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Chapter 102 Bloody Beauty

Bonus chapter...
 "...You're back. My Lord."
 "Why, you look so glum...? Nagisa."
 As I went up the stairs, a woman I knew was waiting for me in the entrance hall.
 Her name is Nagisa Seikai.
 She is a classmate and party member who goes to the same school as me. She is also a live-in mistress like Urza.
 She is also my student who I teach swordsmanship to... but nowadays our relationship is more like a 'lover' than a 'master and disciple' relationship.
 Now, Nagisa stands with her arms folded with her cheeks puffed out in a sullen smile.
 "She's sulking because Urza beat her, desu~no... Hehe, sorry, that was a slip of the tongue..."
 Urza says in an agitated tone, and Nagisa glares at her with her twinkling eyes becoming even sharper.
 She has long black hair tied up in a ponytail. Nagisa, a female samurai in Japanese kimono, always wears a deadly air as if she is wearing a suit of armor, and she looks at Urza like she could kill her with her gaze.
 Like Urza, Nagisa's clothes are covered with blood, which adds to the intimidation that is radiated in her eyes.
 "...I have no complaints about the outcome of the game. But you should choose the words you speak to the losers. Do not underestimate the losers and the dead. After all, the Zipangu Samurai will bite their enemy's throat off with only his neck even in death." (*Note: Zipangu: the name for Japan used by Marco Polo)
 "Is that what the loser is saying...? It just a howl, desu~no. Waoonn..."
 "All right, let's do it here... Let's see if I can rust my sword."
 A huge Prajna has appeared on Nagisa's back, and she puts her hand on the sword at her waist.
 In the entrance hall there are numerous corpses of what appear to be Jack Salt's men, and Nagisa's kimono is stained red from their retroactive blood.
 The murderous look emitted by the female samurai bathed in these bright red blood sends a chill down my spine, instead of Urza.
 "For God's sake, don't fight each other with me in the middle. Don't provoke her too much, Urza."
 "It hurts... desu~no!"
 I smacked her hard on the head, and Urza looked up at me reproachfully with teary eyes.
 They are the two vanguards of the party, but they are not the best of friends.
 Although it can't be helped that they are two battle-crazed people who have been fighting each other since they first met, it seems like they have been fighting more and more recently.
 "...Well, the cause is obvious."
 Whenever the two of them fight, it is usually over me. They're fighting over me, fighting over the love of one man.
 I don't know what they like about me... Zenon Baskerville, but they're all crazy.
 "We're done here. Let's get the hell out of here."
 "Yes... desu~no."
 "I understand... and we'll settle this some other time."
 The two of them were glaring at each other, sparks flying, but when I left the building, they followed me competitively.
 As we exit the mansion on the outskirts of town, my men, who specialize in cleanup, enter in time.
 Even though Jack Salt is a criminal, it is not a good appearance if a nobleman of another country was murdered in our country. At least, the neighboring countries have a strong sense of their own privileged position. It was obvious that they would turn a blind eye to Jack Salt's criminal act even if he was blamed for it. Rather, there was a great possibility that the Slayers Kingdom would take the blame for the crime.
 It would have been better in a normal time, but now was a time of confusion due to the resurrection of the Demon King. I wanted to avoid unnecessary troubles.
 Our 'cleaners' are very good. I'm sure that by the end of the night, everything will be cleaned up and all the bodies and blood will be gone.
 "Well then, I'll leave the rest to you..."
 Urza gets into the carriage parked in front of the mansion. Then I follow her, and finally Nagisa enters the carriage.
 The carriage is disguised as a street carriage, but it is owned by the Baskerville family. The driver is a member of the underworld, and he is not likely to reveal any secret.
 Now, the carriage goes straight to the Baskervilles' mansion, and I rest my back deeply against the seat and close my eyes.
 "Urza will have the Goshujin-sama to himself today. It's the privilege of the winner, desu~no."
 "Hey, Urza! The game was about who would receive first, wasn't it? You can't monopolize it all night!"
 "Urza doesn't care. It's been a long time since we've been alone, desu~no..."
 I closed my eyes, but I heard Urza and Nagisa arguing.
 I wish they would let me rest as soon as possible, for God's sake.
 But... My night is not over yet.
 When I get home, two more noisy people are still waiting for me.

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