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Chapter 114 The Lineage of the Hero

 I take the stack of papers offered by Polaris and quickly skim through them.
 The thick papers contain the detailed results of the investigation I had requested the intelligence agency "Star Reader" to conduct.
 I spend about ten minutes checking the contents of the document... and then I open my mouth seriously.
 "...Is it true what is written here?"
 "Of course it is. Do you not trust our investigations, Leader-dono?"
 "No, of course not. But it's unexpected. I'm getting a headache."
 I clicked my tongue and pressed my forehead with my finger.
 Written in the document is the information about the descendants of the hero who once sealed the Demon King and saved the world.
 Who the hero married and had children, and how their children lived. And where are their grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and further descendants. Information on the lineage of hero up to the present day is described in detail.
 In order to find the descendants of the hero other than Leon, and to secure them as a force to seal the Demon King, I had the "Star Reader" investigate the lineage of the hero, but the results were unbelievable.
 "I don't mean to doubt your investigative abilities, but I find it hard to believe. Except for Leon, the descendant of the legendary hero who sealed the Demon King, how can it be that almost everyone else has died in the last ten years?"
 In the game [DunBrave], it was explained that Leon was the only person who could defeat the Demon King, with no other descendants of hero besides Leon appearing in the game.
 At the time when I was playing the game, I did not think it was unnatural that the game was set up in such a way, but... it is strange when I think about it.
 It was 300 years ago that the previous hero defeated the Demon King. Then it is not surprising that there are more people who have the blood of hero in their veins, whether the bloodline is strong or weak.
 "Leon's father died in an accident. His grandfather, aunts and cousins are dead. Almost all the other descendants of hero have died out, and there are none left in the world... Is there an epidemic in this world that only the descendants of hero can get?"
 The deaths are so unnatural that I might suspect that they are cursed or possessed.
 It seems that my plan to find and raise the offspring of hero other than Leon so that I can use them as weapons to stab the Demon King has already been foiled.
 "This can't be a coincidence at all... I'm sure that someone is trying to end the lineage of the hero. Is it the work of the demons?"
 "Perhaps you're right, Leader-dono. Accidents and illnesses, various causes of death, but all of them suspicious. There is no doubt that someone is working behind the scenes."
 Polaris tilts her head in confusion and adds her findings.
 "'I am a descendant of a brave man' - not to mention those who claim to be so, even their descendants who probably didn't know of their ancestors' great deeds are dead one by one. Moreover, those people are carefully killed with a vindictive, careful, and even insane degree of care. They must be very afraid of the heroes. The demon tribe..."
 "If that's the case... why is Leon still alive? His relatives are dead, aren't they?"
 It's a question I've been asking myself for a long time.
 The gargoyle in the first dungeon and Shinya Kushinagi, who was sent later, were all sent to Leon after he entered the school.
 If the assassins had been sent earlier, the protagonist would have died before the story even started.
 It is possible that the compulsive force of the game is at work here, though it may not be worth thinking too much about it.
 "Well... the problem is the descendants of the surviving heroes. I hope some of them survive like Leon..."
 For some reason, the survivors of the hero families are not mentioned in the documents.
 Maybe Polaris wanted to tell the story from her own mouth, so she did not write it in the document.
 As expected, Polaris is very excited and said, “I have been waiting for this!” and snapped her fingers with a proud look on her face.
 "I'm glad you asked! Of course, I've done my investigation. About the survivors of the hero clan!"
 Polaris, with her chest covered by her uniform, opens her mouth with her index finger raised.

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