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Chapter 101 Zenon Baskerville

"They even faint...? If they're this scared, as I expected, it makes me depressed too."
 Inside the small stone room. I look down at the kids, all of whom have fainted, and sigh deeply.
 I am aware that my face is scary. So, I try not to make eye contact with the kids as much as possible... but they seem to have fainted because they couldn't bear it any longer.
 "...As I thought, I'm not like Leon. No matter how much I try to help people with my Buddha heart, I can't be a hero."
 I don't know why, but I suddenly feel the need to introduce myself, so let me say my name again.
 My name is Zenon Baskerville, the eldest son of a noble family that has been granted the rank of Marquis in the Slayers Kingdom... Once again, I am the current head of the family.
 The Baskervilles, the family of which I am born, are feared as the 'Incarnation of Evil' in this kingdom, and have been behind every evil thing, such as slave trading, assassination guilds, and the handling of illegal drugs and items.
 In reality, however, it is a shadow organization under the direct control of His Majesty the King. Its mission is to control and manage all the evils that exist in Slayers Kingdom, and is the leader of a secret society.
 I was born and raised in such a special family, and about a month ago I won a duel with my father, Garondolf Baskerville, and took over the reigns of the family.
 Now I am the head of the Baskerville family while attending school in the capital.
 However, I have another secret identity.
 I am a reincarnated person who has taken over the body of a young man named 'Zenon Baskerville'. In my previous life, I was an ordinary businessman living in Japan, and my hobby was playing video games.
 In addition, this world is very similar to the game 'Dungeon Brave Souls' that I used to play when I was in Japan.
 'Zenon Baskerville' was also a character in the game, another main character who cuckolded Leon Brave's heroine, the central character of the story.
 The ending of the game was that Leon, who lost all heroines to Zenon, resurrected the Demon King and the world was driven to destruction... I don't like depressing storylines and I don't intend to play the role of 'Zenon Baskerville' faithfully. So, I was not going to steal the heroine, nor was I going to bring this world to its doom.
 And I have only one goal.
 To survive in this world as 'Zenon Baskerville', to defeat the resurrected Demon King, and to restore peace.
 Nothing would be more exciting than Zenon, the villain of the world, saving the world by outsmarting Leon, the hero.
 In order to defeat the Demon King... I, as the head of the Baskerville family, continue to fight the monsters under the control of the Demon King's army while dealing with 'evil' today.
 "Even though I say something like that... the kids are scared of me, and they're fainted. It feels bad when even the people I'm trying to save are scared of me..."
 "Goshujin-sama is depressed. I'm going to comfort you, desu~no"
 As my shoulders slumped in depression, I heard a light voice and felt a small bump on my lower back.
 I looked down and saw a small beautiful girl with white hair hugging me.
 Urza White Ogre.
 She was the girl I had purchased at a slave auction, and she was the party member I always carried with me when I adventured in the dungeon.
 Urza looks up at me with golden eyes and a big smile on her childish face.
 But... Urza's clothes are stained with bright red blood, forming a speckled pattern that is almost venomous.
 "...Your clothes are very dirty. How many people did you kill?"
 "Fifteen, desu~no! I competed with Nagisa-san to see who could kill more, and Urza won, desu~no!"
 Urza rubs her face against my chest like a kitten spoiling its master.
 "So, Urza is going to have a night out tonight. It's the winner's privilege, desu~no/"
 "...I see."
 I replied after a long silence.
 Urza was a slave and a party member, but she was also my frequent partner and lover.
 You might think I'm a scumbag for engaging in a lewd act with a little girl, but Urza's actual age is older than mine. I hope you will forgive me because she is what is called a "Legal Loli".
 By the way, I have three other women with whom I live together and have physical relations... but I don't think they would forgive me for that.
 "...Well, any kind of harem guy with a taste is better than this guy. Compared to this lowlife, I'm a saint."
 I look down at the 'thing' lying on the floor and click my tongue in disgust.
 The man lying on the floor is named Belonga Jack Salt.
 He is a villain of the worst kind in the underworld, known as the "Man-eater Count".
 This man has a terrible taste for using his men to kidnap children, especially girls around ten years old, and eat their flesh.
 The number of children he has victimized is said to be as many as 100 or 200, and he is feared for his abominable deeds.
 Although Jack Salt is a nobleman, as the name "Count" implies, he doesn't belong to the Slayers Kingdom.
 He is a nobleman that owns a territory in the 'Maafern Kingdom (マーフェルン王国)', a neighboring kingdom to the north.
 Maafern Kingdom has a stricter status system than the Slayers Kingdom, and nobles often get off scot-free even if they commit criminal acts.
 This is why scum like Jack Salt are sometimes born... but they cannot get off scot-free by coming to other countries and doing the same thing.
 "...It was a mistake to come to this country. What you do in your own country is your business, but the dark night of Slayers Kingdom is the Baskerville family's territory. It's your mistake to think that you can ravage it as you like and come back alive."
 Jack Salt, who had committed treasonous acts of kidnapping, killing, and eating children in his home country, had recently invaded the Slayers Kingdom, and was committing the same crimes.
 He has been buying affordable mansion with money, kidnapping children, and keeping them in the basement.
 As a result, he was caught in the Baskerville family's net and thus purged.
"...I don't know how this scumbag came to our country, but let's 'interrogate his corpse' and we'll find out. I'll leave the rest to you!"
 "Yes, sir! Understood!
 I leave the kids to the Baskervilles' men who come down to the basement after Urza, and I go up the stairs.
 Tonight, we have purged the 'evil' that has gone astray. Thus, the nights in Slayers Kingdom will be peaceful once again.
 "I'm going to have lots of s*x when I get home. I hope I'll be able to have a baby today with Goshujin-sama, desu~no!"
 "...Hey, you have to use contraceptives. I'm not ready to be a father at my age."
 It seems that the work of the night is not yet finished. I'm sure there will be more trouble when I get back to the house.
 I sigh in depression and smack Urza's head with my palm as she follows me with a happy face.

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