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Chapter 149 The Second Day Night

 After the day's exploration, we spent the night in the rest room.
 As we had conquered 20 and 30 floors in a row, we were exhausted from the hard march. So, after Shakuna and Ryuna finished their meal and refreshed themselves with water, they soon fell asleep.
 On a bed in the rest room, two brown-skinned beauties are snuggled up against each other, breathing heavily.
 "Zzz... Zzz... Ryuna, I'll protect you... I won't let that perv man touch you... Instead, I'll take his place... ahhh!"
 "Ah... Don't... You mustn't put anything strange in here... Baskerville-sama... No!"
 "...Hey, what kind of dream do they have? It's too disturbing."
 I grimace bitterly as I look at the two sisters sleeping in the same bed.
 Even though the two sisters were so close to each other...what was going on in their brains?
 Ryuna calls me by my name clearly, and I think I am the main character in Shakuna's dream, though she doesn't say it by name.
 I wonder if I'm a terrible scumbag in their brains. I'm almost desperate to attack them.
 "Hadiss, why don't you get some rest?"
 I turn away from the sisters and call out to Hadiss, who is standing guard near the entrance door.
 The straightforward priest-knight had not rested much yesterday, and was on guard even though no one had ordered him to do so.
 "Thank you for your concern. But don't worry about me. I'll rest when Her Highness the Princesses wake up."
 "Hmm... this is a safe zone. Monsters can't get in. I don't think you need to be so careful."
 I speak probingly, but Haddiss's expression does not change. He remains standing by the wall with his arms crossed.
 I let out a sigh in my heart at such a serious and decisive attitude.
 I don't dare to point it out aloud. But... I felt somewhat excluded by Hadiss's attitude.
 Maybe, Hadiss's reluctance to go to sleep is not only because of the monsters and the guru's pursuers, but also because of his fear of my betrayal.
 Well, Shakuna and Ryuna... I seem to have gotten to know the Maafern sisters better, but the fact remains that I am an outsider.
 Hadiss may suspect that I may actually be connected to the enemy or that I may harm the two princesses out of some ill-intentions.
 It's sad that he doesn't trust me after all this cooperation but it's not his fault.
 After all, it was inevitable that a knight serving two princesses as a guard would not easily accept an outsider.
 "Anyway... Try not to be too hard on yourself. If the tanker gets tired and collapses first, it's the two of them who will be suffering, isn't it?"
 "That's true. I must be careful not to bring fatigue into the battle. I may be an old soldier but I'm an experienced knight too. I won't slow anyone down."
 "If that's your answer... Can I rest first?"
 "Yeah, of course. Please take a good rest."
 "...I will. Good night."
 I lay down on the bed in the rest room, leaving Hadiss standing guard.
 I close my eyes and let the temptation of sleep take over... and review my adventures so far and my plans for tomorrow and the rest of the day.
 In two days we have reached the 30th floor. This is a good achievement for an impromptu party.
 The enemies are getting stronger and the traps are getting tougher.
 The speed of the attack will gradually slow down... but still, if things go well, we will reach our goal of reaching the 50th floor in two days.
 If I want to, we should get the rewards for the 60th and 70th floor... but I cannot ask Shakuna and the others to go through that much trouble, no matter how much I want to.
 We may be able to beat the boss monster, but it will be difficult to reach the boss monster without any dropouts, considering the enemies and traps we have to deal with along the way.
 So, the plan remains the same.
 We will attack up to the 50th floor, where we will pull out of the dungeon attack.
 Then... we head for the capital of the Maafern Kingdom to meet up with my companions who are going their separate ways.
 There, by using the 'Scepter of Osiris,' the reward for clearing the 50th floor, we can break the king's brainwashing and confront the leader, Rudanaga or Rujanaga.
 The more I think about it, the more I start to feel sleepy.
 I gave a big yawn and fell completely into a world of sleep.  

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