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Chapter 115 The Surviving Hero

 "I found about three descendants of the surviving heroes, except for Leon Brave, who is in this school."
 Polaris picks up a steamed bun and pops it into her mouth.
 She chews it, swallows it, and after a long pout, she speaks up with certainty.
 "The first one is Brave-kun's little sister. Her name is Arte Brave. She is three years younger than Leon. She lives in a village in Uranus territory and helps her mother with her work. By the way, her mother's work is weaving wool. She has a reputation among the locals for her carefully woven fabrics with innovative designs."
 I close my mouth and listen to Polaris' report.
 I already knew about Leon's family structure. His sister, and his mother for that matter, had appeared in the game.
 However, they appeared not in [DunBrave 1] in which Leon is the main character, but in [DunBrave 2] in which the main character is a villainous cuckold. They are imprisoned by Zenon, who hates Leon, and are subjected to severe torture.
 After his lover is taken away by Zenon, Leon returns home with a broken heart, only to find his house burned down. His sister and mother are missing.
 Desperately searching for his missing family, Leon finally arrives at the house where they are imprisoned... There, the mother and daughter are surrounded by several men, smiling with flirtatious faces and covered with white spunk.
 Their bellies are bulging, and there is no sign of the family that used to live together.
 In despair, Leon slaughters the men who raped the mother and daughter, and with tears of blood, raises his sword to the family he once loved...
 —Leon's family appeared in the story for the sake of such a depressing story.
 His father did not appear in the story, but it seems that he had already passed away.
 "Well... if the father had the blood of a hero, it is only natural that the younger sister should be qualified."
 "But I don't think she can be of any help since she seems to be living a life not related to fighting. And the second one... do you know 'Spear-king Lesfalt (槍王レスファルト)'?"
 "...Only by name."
 Lesfalt, the Spear King.
 He appeared in the game as a helpful character.
 He is a hard-boiled middle-aged father who often appears when Leon, the main character, is in danger, and saves Leon's life by defeating his enemies with his overwhelming power.
 In the game, his identity remained unknown throughout the game, and until the ending of the game, his origin remained a mystery. "Could this guy be the last boss of the next game?" This character caused controversy among the fans.
 "I've heard rumors that he's quite an expert, but... I didn't know that. I never knew he is a descendant of a brave man."
 "No, no, no, hear me out. The Spear King is not descended of a hero. But his wife seems to have the blood of a hero."
 "His wife... he's married? The Spear King?"
 I never thought that middle-aged man with no fixed home address would have a family to protect. I thought he is a single man.
 "His wife died a long time ago, too. But he has a daughter who is missing. If she is still alive, then she must be a descendant of a hero."
 "A descendant of a hero and the daughter of the 'Spear King'? If she's alive, that's very encouraging..."
 "My friends are looking for her... but don't get your hopes up. Apparently, the Spear King is looking for his daughter too, but he hasn't found her in over ten years."
 "Hmm... I didn't know that old man had such a history. People have histories, don't they?"
 The 'Spear King' who appears here and there unnaturally, seems to have been wandering around looking for his daughter. It seems that he was not wandering around dungeons and towns for no reason.
 "And then... the last one. And this last one... in another hard-to-get-at place..."
 "...Tell me. I'm listening."
 Polaris, who had been pretending to be silent, eventually speaks up, shaking her head.
 "The descendants of the hero. The last one is in the palace of the neighboring kingdom, Maafern."
 "The daughter of the current king. Princess Shakuna Maafern is the descendant of the hero."
 I was speechless when I heard the name of the Maafern Kingdom.
 What popped into my mind was the aristocrat I had purged the other day, Belonga Jack Salt, the "Man-Eater Count".
 That man was also a nobleman in the Maafern Kingdom, but I never thought I would hear the name of his country again.

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