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Chapter 97 New Life

 After that, we had a lot of s*x.
 ...No, I don't mean that deeply.
 I just said it because it's a line I've wanted to say at least once.
 Soon after the duel with Garondolf Baskerville, the Royal Sword and Magic Academy has entered the summer vacation.
 As in the case of Japanese students, summer vacation is spent in different ways.
 Some of them go back to their parents' houses in the countryside to spend time with their families, while others stay at dormitories or boarding houses to enjoy the summer with their friends.
 Some of them spend their summers studying hard, and some of them spend their summers playing around at a life-threatening pace.
 As for me, Zenon Baskerville's summer is no different from the time when I was suspended from school for assaulting a classmate.
 I spent my days with Urza, Aeris, and Nagisa, diving dungeons and completing guild requests.
 Nagisa and I train swordsmanship every morning... and occasionally, I take the ladies out on a date for a change of pace and to keep them in a good mood.
 The only thing that has changed is my night life... but I won't talk about that in depth.
 Let's just say... the pent-up energy has exploded like a volcanic eruption.
 Yes, not at all. I'm glad I had the potion with the energy-boosting effect. Without it, I would have dried up and died.
 So, that's how I enjoyed my summer... but before I know it, the summer vacation is over.
 It seems that the game world is no exception to this rule, and before I knew it, my first summer in this world had passed like a wild wind.
 "And then, school again...? How fast things are moving..."
 After the summer vacation. At the Royal Sword and Magic Academy.
 I look up at the school building from the schoolyard and mutter to myself.
 The exciting summer vacation is over soon.
 I feel sad about it... but at the same time, a part of me is relieved.
 After all, spending all day long with a beautiful girl. After a month of that, I had completely run out of energy.
 It is true that these are happy days, of course, but when there are three or four of them, it is a kind of hardship.
 Even the effectiveness of the potion for increasing energy is limited. If such days had continued forever, I would pent-up have been preyed upon by the girls, just like praying mantis.
 "What's wrong, Goshujin-sama?"
 Urza and Aeris called out to me questioningly as I stood in the schoolyard looking up at the school building.
 Urza had the body of a little girl, and Aeris had the fullness and glamour of a woman... they are completely opposite types of women, but... both of them had sparkling eyes and glistening skin. Their skin is glowing. Both have a look of satisfaction on their faces that tells even for someone meeting them for the first time that they are living a full life.
 "Still... isn't that a good thing? My night life is more fulfilling..."
 "Zenon-sama, come quickly. Nagisa-san's is waiting too, you know?"
 "Oh, yeah, that's right. Let's go to the classroom quickly."
 By the way, Nagisa and I are not going to school together today.
 Because Nagisa has been participating in a club called "Kenjutsu Club" at the request of her classmates from the latter half of the summer vacation.
 As we know, Nagisa is the daughter of a kenjutsu dojo and a master of the Seikai Itto-ryu style of swordsmanship.
 It seems that she is teaching swordsmanship to the club members at the request of her classmates, and she left the mansion early today to come to the school to participate in the morning practice.
 In the past, Nagisa would have coldly ignored her classmates' request, but recently she has been more active in socializing with her friends.
 Perhaps she has been able to relax her mind after her revenge, she was declaring with a big heart, "I will teach the sword to the members of the kenjutsu club, and if possible, I will make it the foundation for the revival of my family school!”.
 "Nagisa-san, morning practice is already over. She is waiting for us in the classroom."
 "Yeah, we'd better get going. Wanko-sensei will get mad at us again if we're late for the first day of the new term."
 "Ah... Did I say that? Come on, let's move."
 I unintentionally said the nickname on the Internet, but I pretended it didn't happen and went to the classroom.
 When I opened the door of the classroom, I found Nagisa chatting with her classmates.
 When she noticed me, she apologized to her friend and walked toward me.
 "My Lord, why are you slow? You are almost late."
 "Ah... The carriage was delayed because of the traffic. How was morning practice?"
 "Well... They're still inexperienced but they're not bad. It's fun to teach others how to use a sword."
 "I see. I'm glad you're satisfied."
 "Yes, I'm fulfilled. As a swordsman and as a woman."
 I couldn't help but blow up at the bombshell.
 I looked around in panic, afraid that someone might hear it, and saw one of the female students sitting on a chair staring at me with dumbfounded eyes.
 "Aa... Awawawa!"
 As soon as the girl's eyes met mine, she moved to a seat far away from me.
 Was she afraid of my face, or did she feel awkward when she found out her classmate's love affair?
 "Nagisa... you should be aware of the situation. This is a public place."
 "I don't mind. It is a fact that I... Aeris, and Urza are your women. It's natural for a strong man to take more than one woman in our country too. You should boast of your worthiness."
 "I don't know about your country. But in this country, monogamy is the basic rule."
 Nagisa blinked curiously.
 "That's strange. Aeris told me that in this country too, nobles sometimes take many wives, right?"
 "My Lord, 'you are already the head of the Baskerville family'? Then don't worry about it. You can say 'these are my wives' and be proud of it."
 Yes... I am Zenon Baskerville, the new head of the Baskerville family.
 The successor of the 'Baskervilles' Demon Dog'. I have become the evil leader of the Slayers Kingdom.

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