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Chapter 112 Growth and Job Change

 After his defeat to Shinya Kushinagi in the final exam, Leon had grown up in two months, much more powerful than he had ever been before.
 But... I have grown stronger as well.
 I took over the Baskerville family and spent my days fighting criminals who had gone astray. I have grown while leading my friends against monsters and the army of the Demon King.
Zenon Baskerville
Job: Dark Lord
 Swordsmanship 75
 Dark Magic 73
 Training 85
 Magic sword 70
 Taijutsu 69
 Magic Enhancement 72
 Night Blood 65
 Big Shot Killer 62
 Physical Enhancement 50
 Abnormal Immunity -
 Instant Death Immunity -
 Growth Acceleration -
 By becoming a higher rank, the number of skills I can possess has increased from 6 to 12.
 The new skills have been acquired through skill orbs, and by winning events.
 Since the average skill level required to defeat the Demon King is around 80, I had almost reached the stage where I could defeat the Demon King.
 As usual, the growth rate of the [Training] skill is still very high, which is a frightening thing...
 Among the newly acquired skills, [Night Blood] and [Big Shot Killer] are the most distinctive ones.
 [Night Blood]... The name of this skill sounds like a vampire's special ability, but to tell the truth, I don't know the details of this skill well.
 This skill was acquired when I changed my class to 'Dark Lord', and from the name, it seems to be a counterpart of Leon's [Hero Blood] skill. I also learned ''Meisho Jigokuyori ' when this skill reached '50'.
 [Big Shot Killer] can be acquired by killing a certain number of boss monsters, and it increases the amount of damage dealt to boss monsters, that is, big ones.
 The higher the skill level, the greater the effect, and '62' simply means that the damage value increases by 62%.
 It was a very powerful skill, but... since it only counts for the person who put the killing blow, only one or two people in the party could master it.
 I think I have become much stronger... but it is meaningless if I am the only one who has become stronger.
 No matter how much I improve my skills, it will be very difficult to defeat the Demon King in a solo game.
 Needless to say, I have to make my companions grow up as well.
Urza White Ogre
Job: Rakshasa
 Physical Enhancement 62
 Toughness 65
 Hammer Art 61
 Hit 45
 Durability 52
 Intimidation 60
 Oni-eating 40
 Taijutsu 35
 Speed Enhancement 28
 Natural healing 37
 Abnormal Immunity -
 Instant Death Immunity -
Aeris Centorea
Job: Saint
 Healing magic 65
 Support magic 63
 Barrier 60
 Chanting Acceleration 50
 Magic Conservation 53
 Protection Barrier 45
 Grant Revival 33
 Physical Resistance 25
 Luck 35
 Concealment 35
 Abnormal Immunity -
 Instant death Immunity -
Nagisa Seikai
Job: Samurai Master
 Swordsmanship 73
 Physical Enhancement 70
 Speed Enhancement 69
 Magic Resistance 45
 Deadly Attack 51
 Manslayer 35
 Penetrating attack 33
 Absorption attack 32
 Physical resistance 35
 Monster Killer 30
 Abnormal Immunity -
 Instant Death Immunity -
 In the past month, Urza, Aeris, and Nagisa have changed their job to 'Rakshasa', 'Saint', and 'Samurai Master', respectively.
 The reason why my skill level grows faster than theirs is that I have acquired the 'Growth Acceleration' skill obtained from the 'Straw Millionaire' rally.
 For the note, each job has its own unique skill when one changes class... The three of them have mastered the skills of [Oni-eater], [Resurrection Grant], and [Manslayer], respectively.
 Rakshasa's unique skill, named [Oni-eater], has the effect of absorbing the enemy's physical strength when attacking them.
 Since it can recover a certain percentage of the damage inflicted on the enemy, it was a very useful skill that can attack and recover at the same time.
 Saint's unique skill, [Grant Revival], can add the effect of recovering from the inability to fight to the normal healing spells.
 This skill can reduce the use of healing magic which consume a lot of magic power, because the player may be disabled many times in the battle against powerful bosses of the demon king class.
 Since the revival effect extends to the whole healing spells, it is possible to restore more than one person at a time.
 Samurai Master's unique skill, [Manslayer], is also a very dangerous skill, but it increases the amount of damage against humanoid enemies.
 Since it targets only "humanoids", it is effective not only against humans but also against humanoid demon.
 Since most of the leaders of the Demon King's army, including the Demon King, look like human, it can be used in most of the boss battles in the latter half of the scenario.
 The reason why all of the players have acquired the [Abnormal Immunity] and [Instant Death Immunity] skills is that the monsters in the last part of the scenario often use abnormal or instant death attacks.
 These skills can be acquired by any player as many times as he/she wants by conquering certain events, so I have all my friends learn these skills.
 Although the three friends have grown up considerably, they are not yet proficient enough to fight against the Demon King.
 Even so, if the three of them fight together, they can defeat the cadre of the Demon King's army without my help.
 However... no matter how much I and my friends grow, that alone will not defeat the Demon King. We're missing an important piece to defeat the Demon King.
 The blood of the hero... the only power that can seal the Demon King... That's what we lack.
 That's why I'm using all the power of the Baskervilles to search for the descendants of hero other than Leon.
 Just after school today, I was to receive a report from the head of the search party.

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