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Chapter 107 Monk's Way of Fighting

 The students, paired in twos, fight a mock battle one after another.
 Their movements are somewhat stiff, perhaps influenced by Jagath-sensei's words before the mock battle.
 After every mock battle, Jagath-sensei pointed out the students' bad points.
 It was warm advice from a teacher who loves his students, but his strong face made it seem as if he was giving a sermon, and the students who had their faults pointed out all slumped their shoulders and looked depressed.
 And while I was waiting and watching the other students' battles, it is Nagisa's and Ruffie's turn to fight.
 Both girls enter the circular field set up in the center of the schoolyard, facing each other.
 Nagisa's weapon is a single-edged sword. Ruffie's weapon is a metal armor worn on both hands.
 They face each other at a distance of about three meters, and Nagisa opens her mouth with narrowed eyes.
 "Armor Kumite, huh? There are masters in my country, but this is the first time I've ever fought like this." (*Note: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kumite)
 "I don't know what you're talking about. But I learned the sacred fighting techniques of the priests."
 Ruffie says in a low voice, as usual.
 For generations, Ruffie had come from a family of "monk".
 A monk is a soldier who guards churches and temples, a job characterized by its ability to use healing and supportive magic as well as melee combat.
 "Goshujin-sama, who do you think will win?"
 Urza, who is observing next to me, pulls my hand.
 Although Urza is not a student of this school, she is wearing the school's gym uniform for some reason.
 "Well... normally, I would say that Nagisa will win."
 While Nagisa is a genuine fighter, Ruffie is a half-cleric, half-fighter.
 It is natural to think that Nagisa would win in a proper battle.
 "But... Zenon-sama... Ruffie-san's auxiliary magic is quite good. If she improves her ability and fights, won't it be hard to tell if she wins or loses?"
 Aeris, who also observing the battle next to me, added this to the conversation.
 Ruffie, who comes from a family of monks, and Aeris, who is the daughter of a cardinal, have a complicated relationship.
 It is not an unfriendly relationship by any means... but they have their own feelings toward each other and keep their distance from each other.
 "That's true. But, on the other hand, I can assure you that Nagisa will surely win if she finishes her off before she can use their auxiliary magic..."
 "Then... let's begin!"
 While we were talking, the gong rang to announce the start of the battle.
 As soon as the battle begins, Ruffie with both fists in the air activates her magic.
 "Rabbit Foot... Strength Up... Guard Up..."
 Ruffie casts a series of auxiliary spells on herself, but Nagisa does not move.
 She still holds her sword in her hand and watches silently as Ruffie's status is enhanced.
 "Of course, that's what she would do. She's a battle-crazed Nagisa, after all"
 I sigh deeply.
 As I had expected, Nagisa dares to miss Ruffie's use of auxiliary magic.
 Is she giving her a handicap to give her a little leeway, or is she intentionally overlooking the reinforcement in order to fight against a stronger opponent?
 "Nagisa's character makes me think it's the latter, most likely. What will she do if she licks her opponent and loses?"
 "If she licks her enemy and loses, Urza will laugh as hard as I can, desu~no. Hahaha, desu~no"
 Urza's lips pout and she makes a mocking face.
 On the other hand, Aeris looks somewhat worried.
 "Nagisa-san... Ruffie-san..."
 Aeris's face looked lost as she called out their names.
 But I bite my lip and slap Aeris's back.
 "Don't look so grim. It's just a mock battle. This is just a contest of strength. If you're not sure which one to root for, wish them both victory."
 "I know you and Astoglow are old friends. But... Nagisa isn't a small person to get upset when you support the other side. You should stand your ground."
 "That's right... Zenon-sama is right."
 Aeris retracted her dark expression and nodded deeply.
 "No matter who wins, I will take care of the injured. That's the best I can do!"
 Aeris took my arm and hugged me.
 Although Aeris was a 's*x lady' at home, it's rare for her to make skinship with me like this during the class.
 I could feel the happy sensation of my arms between my breasts, which were wrapped in her gym clothes.
 As I felt this, I turn away from Aeris, who is smiling at me, and murmur.
 "...I'm sure she won't get mad if I cheer for the enemy, but she'll get mad if I flirt while she's fighting, right?"
 Ruffie, who had just finished casting an auxiliary magic, clatters her right and left hand armor against each other.
 It seems that they are ready to fight.
 Nagisa, too, senses this and points her single-edged sword at Ruffie, holding it firmly.

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