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Chapter 141 Rest Room

 At the back of the boss's room on the 10th floor, there is a rest room.
 The room looked like a room of an inn with four beds, a kitchen with a fire for cooking food, and even a small spring filled with spring water.
 It seemed as if we could live here for a while if we wanted to. Of course, it is a completely safe space with no monsters or traps.
 Rest rooms similar to this one is set up at every 10 floors, so that visitors can recover their strength and magic power while conquering the dungeon.
 In the game, there was even a save point... but of course, this does not exist in the real world.
 Looking around the safe space of the rest room, Shakuna breathes out in relief and her tense shoulders drop.
 "Huff... I can finally take a break..."
 "Ah, Onee-sama. I think we can cook here."
 "That's nice. I'm starving. Bring out the food. For water... Is the water from that spring drinkable?"
 The sisters are checking the facilities in the room with their voices bubbling with relief.
 Shakuna takes a sip of the water from the spring and says, "Yes, it tastes good," with her cheeks relaxing. Ryuna looks with interest at the cooking area in the shaded corner of the room.
 Haddis, on the other hand, checks the metal door at the back of the room.
 He opens the door and peers into the back of the room... behind the door is a small room about four and a half tatami mats in size, with only a staircase leading to the lower floor.
 "This is the staircase that leads to the 11th floor. Don't go down yet, okay?"
 I reminded him, and Hadiss nodded with a stern look on his face.
 "Yes, I'm aware of that. Her Highness the Princesses need to get plenty of rest, after all."
 "You get plenty of rest, too, okay? There'll be stronger monsters than the ones we've seen so far when we go down there. If the Tanker's too weak to move at the critical moment... both our lives will be at stake."
 "I understand. Don't worry, I'll take a good rest."
 As he said this, Hadiss leaned his back against the wall and closed his eyes.
 I shrug my shoulders in dismay at the straightforward priest-soldier, who continues to keep his guard up without sitting down.
 There are no monsters in this room. There's no problem with letting down our guard... but I guess the overprotective priest-soldier's priority is to protect the two princesses whom he has to protect.
 "...You're a serious guy. But, don't get too worked up, okay?"
 "Yes, sir."
 "Baskerville-sama, may I have some supplies so I can prepare a meal?"
 Ryuna, who was checking the cooking hearth, asks me while I was having a conversation with Hadiss.
 Well, I was carrying the item bag with the food. So, I took off the bag, which was strapped to my waist belt, and handed it to Ryuna.
 "Thank you very much. I'll make the food soon, so please rest yourself, Baskerville-sama."
 "Hey, hey, aren't you more tired than me?"
 "Don't worry. I'll take a rest later, please take a rest first."
 Ryuna arranges the uncooked food in the kitchen with a gentle smile. The bag of items includes pots, pans, knives, and other simple cooking utensils, so there should be no trouble in doing a little cooking.
 "Well then... I'll take your word for it."
 Now that she's said all this, I'll take advantage of the lady's kindness. I remove the sword from my waist and lean it against the wall, then lie down on one of the beds.
 The bed is surprisingly soft. Considering the fact that there is a rest area every 10 floors, this dungeon is really very kind.
 "It's really a very kind dungeon. Whoever built this dungeon must have a good personality."
 I think to myself as I lie on my back and close my eyes.
 In the game, it did not seem unnatural to have rest rooms.
 After all, having a spring to restore HP and MP or a save point in front of the boss room is a standard feature of RPGs. It is not something to worry about.
 But... if I think about it, this dungeon is the tomb where King Salomon rests.
 It seems unnatural to build a space to favor grave robbers.
 "Well... I don't really care. What's there is there."
 Without a rest room, it would be extremely difficult to conquer a 100-floor dungeon.
 Though, our goal this time is 50 floors, which is not as difficult as a complete dungeon... there is no point in denying what is convenient for us.
 Let's not think about unnecessary things and go to sleep.
 Thus, I surrender my consciousness to the sleepiness that comes to me in a slow rhythm like waves, and I depart to the world of sleep.

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