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Chapter 89 Reunion with Father

 After returning the women who wanted to follow me, I went to my father's room by myself.
 I stand in front of the door and take a deep breath.
 I listen carefully, but I don't hear anything through the door. The room is as quiet as if it is empty.
 "Well then... let's see each other..."
 I turn the doorknob with determination.
 Then the door is opened slowly. I step forward and step into the room...
 "Dark Bullet!"
 The next moment, a jet-black bullet flies out from inside the room. I ducked as low as I could to avoid the bullets.
 I had expected him to attack me without warning, but he is still a crazy father.
 Now I had two choices.
 Either I jump into the room. Or, to retreat and run away.
 "Ha! Isn't that obvious!"
 I laughed evilly and jumped forward from the low position using the force of my legs.
 Even if I retreat, there is no escape as long as I am in the Baskervilles' mansion.
 My life is in the midst of death... So, I'm going to decide the game at once!
 I jump into the room, and in the center of the room stands Garondolf Baskerville, dressed in a black suit.
 Garondolf's eyes widen in astonishment as he sees his son jump into the room, having avoided his surprise magic attack.
 As he was surprised, I dashed into my father's arms and fired an attack skill with my physical skill.
 "'Destruction Strike (Zeppasho/絶破掌)'!"
 Garondolf catches my palm strike with his arm, but the impact released penetrates his body, ignoring his defenses.
 'Destruction Strike' is a physical skill that does not use a weapon. It uses no weapon and although its attack power is small, it has a penetrating effect that nullifies defenses.
 I had expected Garondolf's body is sent flying backward... but he is the evil leader who claims to be the strongest in the kingdom.
 Instead of slammed into the wall, he stomps the floor hard and holds on.
 "Hey... Zenon...!"
 Ignoring my father's attempts to speak, I draw my sword from its sheath.
 I try to slash at his neck, but Garondolf quickly catches it with the sword at his waist.
 The two swords clash, and for a moment, I see an opening.
 Unfortunately, Garondolf seems to have more power. My sword pushes back, and I leap backward.
 "...It has been a long time, Father. I'm glad to see you are well."
 "Zenon... what do you think you're doing, coming at your father?"
 Garondolf ignores the social greetings and glares at me.
 I cower sarcastically and retort flatly.
 "Excuse me. But you suddenly fired a magic shot at me, and of course, my body moved quickly. I mean, you were the one who made the first move, weren't you?"
 "Well... now you're telling me. I heard you defeated the cadre of the Demon King's army."
 Garondolf squints at me with interest as I retort.
 "I was going to give a warning to my incompetent son who failed to fulfill his duty to take the first place in his class... but you're showing more spirit than I thought you would. I praise you."
 "There is a saying, 'Take a look at the boys after they don't see each other for three days...'. So, if you don't see your son for a few month, you'll miss his growth."
 I watch Garondolf with my sword still in its scabbard.
 We exchanged something that it would not have expected to see in a father-son reunion... but Garondolf did not seem to be attacking me.
 At least, he does not seem to have any intention to attack me out of resentment for being repelled by him.
 I would have preferred to continue the exchange of blows, but if Garondolf does not make a move, I decide to change the situation.
 "Father, you mentioned it before, didn't you? The head of the Baskerville family must be the strongest."
 "In other word... if I beat you, you're not qualified to be the head of the Baskerville family, right?"
 I take off the gloves I had on before entering the room and throw them at Garondolf.
 The black leather glove goes off in a parabolic trajectory and hits Garondolf's chest.
 "Father, I challenge you to a duel."
 I look Garondolf straight in the eye and declare clearly.
 "The Baskerville family is mine. If you call yourself the strongest, you won't run away, will you?
 "...You stupid son of a bitch! Are you serious?"
 When challenged to a duel, Garondolf turns his fiery gaze on me and bares his fangs like a large predator.
 At the same time, his entire body overflows with an enormous amount of murderous intent.
 An overwhelming will to kill - an aura so vicious that it was no less than Shinya Kushinagi's or Queen Margarita's.
 "I thought you were a foolish son, but I never thought you could not read the difference in our strength. Now, I will not allow you to swallow your spit. If you want to die, I will kill you!"
 "Fine by me... You're the one who's going to die, anyway"
 I retort, unafraid of the killing with my lips pursing into a smile.
 Zenon Baskerville and Garondolf Baskerville.
 The root of all evil that rules the nights of Slayers Kingdom. The Baskervilles, father and son, exchange a vicious, biting smile and exchange glances head-on.
 Oddly enough, their evil and belligerent expressions are very similar, just like father and son.

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