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Chapter 111 Awakening and Awakening

 Each character in [DunBrave] has his/her own occupation (job), and there are differences in skills, techniques, and magic depending on the job.
 There are warrior jobs such as 'Swordsman' and 'Fighter'.
 There are magician jobs such as 'Sorcerer' or 'Cleric'.
 There are special professions such as 'Merchant', 'Dancer', 'Monster User'.
 There are also multi-Job, which has characteristics of several professions such as 'Magic Swordsman' or 'Monk' and so on.
 The number of job types is more than 100.
 There are also hidden jobs that can only be obtained by obtaining special items or by clearing conditions such as event strategies, making the choice of job an enjoyable part of character development for players.
 So, the initial job that a character takes at the beginning can be changed to a higher-level job by raising the skill level to a certain level.
 For example, Nagisa, who was a 'Swordsman', became a 'Samurai Master' by training her [Swordsmanship] skill to a certain level of proficiency.
 Nagisa was a samurai from the East, so she learned [kenjutsu] from the beginning... If she had learned [Kenjutsu] skill, she would have become a 'Swordmaster'.
 If she had raised [Shield] instead of [Swordsmanship], she would be a 'Heavy Knight'. If she had raised her [Fighting] skill, she could change her class to 'God Hand'.
 The way to change jobs is to increase skills and use items for changing jobs. When the conditions are met, the voice of 'oracle' is heard in the head.
 If one chooses to change jobs according to the voice, he/she can change jobs, and his/her status value will be greatly increased and he/she can learn the skills specific to his/her job.
* * *
 "The conditions for the hero to become a 'Hero' are the resurrection of the Demon King, and raising the [Blood of Hero] skill to 60 or more... It seems that the conditions have already been met!"
 Leon roared as he launched a series of attacks on me.
 He slashes at me one after another while clad in a golden light.
 Leon's status has doubled, thanks to the effects of the "Tensho Tsuyori (Heavenly Fighting Spirit/天将闘依)". His movements are different from those of the past.
 I evade the attack with frightening speed and tremendous pressure just in time.
 "Hey, hey! This is, indeed..."
 To say the least... it's pretty bad.
 Since I have better skills and stats than him, I can handle it better than him.
 But... Leon's attack with 'Tensho Tsuyori' has a special attack against demons and dark attribute.
 Even a single blow will end me.
 Or rather... if I happen to be hit, I'll die. An instant death.
 "Hit itttt!"
 "Hey... aren't you so worked up you forgot it's a mock? You're not really going to kill me, are you?"
 Even though it's a mock battle sword, it's a piece of metal. It's a blunt weapon.
 A direct hit to the brain would crush the skull.
 "Are you unknowingly taking revenge on the man who stole Aeris and Nagisa from you?! Are you trying to kill the cuckold who stole the heroine from you, taking advantage of your training?!"
 It's scary that I can never be sure the answer.
 Well, I guess Leon doesn't intend to kill me, he just thinks I can handle it even if he puts all his strength into it.
 "Really... you're the most annoying man in the world! I'd die too if my head was split open!"
 A slash comes down on my chest.
 I felt a heat in my chest. Although I avoided a direct hit, it was a close call.
 "Good grief... I can't let him kill me like this, no matter what. Illusion Ghost!
 I create a shadow clone with dark magic.
 Around him, five of them appear. They spread out to the left and right, moving around and playing with Leon.
 "Kuh... which one is the real one!?"
 Leon slays the fleeing ones.
 The shadow clones are running in all directions, but Leon was faster than them.
 One, two, three... in a dozen seconds or so, all of them are defeated, and I, the main body, am the only one left.
 "The main body... is here!"
 Leon quickly steps into my pocket and tries to slash at me.
 But... by then, I was ready.
 "Advanced Dark Magic - Nightmare Garden."
 I activate my full power of magic, and a jet-black dome envelops the field.
 Leon and I are both caught in the dome.
 Advanced dark magic - 'Nightmare Garden'.
 This is a magic that controls a certain area with a space of darkness.
 The power of the dark attribute is greatly increased within the area of this space. Meanwhile, the power of the opposite attribute, light, is greatly reduced.
 It is a very powerful magic that transforms the area into a field favorable to the user.
 "This magic is powerful but requires long chanting. I've bought some time with my shadow clone."
 "Huh... My body!?"
