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Chapter 116 Additional Scenario

 "...There's a 'strange' bond between that country and me. I don't like that country."
 Maafern Kingdom is the location of an additional scenario in [DunBrave 2] that could be downloaded for a fee.
 The additional scenario — 'Jade Tombstone' - is set in the desert kingdom, Maafern, where the protagonist, Leon, confronts the tyranny of the state power.
 The time frame is right after the defeat of the Demon King. One day, Leon, who became the hero of the time after defeating the Demon King, is invited by the royal family of the neighboring kingdom, Maafern, to a founding party held at the royal palace.
 Leon had no choice but to go to the neighboring kingdom, but when he arrived there, he saw the people being oppressed by the authorities.
 Leon felt a fierce righteous indignation toward the children shivering in the corner of the street, the starving and emaciated vagabonds, the whipped and forced demi-humans, and the aristocrats who were laughing and laughing at them.
 Moved by anger and emotion, Leon storms into the king's palace at a party to which he has been invited, accusing the king of his ruthless and uncaring rule.
 Of course, the king is furious at the public rebuke, and captures Leon and his friends and throws them into the prison.
 Despite the fact that Leon became a hero by defeating the Demon King, he is powerless before the immense power of the "State". He was unable to save the people from the cruel powers that be, and while in prison, Leon was so devastated by his inability that he even shed tears of frustration.
 However, Leon was rescued by the daughter of the king, the princess of the Maafern Kingdom. She let Leon out of the prison and made him a wish.
 'Can you please fight for me? Please help me to save the people of this country!'
 The princess rebelled against her father's oppressive rule and formed a 'Revolutionary Army' to save the people from being oppressed by the authorities.
 Taking the hand of the princess, Leon becomes a member of the revolutionary army to fight against a huge malevolence called 'State'... that is the main story.
 "I know that the heroine is Princess Shakuna. But I never thought she was a descendant of a hero."
 I mutter to myself.
 Princess Shakuna is the main heroine of the additional scenario, but there is no information in the scenario that she is a descendant of a hero.
 The story was that Shakuna was the daughter of a traveling dancer whom King Maafern had dallied with for fun, and that her mother had died many years ago after being played with by the king.
 "...So, the dancer's mother was a descendant of a hero, huh? Does this mean that having a great bloodline has nothing to do with nobility?"
 "Oh, did you know about that? You even knew that Princess Shakuna's mother was a dancer?"
 "I'm sort of related to her... now what to do... I'm faced with a tough three choices."
 I crossed my legs and thought about it.
 My plan to defeat the Demon King was to seal him off by recruiting a descendant of a hero and preparing a new hero apart from Leon.
 However... all three candidates are problematic.
 The first candidate, Arte Brave, Leon's sister, is just a village girl. She does not have the strength to fight, so she must be trained from scratch.
 Moreover, if I involve her in the fight, her brother Leon will be furious. The friendship that has been established after the worst first impression will be lost.
 The second candidate, the daughter of the Spear King, may be an asset, but she is missing and her name is unknown.
 I cannot rely on a daughter who may or may not be found, and may even be dead.
 "So... the only one that can be counted on as an asset and whose whereabouts are known is Shakuna Maafern, huh? The problem is that I have to get involved in the problems of Maafern Kingdom."
 Shakuna Maafern is a skilled magician. She is good with the attribute of 'lightning' and has some other useful abilities besides magic. If she is really a descendant of a hero... she would be a perfect asset to the war effort.
 The Revolutionary War broke out after Leon's defeat of the Demon King. It was more than a year away, but Shakuna might already be preparing for the revolution.
 To bring Shakuna on board, I need to get involved in the affairs of the Maafern Kingdom.
 As the head of the Marquis family, there would be a lot of problems if I get involved in the revolutionary war in the neighboring country. If I'm not careful, it might even spread to the Slayers Kingdom.
 "...His Majesty the King is going to scold me. I hope it's nothing more than a scolding."
 I look up at the ceiling with a depressed sigh.
 "Munch, munch... Chew, chew... desu~no"
 In the clubroom where the conversation has stopped, the only sound is Urza's chewing of the tea cakes.
 I envy her from the bottom of my heart as I look at the white-haired girl who is enjoying the sweet treats in a good mood.

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