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Chapter 34 The Fool Dance

 In the afternoon was a free class.
 Students could study in the classrooms, or swing swords and spears in the training grounds. They were also allowed to leave the school and explore the dungeons if they applied to the teachers.
 As most of my classmates have already conquered the tutorial dungeon, the 'Sage's Playground', this allowed them to freely dive into other dungeons.
 Exploring dungeons away from the teachers can be dangerous... but the Royal Swords and Magic Academy is an institution that trains people to explore dungeons and fight against monsters.
 Anything that happens inside the dungeon is your own responsibility. This is true even if a student. The teachers explained to us that even if we lost our lives, it would be our responsibility.
 As my classmates leave the classroom one after another, I let out a depressed sigh at my desk.
 What's stuck in my head is a scene from the lunch break. It is about Aeris Centorea.
 Aeris and the boys who had asked her out are already gone from the classroom.
 I heard their conversation as they were leaving the classroom, and it seems that they went to the dungeon called 'King of the Cavern's Chamber'.
 The 'King of the Cavern's Chamber is a cave-type dungeon located a short distance away from the capital. It is mainly inhabited by golems and other rock monsters, and is a dungeon for beginners which is not difficult to conquer if a wizard and a monk are present.
 In that dungeon, there should be no danger of death unless something serious happens. If nothing serious happens...
“Ah, it's so depressing. Maybe I should go to that dungeon too”
 I mutter as if to throw up and get up from my chair.
 I don't have any plans for the rest of the day anyway. If I stay in the classroom, I'll just end up in a gloomy mood, so I might as well go to the dungeon and do some hunting. That should make me feel a little better.
 With this thought, I walked out of the classroom, and Urza came running next to me.
 ”Goshujin-sama, where are we going now?”
 ”Well... it's too much trouble to go far away. Let's go to the 'Sage's Playground' on the school grounds”
 ”Eh? Shouldn't we go after the woman who just came out?”
 ”...Hey, why would we do that?”
 I stopped and looked down at Urza, who was a little taller than two heads.
 The white-haired oni girl looks up at me with her eyes twinkling curiously.
 ”Because... Goshujin-sama, you look like you're chasing after her. You're curious about her, right?”
 ”Well... that's... true, but...”
 I frown and nod reluctantly.
 I didn't expect Urza to see through me. For someone who doesn't seem to be interested in anything but fighting, she does seem to watch people more closely than I'd expected.
 ”If so, we'd better hurry if we're going to catch up with them or we won't be able to catch up with them, desu no”
 ”...I didn't say anything about chasing them. It's not like I said anything was going to happen”
 I replied, shaking my head.
 In fact, there is no guarantee that the three of them will do anything bad to Aeris.
 Although they were aggressive in their recruiting, they were not breaking any rules. Nor did they explicitly threaten to do so, although it was not a good idea to mention a nobility. I think that other students would have done the same if they could have made such a solicitation.
 Anyway, if it was just a normal party and seduction, I have no right to complain about it.
 ”In the first place, 'King of the Cavern's Chamber' is not a difficult place to explore. Unless they are very unlucky, they don't need my help. Besides...”
 Besides, there's also Leon.
 The person who saves Aeris, the main heroine, must be the hero, Leon. It was not the place for a villainous hero.
 If I rescue Aeris and set a flag, I would be taking the first step toward becoming a cuckolding hero.
 ”Then why does Goshujin-sama look so distressed?”
 Urza says, and I fall silent.
 I know it myself. I know that I am lost in my mind. I want to help Aeris.
 I can't make that choice because of the trauma of the game.
 Before I came to this world, I was a gamer who played [DunBrave].
 I was enjoying my days of adventure, encouraged by Leon's courage and excited by the romance with the heroine.
 But then... in the long-awaited sequel, everything was ruined by the villainous hero Zenon Baskerville.
 The heroines are all stolen and played by Zenon, and Leon, who I admired as a hero, resurrects the Demon King out of hatred.
 Because I have witnessed such a development, I am afraid to get involved with heroines as 'Zenon Baskerville'.
 ”I wish I could just turn a blind eye to it... but I am a softy too. I can't laugh at Leon.”
 As I laugh at my own self-deprecation, Urza stands in front of me, puffing her little chest out.
 ”Urza is too stupid to understand what is bothering Goshujin-sama. But...there's a saying among Oni-jin that 'if an oni is troubled, he/she should eat first'...!”
 ”...What does that mean?”
 ”Instead of worrying, bite first. It means eat your enemy first and then think about it. Beat them to death first and then think about the rest. If it bothers you, why don't you just find someone whom you don't like and beat them up one by one?”
 ”...It's too stupid. This battle-mad race”
 Really, their race was a very hard-headed man. They're such a fighting race... they're so stupid that it's almost refreshing.
 But... it's funny.
 ”He, hehe, hehahahahahahaha... well, it's a stupid phrase, but it's a saying for sure. Talking with you makes me feel like a fool for worrying so much.”
 My shoulders shook with the urge to laugh, and I let out a long breath.
 ”Okay... it's not a bad idea to be a fool once in a while. The main character is sleeping anyway. No need to worry about scenarios and flags. I might as well follow Leon's example and act like an emotional fool”
 I don't know what the consequences of my involvement with the heroine will be but Leon is the one who pays the bill.
 Leon got his balls kicked in and he deserved it. It's his fault that he missed the Aeris flag because he was absent. It's ridiculous that I should be bothered by it.
 ”I'm a villain no matter what. Let me be selfish and do whatever I want! I'll reach out to those I want to save, and I'll crush those I don't like. It's that simple!”
 ”Yes, I like that too, desu~no! That's Urza's Goshujin-sama!”
 I ran out of the school and started running toward the 'King of the Cavern's Chamber'.
 With carefree steps, I rush toward the entrance of the dungeon, which leads to the darkest depths of the earth.

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