 Leon's body shakes violently and he falls to one knee on the ground.
 Leon, who has activated his 'Tensho Tsuyori', has become an incarnation of light. He is greatly restricted in his movements due to his being caught in the space of the dark attribute.
 "It seems that there will be no problem even if I defeat you as usual, but... as a reward for your hard training. I'll show you some of my big moves as a special treat!"
 I didn't invoke the Nightmare Garden to weaken Leon.
 The real purpose is to cover the space around me with a dark barrier, blocking the eyes of the outside world.
 At the moment, Leon and I are the only two people inside the Nightmare Garden. The other students and the teacher who acted as a judge are outside the dome, unable to see what is going on inside.
 "Now, I can do a big move without anyone seeing me... Overlimit... 'Meisho Jigokuyori (Underworld Hell Spirit/冥将獄依)'!"
 As if the lid of hell had opened, an evil aura appeared, covering my body like armor.
 I felt as if something suppressed had been released. My whole body is filled with power.
 The 'Meisho Jigokuyori (Underworld Hell Spirit/冥将獄依)'.
 This great skill is the counterpart of Leon's "Tensho Tsuyori".
 While using this technique, the status value is doubled, and a special attack effect is given to God's dependents such as angels and saints.
 Of course, the target of the special attack included the "Hero" who is the messenger of God.
 Leon's eyes widen to the limit when he sees me activating my trump card, the big move.
 "Baskerville, what the hell are you...?"
 "Don't worry. I'll take it easy on you. You won't die, so don't worry and let me beat you up!"
 Leon gasps and a shiver runs down his face.
 I attack him with a high laugh, as he stops moving as if frozen.
* * *
 The battle is over, and the Nightmare Garden is lifted. The jet-black dome slowly disappears, and the scenery around me returns to normal.
 The faces of classmates and teachers are revealed, with expressions of surprise and bewilderment on their faces.
 After the dome disappears, all that remains is the image of me standing with my sword sheathed.
 And then... the image of Leon on the ground.
 Ciel, Leon's childhood friend, is the first to move.
 Lagging behind, Melia and Ruffie run to their fallen comrades.
 "Don't worry. The wound is not so deep. I've adjusted them just enough to heal them with magic and medicine."
 "Basker, ville...!"
 Leon, who had been picked up by Ciel, let out a weak cry.
 He is wounded all over his body, and his voice sounds as if he is trying to squeeze out.
 "Just tell me one thing... what is your job? Aren't you a 'Rune Knight' like I used to be?"
 I chuckled and turned my back to Leon.
 I answer Leon's question as I walk over to Urza.
 "I'm sorry, but I've already changed my class... my job is 'Dark Lord'."
 "Dark, Lord...?"
 Leon repeats the name of a job he has probably never heard of before in his life.
 Of course. I've never heard of such a job in the game either. I played through the game more than 10 times and even completed the additional paid scenarios, but I never heard of such a job.
 The initial job in Zenon is 'Rune Knight'.
 Even if he had changed his class, he would have been able to change to 'Evil Swordsman' or 'Slave Trainer' or something like that.
 But now I am a 'Dark Lord', which is an unknown job.
 What triggered me was that I defeated my father, Garondolf, and succeeded to the title of 'Baskerville's Demon Dog'.
 The 'oracle' flowed into my head as soon as the king was informed of my succession to the role of the Marquis of Baskerville and the role of the 'Demon Dog', which opened the way for me to change jobs to become the 'Dark Lord'.
 As it turned out, the 'Dark Lord' seems to be the counterpart of the 'Hero'.
 By becoming a 'Dark Lord', I was able to acquire a dark version of the skill used by Leon, the hero.
 Leon, the main character of [DunBrave 1], and Zenon, the main character of [DunBrave 2]. These two are really light and shadow. Like the sun and the moon, they are opposites.
 "Let me tell you something Brave. The Demon King is stronger than I am. And perhaps he can use the magic of the Nightmare Garden to weaken the light attribute."
 "Leon, you've grown strong. Your effort and study are truly admirable. I'm sure you can fight even Shinya Kushinagi. But... you can't reach the Demon King yet. If you want to defeat the Demon King, you should be more diligent."
 I am sure that Leon will grow up from this defeat.
 I told what I wanted to say to the gasping Leon and returned to the outside where Urza and the others were waiting for me.

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