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Chapter 33 The Saint and Solicitation

 After finishing the lunch, I decided to go back to the classroom. Behind me, there was Urza, who was following me with a little pace.
 Jean and Alisa are not here. It seems that the lovers had entered the after-dinner lovey-dovey time, and had quietly left the cafeteria so as not to disturb the others.
 I looked out of the corridor window and saw a men and women arguing in a corner of the schoolyard. Although I said “men and women,” there was only one woman in the group. The remaining three were all men.
 ”Come on, isn't it okay? Please join my party!”
 ”You absolutely won't lose anything. We're the vanguard. You're a healer, so you're in a good position, right?”
 ”Can we just do this one exploration? How about a trial?”
 ”That's... this gentlemen, I'm not sure I want to be in a party with you guys”
 The men were somewhat aggressive in their solicitations. It seems that they are inviting the woman to join their dungeon-diving parties.
 The woman is tilting her head and her eyebrows are furrowed as if she is troubled. When I look through the window, I see her neat profile and recognize her.
 She is one of the three main heroines. She is Aeris Centorea, a [Cleric], a healer and known as the 'Saintess of Centorea' or something like that”
 ”This event, could it be...?”
 I searched my memory mumbling “Hmmm” and nodded my head.
 This scene was familiar to me. This was the event that would be the flag for Aeris to join Leon's group.
 Aeris is in trouble when she is forcefully recruited by a noble student. By chance, Leon comes in between them and says.
 ”I'm sorry, but Centorea-san is going to join my party”
 Leon says to the nobleman without fear and takes Aeris's hand and leads her out of the schoolyard. His courage makes Aeris feel a faint liking for him, which leads to their intimacy.
 ”I remember. There is such event...”
 It is strangely moving for me to see the events that happened in the game happening right in front of my eyes.
 I tried to leave the place without disturbing them, remembering the game with deep emotion. But when I took two or three steps down the corridor, I suddenly stopped.
 ”Hwah!? Goshujin-sama?”
 Because of my sudden stop, Urza hits her face against my back.
 But I was so flustered that I didn't have time to worry about that.
 ”Damn it... That bastard, he's not going to be here today!”
 I turn around and rush to the window.
 In a corner of the schoolyard, Aeris was still surrounded by boys. There is no sign of Leon coming to the rescue.
 No wonder. The main character, Leon Brave, is absent from the school today because of the “ball-kicking incident”.
 ”This is not good... What's going to happen?”
 ”Okay, okay? I'm not asking you to partying with us forever. Just help us explore the next dungeon!”
 ”Hey, just once is fine. My father is a count. I'm on good terms with your father, Viscount Centorea, too. Let's get along”
 ”...I-I understand. I will go along with you guys just this once”
 It seems that the mention of his father's name was the deciding factor. Aeris nodded her head reluctantly.
 ”...I will join your party, even if only temporarily. I look forward to working with you”
 ”So, it's decided, right? Okay, I'm looking forward to working with you too!”
 ”Let's dive in the dungeon after school. We will have a meeting now!”
 One of the male students, a boy who is the son of a count, takes Aeris's shoulders and leads her somewhere. The boy's fingertips are touching her bust, but Aeris only bites her lip and is taken away without any resistance.
 ”Oh, come on... Seriously?”
 No way. The heroine is taken away by mob characters.
 Considering that both they and Aeris are nobles, one would think that they wouldn't do something nasty right away... but still, it was clear that the boys' faces showed a lust. Their ulterior face as if to say “lucky” was so obvious.
 ”...She's gone. What are you going to do, Leon?”
 I sighed and mumbled to the protagonist who was not here.
 How long are you going to stay in bed with your balls in your hands? Your heroine is about to be cuckolded by some nameless mob, you know?
 I mean, it's not funny that your precious heroine is going to be cuckolded by a small, not even big evil like Zenon Baskerville.
 ”This is... beyond me. This is really a disaster. I hope it won't be a problem...”
 This means Aeris won't be able to join Leon. More and more, the hero is going to fall.
 I watched Aeris and the others leave and scratched my head with annoyed face.

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