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Chapter 140 Clearance Reward

 "Good work, that wasn't so bad."
 After the battle was over, I offered Ryuna a water bag I had taken out of my baggage.
 The blind Priestess kept her eyes down, as if she was troubled, and was reluctant to accept the water bag.
 "...I didn't do anything. It was Onee-sama and Hadiss-sama who defeated the demon."
 Apparently, Ryuna thinks that she had not done much.
 Well, it is true that she did not damage the enemy... but to say that she did nothing is wrong.
 "Hey hey, rear support is an important part of the job. You've done enough work, so don't be modest."
 In addition to the increase in status through auxiliary magic, the vanguard can fight without regard for danger because they have companions who can heal their injuries when the need arises.
 Without Ryuna, an excellent healer, neither Shakuna nor Hadiss would be able to fight with all their might.
 "That's right! Not like a man who comes out like this later and looks like he's done something!"
 Shakuna, looking pleased with herself, took the water bag and put her mouth on it. She gulps down the water and pushes it into Ryuna's mouth as well.
 "We are sisters and friends, so it is natural that we complement and help each other, isn't it? This victory is ours, so please don't say anything to lower your own value."
 "Thank you, Onee-sama..."
 "Yes, by the way... we passed the battle, didn't we? And you did nothing, you worthless piece of sh*t."
 Shakuna gives me a smug "Heheh" look.
 But, I shrug my shoulders and give her a sarcastic smile.
 "Just barely, but not too bad. If it were me, it wouldn't have taken more than 10 seconds to win."
 "You're still a sarcastic man. Your face is scary, you're self-centered, and you have a bad mouth. I bet you're not popular with the girls, are you?"
 "...I'm popular. To the point where I loathe it."
 As Shakuna's face tightens in response, a treasure chest appears in the center of the boss's room with a "pop" sound.
 "This is..."
 "It's a reward for clearing the room. There's no traps or anything, so open it."
 Shakuna puts her hand on the treasure chest with a nervous look on her face.
 She opens the wooden box and what comes out is a 'bean' the size of the tip of her pinky finger.
 "Hmm... what is it?"
 "It's a 'Grow Seed'. Not a miss, but not a hit either. It seems we were out of luck."
 The reward for clearing the 10th floor, the first boss room, is randomly selected from among five different items. The 'Grow Seed' is one of them, and it had the effect of slightly increasing the user's all-status.
 Although it sounds like a good item, each user could use only one of this item, so it was impossible to become much stronger by multiplying it over and over.
 So, when someone repeatedly challenge the 'Tomb of the King', they may end up with a large surplus of this item in their inventory because they cannot use it all up.
 "Well... it's not very effective, but it's not meaningless either. Anyone should use it."
 "Well, then Ryuna..."
 "No, you should use it, Onee-sama..."
 Both sisters recommend the use of the item to the other at the same time.
 "It's Ryuna who's being targeted by the Guru, right? Even though it only has small effect, it's good to use it for you."
 "I only have magic power to use in battle. It's more useful for Onee-sama who can do both magic and melee."
 Shakuna was arguing with Ryuna, but Ryuna did not give in. No, they would not give up to each other.
 "I agree with Ryuna's opinion. Grow Seed's effect is small, but Shakuna, who can play both the vanguard and the rear guard, can make the most of it."
 "The stronger you become, the better you can protect Ryuna. If you want to protect Ryuna, you should first think about becoming stronger yourself."
 "...Okay, I understand."
 Shakuna nodded and picked up the seven-colored bean.
 The extremely colored bean is not very appetizing... but Shakuna put it in her mouth with determination.
 Shakuna's body is enveloped in a seven-colored light, and her brown-skinned body twitches and twitches. However, her reaction is unnecessarily sexy, as if she is being stroked on her back.
 "I'm not sure if it worked or not. However, I feel a little light-headed..."
 "Well, the effect of the grow seed is very small. It's better to use it than not use it at all."
 I shrugged my shoulders and pointed at the iron door at the back of the boss's room.
 "There's a rest room ahead, free of demons and traps. We can rest there and then move on to the next floor."
 "Yes, I understand."
 With the sisters and Hadis in tow, I open the door to the back.
 The rests room set up at each of ten floors are where save points would have been placed in the game.
 Of course, save points do not exist in reality, but... in the center of the square room, there is a small fountain. It's a 'healing fountain' that could restore one's strength and magic power, as I know from the game.
 I let out a sigh of relief for the first time since entering the 'Tomb of the King'.

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