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Chapter 148 Anklet of Pastet

 "Now... we've cleared the 30th floor. That fight wasn't so bad, was it, everyone?"
 "It was so close... I didn't know I suffered from the abnormal condition..."
 After the battle, Hadiss sat down on the floor, breathing heavily.
 This is an unusual behavior for a strict and serious priest-knight.
 It seems that the second boss battle on the same day, and being hit by the 'confusion' abnormality, had taken its toll on him.
 "Are you all right, Hadiss-sama? You will recover soon, won't you?"
 "I'm truly ashamed of myself, Priestess. Truly... I don't want to get old."
 Hadiss is being tended to by Ryuna while uttering a rare complaint.
 Come to think of it, Hadiss had been taking the brunt of the enemy's attacks as a tanker. He must have accumulated more damage than me, who was repeatedly doing hit-and-run while giving instructions from the rear.
 "Looks like... that's it for today's battle. After retrieving the items, let's take a rest at the next rest area."
 "Hmm... Please forgive me. Even though I'm supposed to be Her Highness escort, I'm dragging us down..."
 "No, originally we pushed through 20 floors in a row. Perhaps we should take a break now. It's not your fault."
 Having said that, I turned my eyes to the center of the boss's room.
 The treasure chest had appeared as a reward for defeating Boenac, the guardian of this room.
 "You can open it, Shakuna."
 "...Me? You're not up to something, are you?"
 "The reward for clearing the 30th floor is fixed. No matter who opens it, you'll get the same thing. Just go get it."
 Shakuna looks at me doubtfully, but does as she is told and opens the treasure chest.
 Inside are two silver anklets embellished with jewels. They came in pairs, one on each side, and an anklet, an ornament to be worn on each leg.
 "This is..."
 "'Anklet of Pastet (パステトの円環)'... a female-only accessory that increases the power of magic attacks by 50%."
 "50%... isn't that powerful!?"
 Shakuna shouts out loudly when she hears the item's effect.
 No wonder Shakuna is surprised.
 A 50 percent increase in attack power is a very good effect. An enemy that can be defeated with three shots of magic can be defeated with two shots, which means that the consumption of magic power can be reduced as well.
 "However... only women can equip it, and you can't get more than one at the same time because different items will appear in the second and later conquests."
 "So, it's just one item! That makes it more and more worthless!"
 "Anyway, it's an excellent piece of equipment that you can only get in this dungeon. You can use it as much as you want."
 "Still... can I have it?"
 "It won't be a problem. Everyone, she can have it, right?"
 "It's all right. Onee-sama can use it."
 "Of course, it's only appropriate for Your Highness."
 I asked Ryuna and Hadiss, who were a little further away, and they immediately answered in the affirmative.
 Among the members of this group, only Shakuna and I are capable of magic attacks. Shakuna is the only one who can do magic attacks.
 "Well... then, I will accept it..."
 Shakuna puts a pair of anklets on her legs.
 With a light step, she shows me the newly equipped accessories.
 "Hmm, it looks pretty good on you."
 I murmured, not with flattery, but with sincerity.
 The silver and jeweled ornaments suit the dancer Shakuna so well that they seem to have been made for her.
 In fact, this is a dungeon in a scenario in which Shakuna is the heroine. It is possible that the game staff designed this dungeon with Shakuna's use in mind.
 "Ugh... I-I'm not happy that you praise me! Don't think you can win me over with that!"
 "Winning you... that's a little harsh..."
 "Don't think that you can win me over with a few accessories! If you're going to make a move on me, you'd better show me that you're ready to devote yourself to my country!"
 For some reason, Shakuna was one-sidedly angry and disappeared into the rest area at the back of the boss's room.
 I don't know why she was angry. But Ryuna pats me on the shoulder in exasperation.
 "It seems Onee-sama's favorability has increased. However, please give me something as a present next time, okay?"
 "Why, why should I owe you two sisters a tribute...I'm the one who's hired, aren't I...?"
 While feeling unreasonable, I followed Shakuna into the rest area.

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