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Chapter 88 Results Announcement

First Year Overall Ranking for the First Semester
1st: Leon Brave
2nd: Ciel Uranus
3rd: Aeris Centorea
4th: Nagisa Seikai
5th: Melia Sue
6th: Ruffie Astoglow
7th: Jean Rosand
 The next day, the overall results are posted next to the main entrance of the school.
 My name is not among the top students.
 It's far below my companion Aeris and Nagisa, and the name 'Zenon Baskerville' is written at the '17th place'.
 This must be a high rank considering that there are about 200 first-year students, but quite low considering the fact that the 'runner-up' rank at the entrance ceremony.
 "Well... as expected, I guess."
 The result did not surprise me at all.
 It's not that I did not respond well to the test or that I did not have confidence in myself.
 In fact, the results of the 'grade' posted on the bulletin board were not determined only by the 'written test' and the 'practical test'. But also, the internal comments such as the students' attitudes in class.
 And... to make matters worse, I have been suspended because of the incident at the time when Aeris joined my group. Of course, that suspension was also included in my grade.
 "...I'm sorry to hear that. Goshujin-sama"
 "Well... if it were only for the grades of the final examinations, my Lord would be the best..."
 Urza and Nagisa console me, but I shrug my shoulders, having predicted this result in advance.
 In addition to the overall results, the results of the 'written test' and the 'practical test' were also posted, and I came in a close second in the written test after Leon. In the practical test, I was in the same rank as Aeris and Nagisa, who were members of my party.
 Especially in practical skills, the fact that I defeated Shinya Kushinagi seems to have been highly evaluated, and I came in first place by a huge margin over Leon's party, which came in second.
 In other words... if it's only the ranking of the examination, I would have been the first.
 In fact, If I had not been suspended, I would have been the first place.
 "I'm sorry Zenon-sama... it's my fault..."
 Aeris, who seemed to feel responsible and was the cause of the suspension, slumped her shoulders.
 "Don't apologize. It's already happened. I already got your apology too."
 However, I think the suspension was a good training period for me.
 It wasn't that I wanted to be the first in the grade, and it didn't matter now.
 "If you feel bad, please continue to be useful as a healer. I'm counting on you."
 "...! Of course! I swear on the ring given to me by Zenon-sama, I will heal you with my body and soul!"
 Aeris grips the ring-shaped magic item on the ring finger of her left hand, and her eyes sparkle.
 It is a very encouraging statement, but...why is it that I am the only one to be healed?
 Is it really because of my dirty mind that the words "body and soul" make me think of something wicked?
 "By the way... Zenon-sama, I heard from Nagisa-san that there is a wonderful culture called 'Nyotaimori' in the East. Tomorrow is summer vacation, and I'd like to serve dinner with it to liven things up..." (Note: Nyotaimori => link)
 "Don't think I didn't know that! Oh god, why is your head only filled with pink!"
 Really, this girl.
 She's already become "s*x lady" completely.
 Even if she's a heroine of an adult game, it's too much of a character change.
 "Wait, Aeris! Fresh sashimi is necessary for the girl's body. First we have to get some fish at the market."
 "But in the capital, we can only get dried or salted sea fish. River fish smells too fishy."
 "Hmm... Ah, that's right! There is a trading company which is favored by the Centorea Viscounts that sells magically frozen fish from distant places! We may be able to get fresh fish from the sea through them...!"
 "Don't make concrete plans!? Why are you guys so sex-conscious!"
 Why are they talking about eroticism so harmoniously? How much do they want to have s*x with me?
 If they love me so much, I no longer feel happy but feel like a small animal being targeted by predators.
 "Don't talk like that with people around... Look, it's orientation time before summer break. Come on, let's get to the auditorium!"
 I try to rush them and take them to the auditorium.
 But then... the hero, Leon Brave, stands in front of me.
 Leon is unusually alone, without his childhood friend Ciel or newcomer Melia.
 "Baskerville, can I talk to you for a minute?"
 "Hey, hey. Isn't that Brave-san, the top student of the year? What do you want?"
 "Don't tease me... I know I'm not worthy of it."
 When I asked him jokingly, Leon's handsome face was distorted.
 "...It's obvious that you're stronger than me. You should be the first student of the year."
 "...What is it? You're flattering me all of a sudden. I don't appreciate compliments from a man."
 I tell him annoyed and he smiles at me bitterly.
 "Baskerville you saved my life this time. If it weren't for you, I, Ciel, and Melia would have been killed by him. Thank you so much."
 "But I haven't lost yet. I haven't given up on winning."
 Leon looks at me clearly, and he assures me forcefully.
 "You're a great guy. That's why I want to win. No, I'm going to win!"
 With these words, Leon is truly a hero.
 He is like a hero who admits his weakness and tries to grow up.
 "Oh, try it, hero. The place where I am is not so low that you can easily surpass me, okay?"
 "Yeah, that's why it's worth aiming for! Remember after the summer vacation. I'll be stronger than ever!"
 With these words, Leon turns around and walks away.
 I look at the hero's back as he walks away and smile.
 "I'm glad to see that his eyes are looking better. It seems that Shinya has done a good job as a stepping stone."
 They say everything has its use... even a piece of sc*m like Shinya seems to have helped Leon grow.
 Just as Leon had declared... after the summer break, he would emerge a much grown-up man.
 I am looking forward to seeing him again.
* * *
 Thus, the first half of the first year of Royal Sword and Magic Academy comes to an end.
 My school life spent as the villainous character Zenon Baskerville was full of unexpected incidents, and the days were filled with enemies and mishaps that attacked me one after another.
 Even so, I was able to gain reliable friends such as Urza, Aeris, and Nagisa.
 I eventually reconciled with Leon, with whom I had a hard time at first, and I succeeded in helping him grow as a protagonist.
 The fact that I was able to save people who were supposed to die in the game, such as Jean and Arisa. The fact that I was able to defeat Shinya Kushinagi, whom originally planned to fight much later in the game, is also a great achievement.
 However... the story is not "happily ever after" at this point.
 There is one more incident left to tell.
 "Zenon-sama, the Lord has asked you to come to his room."
 Zaius, the chief butler, told me when I returned to the mansion after the orientation.
 For the first time in months, I will see my father again.
 I will see Garondolf Baskerville, the head of the Baskerville family, who rules the nights of Slayers Kingdom.

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