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Chapter 133 Magic Dancer

Bonus chapter...

 Shakuna's job [Magic Dancer] is a higher level job that combines the characteristics of both [Sorcerer] and [Dancer].
 A [Dancer] is a rearguard position that can support allies by dancing and can cause abnormalities to enemies, and by adding the characteristics of a [Sorcerer] who is good at offensive magic to the [Dancer], the [Dancer] can both attack and support from the rear.
 Now, Shakuna's body is covered with red light as she wore a dancer's suit.
 She danced a warrior's dance, which had the effect of increasing her power and speed.
 Lightning magic and the support effect of the dance.
 And Shakuna's true talent comes from beyond that.
 Shakuna slashes at me with her left and right shamshirs, releasing her waving spirit.
 She swung her left and right swords with blinding speed, slashing vertically and horizontally.
 "Hmph... Such power and speed for a rear guard. That's a high spec indeed!"
 I howl as I deal with one incoming slash after another.
 By nature, [Magic Dancer] is rear-guard magic supporters. It is not a job that allows them to stand in the front line and fight. They can equip wands and rods, but not swords.
 However, Shakuna has a special weapon that only she can equip - 'Shams-Kamul'. This weapon looks like a sword, but is actually an item used for dancing. Even dancers can equip it.
 Shakuna, who can equip a sword despite being a rearguard, is a versatile character who can perform physical, magical, and support functions.
 "...She is similar to me and Leon in terms of being able to use both sword and magic. Maybe that's why she's a descendant of the hero?"
 I ponder as I narrowly avoid Shakuna's attack.
 I realized once again that Shakuna is strong.
 She is a character who appears in the additional scenario after the completion of the main story, and she seems to have enough fighting ability to fight against the cadres of the Demon King's Army right now.
 "She is about the same level as Leon, or maybe a little lower. It's all well and good to be so bold, but... aren't you being a bit too merciless?"
 If I remember correctly... just a few minutes ago, they were talking about something like 'I need your help to protect Ryuna' or something like that.
 And yet, this woman is determined to kill me... aren't her actions contradictory?
 "Of course! I can't marry my sweet Ryuna to a weak man who's not prepared to risk his life!"
 "...When did we start talking about marriage? Don't make your sis-con complex so complicated!"
 "Don't you dare question me!"
 Shakuna kicked the ground with her dancing steps and slashed at me one after another. Right, left, right, left, right, left... The swords attacked from both sides in a fast rhythm.
 I continue to defend myself with my sword as I back away from the blades, which have gained even more momentum than before.
 "What's wrong? You are being attacked unilaterally! Did you falsely claim to have defeated the Queen of the Desert?"
 "I was going to take it easy on you, but... don't get carried away!"
 I parry a slash coming at me from the left with the metal basket in my hand.
 Shakuna's speed is impressive, but her power is not so strong. The metal basket hand is enough to catch it.
 I delivered a counter slash.
 Shakuna tried to catch the attack with her other sword, but I was much more powerful.
 And unable to catch the heavy slash, Shakuna is sent flying backward.
 "You're fast... but you're light! Your sword is!"
 Dark magic—Dark Bullet.
 Jet-black bullet is shot at Shakuna.
 "...Thunder Bullet!"
 Shakuna also activates her magic as soon as she can.
 The lightning bullets collide with the dark bullets, canceling each other out.
 "...I'm surprised. You can use both sword and magic?"
 "Of course, I can. Now that I've surprised you... I'm going to turn the tables on you!"
 Now I'm on the offensive.
 With a kick on the desert sands, I leap into Shakuna's bosom and deliver a single, straight sword slash.
 Shakuna catches the attack with two shamshirs (left and right), but her power is still not enough. So, she blown away without any hesitation.
 As Shakuna flies backward with her momentum, she attacks me with her magic.
 "Shadow Edge!"
 "Dark Fire!"
 Then, Shakuna steps backward, keeping a distance from me and using her lightning spells to attack me.
 I counter the lightning with dark magic and close the distance with Shakuna without letting her escape.
 As magicians, we are almost equal in skill. Though, I think I have more skill than Shakuna, but the speed of her lightning magic makes up for it.
 Then... the outcome of the match will be decided by melee. It is which sword is better.
 "You can't have Ryuna!"
 "You can die 50% of the time, you sis-con b*tch!"
 Shakuna has two swords. I have one sword. Three swords clash and countless sparks fly.
 Shakuna has the advantage in the number of blows, but I have the advantage in the weight of each blow. Without pause, a storm of furious sword blows erupts.
 "Really, she's strong... isn't she?"
 In the game, Shakuna was a reliable ally, but fighting her as an enemy reaffirmed that she is a very troublesome opponent.
 If it is only physical ability, I can say that I am the better fighter. However, the buffs she got from the dance made us evenly matched.
 "But... you're too naive. You don't have enough experience in combat!"
 I laugh with, "Hmph."
 Then, without saying it out loud, I tick off the count "three, two, one" in my head... and my lip curls up in a wicked smile.
 The red light covering Shakuna's body disappears. The time has passed, and the support effect of the dance has disappeared.
 "The dance buff lasts for 60 seconds. I was counting it, you know?"
 Shakuna gasps and leaps backward, trying to keep in time.
 However, I raised my sword from above and slammed it into the sandy ground.
 "Eat this!"
 It seemed like a slash through the air, but then I raised my sword and the desert sand rolled up.
 Shakuna, who had been hit by the curtain of sand, quickly guards her face with her arms.
 "What... are you doing!?"
 Shakuna seems to have lost sight of me through the sand curtain.
 So, I took advantage of the moment and leaped toward the dancer girl.
 "Is it there!?"
 Shakuna thrusts her sword at the shadow coming at me from behind the curtain of sand.
 But... her shamshir pierced the cloak I had thrown at her.
 Right now, I took advantage of the sand and threw my cloak at Shakuna, using it as a decoy.
 "This is the end... Shadow Bind!"
 "Kuh!? Is this... Magic Rope!?"
 I use the decoy to get behind her and touch Shakuna's back to activate the magic. The dark magic rope constructed by the shadows restrains the slender body.
 As she is bound, Shakuna collapses on the sand. Shakuna struggles to get to her feet, but a sword is held in front of her.
 "Checkmate. You don't have a problem with that, do you?"
 "...I can't believe I lost. Don't tell me I didn't love Ryuna enough?"
 "I don't know, and I don't care if you love her or not, the stronger one wins the battle."
 Shakuna's consistency to the end makes me feel respect for her.
 I don't think Shakuna was weak.
 The difference between the winner and the loser at the end was... the difference of experience in the actual game.
 The experience of playing [DunBrave] as a game. Fighting monsters as an adventurer. The experience of killing many villains as the head of the Baskerville family.
 None of these are things that Shakuna, a princess, has.
 "No matter how talented you are, if you don't have experience, you are nothing. A princess who grew up in a royal palace can't win against me."
 If an enemy uses support magic, counting the effect time is a matter of course.
 It is also natural to take advantage of the desert terrain and anything that surrounds me, such as a cloak.
 Shakuna lacked experience in actual combat, where rules are irrelevant and anything goes.
 "Oh no... how could Shakuna-sama be defeated by someone from another country?"
 "What a magnificent ability! How can a noble of a neighboring country be so strong?"
 The guards who were watching the battle around us seemed to be surprised at the result of the duel. Some praised my bravery, while others lamented their lord's defeat.
 Among them... Ryuna, who was the only one smiling, opened her mouth.
 "The winner of this battle is Baskerville-sama!"
 The blind Priestess raises her right hand and declares my victory.
 Now, the desert sky is filled with admiration and disappointment.

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