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Chapter 106 Mock Practice

 In the morning, the last class is a practical subject.
 The content of the class is 'Fighting Against Human Beings'. It is a class for training to fight not against monsters but against human beings.
 Although it's a physical class, I could manage to attend it thanks to the fact that I spent most of the class time sleeping.
 "Well. It looks like everyone is here. We will now begin the class about 'Fighting against Humans'!"
 The teacher in charge of the subject announced the beginning of the class in a stern voice.
 This class is a joint class of A and B. Both classes are divided into two groups. The students of the two classes are wearing comfortable gym clothes and lining up in front of the class.
 Standing in front of the students is a male teacher in his forties.
 He is a knight of the Kingsguard who used to guard the royal palace and had retired as a teacher after losing the use of one of his legs due to an injury.
 He also appeared in the game as a sub-character, a teacher who was later given the sad role of fighting to save his students in a battle against monsters and lost his life.
 "I don't have to explain it to you now, but in this class, you will gain real combat experience against humans in case you have to fight against criminals such as bandits."
 The teacher looks at each student in turn with a sharp, hawk-like gaze, a wry smile on his mouth.
 "Now... form pairs of two. Then, you will practice in turns. The weapons chosen for the mock battle will be dulled swords. You may use magic, but be careful not to kill your opponent. Accidents are bound to happen in this kind of class... but in the unlikely event that you kill your opponent, you will be killed by the teacher. So, please be prepared to fight with that in mind."
 Some students shudder at the stern words of the teacher.
 This teacher, whose name is 'Jagath', is feared like an oni by the students because of his strong face.
 But, in reality, he is a teacher who loves his students, and his earlier words "you'll be killed" seem to be his own joke... Unfortunately, no one seems to have noticed the joke, which is too bad. The students seemed to be all pale.
 "...Don't mind about it, Sensei."
 As someone who also suffers from a villainous face, I don't feel as if this teacher is a stranger.
 I almost cry when I see the situation of Jagath, a teacher who genuinely cares about his students, but is constantly being feared by them.
 "My Lord, if you have no partner, could you fight me?"
 While the other classmates around me are forming pairs, Nagisa calls out to me.
 Nagisa and I had practiced together on a daily basis. Although it is unlikely that she would learn much from a mock fight now, still....
 "I want you to see the technique I learned from you the other day. Today is the day I'm going to win one."
 "Well... okay. Nobody wants to fight with me anyway."
 Some of my classmates, including Jean, understand that I am not the villain I am rumored to be.
 But most of them are still afraid of me and don't talk to me much.
 Although Nagisa is not the best of opponents... it would be safer to pair up with her.
 "Wait, Baskerville. Why don't you play with me?"
 I thought so, but then I saw someone calling out to me on my back.
 I turn around... and there stands the hero, Leon Brave.
 I raise my eyebrows in disbelief at the unexpected appearance of someone.
 "What sort of a wind you got in your sails? Why do you want to fight me all of sudden?"
 "Baskerville, I've been beaten in a duel by you before. But I want a return match today! You should see how I've grown since I trained!"
 "Nagisa-san... if you like, you can fight me..."
 After Leon, a girl with a slow voice enters the conversation.
 The one who appears, rubbing her sleepy eyes, is Ruffie Astoglow, Leon's new party member.
 Her gray hair with permed ends is tied in a side-tail, and she is dressed in a gym uniform which is twisted below her chest to show her belly button.
 Ruffie, who had makeup on and generally looked like a gyaru (gal), looked at Nagisa with half-open sleepy eyes.
 "As I recall, you are Astoglow... right? I don't think you're the right partner for me."
 Nagisa says in a cold tone of voice.
 Nagisa has been much more amiable lately, but she seems to be in a bad mood now that she was interrupted in her fight.
 "Hmm? Are you afraid of fighting me, by any chance?"
 Ruffie's voice is a little provocative.
 Nagisa's eyes roll back in anger at the unexpected words coming out of the sleepy-looking gal's mouth.
 "What... are you talking to me?"
 "There is no one else but you, Nagisa-san. Well, I'm from B class and I'm the lowest in my class, so I understand that you'd be embarrassed if you lost. Don't worry, you can refuse if you're afraid."
 "...Isn't this interesting? I never thought I'd have to fight with a classmate whom I'm talking to for the first time. If you insist, I'll be your opponent. Don't swallow your spit now, okay?"
 It was a blatant provocation, but it seemed to have an effect on Nagisa.
 She glared at Ruffie's sleepy eyes and carried the flames of her fighting spirit in the background.
 It seems that Nagisa and Ruffie have decided to fight.
 And alongside Ruffie, who is in gym clothes with her belly button exposed, Leon nods his head.
 "If Seikai-san is going to fight Ruffie, I can have Baskerville, can't I? It's fine with you, right?"
 "Huff... do what you want. I'll be your partner."
 I shrugged and accepted the challenge.
 Despite the troublesome process, it's not a bad idea to check out Leon's current abilities.
 I'll be here to find out if the hero's sword is at a level where it can reach the Demon King.

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