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Chapter 132 Duel in the Desert

Bonus chapter...

 The talks that day ended with a rather explosive statement made by Ryuna.
 But Shakuna started screaming, "Blablabla!" at her sister's remark.
 Unlike Ryuna, who had looked into my mind, Shakuna had not yet trusted me.
 She was shocked by her sister's statement to offer her body to me, an outsider whom she did not trust, and she screamed out in turmoil.
 And then...
 "...So, this is what happens as a result of that statement. It's so unreasonable that it doesn't make sense."
 "If you are going to touch my little Ryuna, you better go beyond me, her big sister! So, let's fight!"
 Near the oasis, Shakuna and I are standing facing each other.
 Shakuna has a sword in each hand and is dressed like an Arabian dancer. The sword in Shakuna's hand is a slim but curved sword, a so-called 'shamshir'.
 In contrast, the sword in my hand is an ordinary straight sword. It is not a magic item, but an ordinary iron sword sold at a weapons shop. The sword, which I borrowed from Shakuna's guard, is much weaker and more unreliable than the one I usually use.
 As to why we faced each other and fought... Shakuna challenged me to a duel to see if I was the right man for her sister.
 "...I'm not asking for Ryuna's body. I never agreed to help you in any way."
 In fact, I was going to help Shakuna and Ryuna to fight against Rudanaga... or Rujanaga.
 I had no reason to leave that man, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon Army, alone, and I couldn't leave Shakuna and her sister Ryuna, my favorite characters in the game, alone.
 After all, Ryuna was dead at the beginning of the "Jade Tombstone" scenario, and of course I wanted to help her if I could.
 "Heh... Does that mean you are not attracted to her body?"
 "No... that is not what I mean. I think she is a lovely and nice woman."
 In fact, I like her body much more than Shakuna's.
 Shakuna has longer legs and taller height, but her figure is not so well developed. She had 'poor breasts' to say the least.
 On the other hand, Ryuna is small but has big breasts, and she has what is called 'lolippai', which is the kind of body I like.
 "Of course. She's my little sister, so how can you not be attracted to her! But I can't let an unknown man like you near my sister. Don't take it personally!"
 "...You're really a sis-con, huh? Even though I've played that scenario many times... I didn't know that."
 I've played the additional paid scenario—'Jade Tombstone'—more times than I can count. Many times, I tried to find a way to save Shakuna from being stabbed to death by the boy soldier in the ending.
 And of course, I have heard from Shakuna's own mouth that she cared for her dead sister. But... I didn't think she'd really let her sis-con complex get this far.
 "Can we talk about this? Do we have to fight?"
 "Baskerville-sama... Please do your best!"
 "Shakuna-sama! Fight on, please!
 "Let those who try to steal our Ryuna-sama die!"
 "Please crush the unknown outsider!"
 A little further away, Ryuna, the cause of the battle, was smiling at us.
 The soldiers in the guard also shouted in support, waving their hands toward Shakuna.
 "I can't believe that Ryuna is cheering for this man instead of me..."
 However, Shakuna was somehow damaged by such cheering.
 Shakuna looked shocked for a while, then she gave me a piercing look and said, "Ggghh!".
 "...I still can't forgive you. I'm going to finish you off right here."
 "...That's so unreasonable. Don't Sis-con's Nee-chan understand my word?"
 I give up and slump my shoulders. Now that it had come to this, a fight with Shakuna seemed inevitable.
 Although Shakuna and Ryuna were being chased by Rudanaga and this is not the time for this... if it's inevitable, I might as well just get on with it and get it over with.
 "Forgive me if I'm not going to get serious in a stupid mock fight but I'm rather strong. If you get hurt, I don't care."
 "You seem like you're ready. But how long can you say you're not going to get serious? I'll use these two swords to see if you're the right man for my sister!"
 The duel began without a signal.
 Shakuna immediately activates her magic as soon as she draws her twin swords.
 A blue-white lightning bolt comes straight at me. I jump to the side to avoid it.
 Then, as if anticipating my evasion, Shakuna steps into my path.
 Her magic attack is a decoy, and it seems that her main goal is to slash me with her twin swords.
 Now, that two shamshirs cross from the left and right, aiming at my neck.
 "Tsk... You're relentless! What will you do to me if I really die?"
 If I get hit, my head will be cut off. So, I bend my body to avoid slashes from the left and right.
 At the same time, I throw a kick from below, as if to scoop her up.
 "Ngh... Not so quick!?"
 The kick hit Shakuna's torso. She takes a counter blow, and retreats backward a few steps.
 However, when I try to move forward to attack her, she does not allow me to get close to her easily. She glares at me and builds a defensive wall with her lightning magic.
 "I won't let you advance... Thunderwall!"
 "Tsk... You're fast. I'd say you have the fastest lightning magic of all attributes."
 I click my tongue as the wall of lightning blocks my approach.
 Shakuna specializes in lightning magic, and lightning is considered the fastest of all magic.
 I am confident that I have the skill and the destructive power of the magic, but... my magic is slower than Shakuna's.
 No wonder Shakuna Maafern is the fastest magic user in DunBrave.
 "Although I could push her with my advanced magic, I can't kill her, huh..."
 If the game is correct, Shakuna's [Lightning Magic] skill is about 50. That is lower than my [Dark Magic]. If we shoot each other with high power magic, I will win.
 But then I'm not sure I can keep Shakuna alive.
 "It's really not fair. You're really shooting magic while I have to be careful not to hurt your maiden's soft skin."
 "Oh? You can't afford to worry about your opponent in a duel. Well then... this is just a teaser. It's time for me to get serious!"
 Shakuna held her hands out to the left and right, both holding twin swords.
 And then... she moves her legs and hips lightly as if she were dancing. No, not 'as if'. It is definitely a dance step.
 "O brave spirit, cut down my enemy! Warrior's Dance—'Alda Fares (アルダ・ファーレス)'!
 Shakuna began to dance even in the middle of the battle.
 Instantly, a bright red aura is emitted from her slender body as if it were on fire.
 "Here it comes...this is where the real work begins..."
 I raise my alert level at the sight of Shakuna.
 Shakuna's job is "Magic Dancer".
 It is a versatile job that combines sword and magic attacks with the support effect of dancing.

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