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Chapter 145 Clearance Reward, Two

 At the same time as Marmartos, the insect-shaped demon, fell down and disappeared, a treasure chest appeared in the center of the room. It was the reward for clearing the 20th floor.
 "Well then... let's check the reward. Ryuna, you are free to open the treasure chest."
 "The reward for clearing the 20th floor is also random. I have a feeling... you'll be the luckiest among us."
 "Yes, I agree. Open it."
 "...Don't get mad if something strange comes out, okay?"
 Ryuna approaches the treasure chest reluctantly as her sister Shakuna encourages her to open it.
 Shakuna then pulls her blind sister's hand and leads her to the treasure chest... and Ryuna nervously touches the treasure chest.
 She opens the treasure chest with a great momentum... and inside the chest is a gem that fits in her palm.
 Ryuna gropes the rainbow-colored gem, and tilts her head curiously.
 "What...is this? Is it...a gem?"
 "Heh... A random orb, huh? You pull off some pretty interesting stuff."
 "Random orb...?"
 'Random Orb' is a kind of skill orb, and as the name suggests, it gives out unique skills to be learned at random.
 Skills that can only be learned by certain jobs, skills that can only be used by demons and monsters, could be acquired by using random orbs.
 Of course, there were times when a skill was useless and unusable... but it was quite enjoyable among the players to try their luck.
 When I played the game, I learned skills such as [Gill Breathing] and [Scissors Attack], which are obviously not human skills, and I laughed at it.
 "Well, you never know what you're going to get until you try it. That was interesting."
 Hearing my explanation, Shakuna clapped her hands together in amusement.
 "So... Ryuna, try it out. Tell me what you learn?"
 "A-Am I going to use it? I think it will be more useful in battle if it's used by Onee-sama or Baskerville-sama..."
 "No, because Ryuna brought out this item, you should use it, shouldn't you? Anyway, I don't have good luck in such a lucky draw. So, I want Ryuna to use it."
 "She's right, she doesn't seem to have good luck. After all, she just got caught in an erotic trap."
 "Shut up! Don't interrupt the conversation between the two sisters!"
 Shakuna scolds me for interrupting her, and smiles at Ryuna.
 "It will be good for us if Ryuna gets stronger. You are the only logistical support in this party."
 "I'm fine with that too. You've got plenty of skill slots anyway... and you're okay with that too, aren't you Hadiss?"
 The priest knight standing by the wall nodded silently.
 After everyone had agreed, Ryuna puts her lips close to the seven-colored gem in her hands and says, "If that's the case...".
 The orb dissolves into the air and disappears, and the seven-colored blur of light is sucked into Ryuna's mouth.
 "How is it? What skills have you mastered?"
 "Hwee!? Umm... What's this...!?"
 When I ask this, Ryuna looks flustered for some reason.
 Suddenly she is acting suspiciously. She must have pulled some kind of strange skill... and she hides behind her sister's back.
 "...Hey, what did you really learn? I'm curious about your reaction."
 "D-Don't ask me that! It's indecent!"
 "It's indecent!?"
 "Baskerville-sama is dirty! Pervert!"
 "That's right. He's a pervert. He's a voyeur. Stay away from Ryuna."
 Even Shakuna's giving me mysterious cover.
 I mean, what did I do? I just asked her what skills she has learned!
 "Why my reputation is ruined! Seriously, just tell me what you drew! I won't ask you to use it!"
 "I can't tell it! I'll die of embarrassment! Not till we're married!"
 "We're getting married?! Me and Ryuna!?"
 She turns red and shakes her head.
 In the end, she never revealed what she had learned from the random orb, and we finished the 20th floor with a confused feeling.

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