head in embarrassment.
 Meanwhile, a teacher finally comes running from the school building.
 The brawl that had caused a commotion in the schoolyard in the morning ended in exchange for the hero's precious sacrifice.

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