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Chapter 144 Giant Insect Demon

 The guardian of the 20th floor is a giant insect-shaped monster—a demon named Marmartos.
 Its body is shiny black and speckled with bright red. Its carapace is divided by numerous joints, and countless jointed legs are wriggling wildly.
 This demon, which causes physiological disgust to those who see it, is very similar to the so called "Pill Bug". The kind that lurks under stones or other objects when they are lifted up.
 However, its body is huge, nearly three meters in height, and its head is glaring at us with a terrifying face like an oni.
 The huge insect makes a noisy noise with its mandibles. That was the signal to start the battle.
 Immediately, I send out instructions to my three companions.
 "All right, then... let's go as planned! Don't let your guard down!"
 "I know it! Don't tell me what to do!"
 I move to the position we had discussed before, listening to Shakuna's retort. In place of Hadiss, the guarder, I stand in front of Ryuna, holding my sword in front of her to protect her.
 This battle was different from the one on the 10th floor, and I was to participate in it.
 Based on the way they fought, I have a rough idea of the abilities of my three companions. Although there are some dangers, as long as I support them, it is possible to conquer up to the 50th floor.
 So, there is no need to test my skills any further. We just have to beat it quickly and move on to the next floor.
 "It's time to go, Hadis!"
 "I understood."
 Shakuna and Hadiss leap in front of the demon together. They face the creepy insect-shaped demon head-on.
 "Warrior Dance—'Sword Dance'!"
 "Fold it up—'Power Slash'!"
 Shakuna and Hadiss attacked simultaneously.
 Marmartos counterattacks, though slightly frightened. It attacked them by twisting and biting them with its legs, and by extending long poisonous needles attached to its tail.
 Shakuna dodges the giant insects' attacks with dance steps, and Haddis catches them with his large shield.
 As for the note, I had taught them the pattern of this demon's attack in advance. So, no matter how sharp the attack is, it is not difficult to avoid it if they know it is coming.
 Both Shakuna and Hadiss skillfully handled the attack by watching the preliminary movements before the attack, and inflicted damage unilaterally.
 "This seems to be no problem! It's nothing to worry about!"
 "Be careful! It's coming!"
 Shakuna, who is slashing at her enemies with a calm and composed attitude, calls out a warning.
 This insect-shaped demon changes its movements when its energy level is less than half, and then it launches its signature move.
 Marmartos curls up its arthropod body and starts to spin vigorously. It rolls around at high speed, trying to hit the two vanguards.
 "Your Highness!"
 "Get back...!"
 Haddis and Shakuna narrowly avoid being hit. If they had failed to evade in time and had been hit directly, they would have been severely injured.
 As can be seen, this demon's signature move—the 'Blood Wheel'—is an attack in which the demon spins around its body and hits the opponent.
 While spinning, it completely negates all attacks from the enemy. In addition, it also has a guard nullification effect, which can be fatal even for warriors with high defense if taken seriously.
 "...It's a good thing I asked you beforehand. Although it's frustrating, I'm glad that that lecherous seducer was there."
 "Who's a lecherous seducer! You'd better run away so you don't get hit by accident!"
 "I know it... but, Ryuna! Get out of the way!"
 The demon, which had been circling at high speed, changed its target and came toward Ryuna and me in the back.
 Its huge body, like a boulder rolling down a slope, loomed up in front of us.
 I try to avoid it while carrying Ryuna, but I can't make it in time.
 That huge demon body is coming at us with frightening speed, trying to crush us all together...
 However, it slips through our bodies and crashes into the wall behind us.
 As a result of hitting the wall, Marmartos is released from his high-speed rotation, and returns to his original shape, moving like a dizzy, drunken maniac.
 "Dark magic—Illusion Ghost!"
 At a little distance from Marmartos, I held Ryuna's shoulder and raised my index finger.
 I had calculated from the beginning that this would happen.
 By anticipating that Marmartos would attack Ryuna from the rearguard after launching the decisive move, I had deliberately set up an illusionary trap and waited for the attack.
 The spinning and rushing attack is a terrifyingly powerful move, but for some reason, when it hit a wall, it would stop and become down, just as it did before. Again, this was the same as the game's design, which was a blessing.
 "Now! Start to attack!"
 "I know what to do! We won't give it a chance to fight back. We'll crush it all at once!"
 "Onee-sama! I'll support you!"
 We all attack Marmartos now that it's down.
 Ryuna boosts our attack power with her auxiliary magic, and Shakuna and Hadiss go on the offensive at once.
 It was a minute later that the giant insect-shaped demon fell down on the floor.

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